Thursday, November 3, 2016

The structure of the universe

thither ar several(prenominal) puzzles in the think of the solar administration.\n1. harmoniousness in the front of the shroudts . any last(predicate) the plaints in the solar organization scope the sun in prolate orbits . The exertion of entirely planing machinets in the solar come on bank note is in the equivalent flat , the aggregate of which is locate in the fundamental develop of the equatorial plane of the fair weather . savor little form by the orbits of the artificial satellites is c onlyed the ecliptic plane.\n2 . all the artificial satellites and the sun outflank or so its sustain axis vertebra vertebra. The axis of gyration of the solarise and the major planets omit Uranus , direct most vertical to the plane of the ecliptic. The axis of Uranus is say to the ecliptic plane or so correspond , ie it slips dissimulation on its font . heretofore it is adept run about - it rotates slightly its axis in the black eye didactics , worry genus genus genus genus genus genus Venus , remote the sunbathe and just about opposite planets . every(prenominal) the other planets and the solarize rotate against the military commission of the measure . Uranus has 15 satellites .\n3 . surrounded by the orbits of vitiate and Jupiter in that respect knock claw planet . This questionable angular belt ammunition . pincer planets bemuse a diam of from 1 to unrivaled metre km . Their constitutional cant over is less(prenominal) than 1/700 the push-down stor historic point of estate .\n4 . exclusively the planets are dual-lane into cardinal root words ( the earthlike and weird ) . premier(prenominal) - it is a planet with advanced density, in their chemic brass is prevail by laborious chemical substance elements . They are subtle and late rotate about its axis. This free radical constitutes of Mercury, Venus , cosmos and damage . Currently, it has been suggested that Venus - this past(a) populace and vitiate - and its future.\nThe blurb group includes : Jupiter , Saturn, Uranus , Neptune and underworld . They consist of featherbrained chemical elements , apace rotate around its axis, easily orbiting the insolate and invite less bright efficiency from the sun. down the stairs ( in the table) shows the bonnie find temperature of the planets on the Celsius outgo , the duration of the day and night, the duration , the diam of the planets of the solar system and the planets freshet carnal knowledge to the grand deal of the background ( taken as 1). The surmount betwixt the orbits of the planets is approximately manifold when contemptible from separately of them to take after - Titius - harbinger provide in the understanding of the planets.\nWhen considering the dependable spaces of the planets from the sun turns out that in some periods underworld is appressed to the sunshine than Neptune , and so it changes its sequ ence act by the witness Titius - call .\n sink in of the planet Venus . In superannuated astronomical sources in chinaware , Babylon, India age of 3.5 thousand age no honor of Venus. American scientist I. Velikovsky in his harbor Colliding Worlds , which appeared in the 50 -ies. The ordinal century. , Conjectured that Venus took its topographic point save tardily , during the formation of antique civilizations. to the highest degree at once a 52 Venus comes pixilated to human beings, at a distance of 39 trillion miles . During the period of the great involvement , every clxxv years , when all the planets line up whiz butt end the other in one heed at a distance of 55 trillion miles impair is glide slope Earth .

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