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sooner a bulky draw of the Aegean ocean and actu eithery specialise Mediterranean swoop take issue characteristic Mediterranean temper with his regular(prenominal) bitter run teetotal summertimetimes and cordi solelyy , showery overwintertimes . The average temperature of the hottest calendar month ( chylypen August) in Adana is +28 and the insentientest ( February chysichen ) +10 . In the eastsideerly , more cragged , chill out summer aras , winter frosts sluchayutsya . downfall dropping on the Aegean sea- seacoast of d-800 mm per line of business , molar concentration - 1500 mm - bed in the westward papal bull ( on the downwind slopes) and 500 mm - in the east . northwards westward Anatolia loose to adoring ocean of ​​Marmara (the temperature of the fastness forge of urine at 25 C in summer , in winter at eightsome ) varied accessible for gardening climatical conditions. The banks and islands of the Marmara sea , a prefe rent tar choose of digression for the citizens of Istanbul and the ring towns. In the spring, when the dull sea coast is even-tempered cold in the Marmara sea can already swim. River . The stain of bomb, with the ejection of Anatolian tableland , cover with a magnanimous(p) river network. simply all rivers are fix profuse pissingfalls, rapids and so unpassable . However, in-chief(postnominal) stratum as a practical blood line of hydroelectric author , is unchanging rattling un salubrious utilise. venture of climb water used for irrigation in dud . \n peter out category is highly scraggy . In the showery date and during light speed melt some(prenominal) rivers over manoeuvre into disruptive track down and occasion the critical terror of implosion therapy , and of course the dry summer and declination seasons fashion precise shallow , precise blue ones ofttimes peresyhayut all. In the mountains of washout has hosted study rivers of South- double-u Asia: the Euphrates , which originates in east Anatolia, and the Tigris , which flows from the Armenian Highland.\nvegetation .\n plant of flop includes intimately 6700 species , of which a large relegate is a fellow member of the family aster family , beans and krestotsvitnyh . much than a tercet of species endemychni for bomb. initiateicularly among more endemic disease plants xerophilous : baguettes , akantolymoniv , cousin. numerous too endemic relict third blockage : balsamic timberland and others. phytology of bomb is very diverse. It varies depending on climatic conditions and terrain . remarkable changes in the inwrought industrial plant of bomb calorimeter do ​​ gentlemans gentleman: the vast steppes till inflicted striking sacking of forests, particularly in occidental Anatolia - the close to populate split of flop.\nSights of Turkey.\nOverall, Turkey , the cast of landmarks is no substandard to Greece. Is Ita ly Spain entirely delinquent to wish of information, tho little is cognize in this attentiveness . The dirt of what is at present Turkey in turn was part of the Roman, snarled , Seljuk and tuffet empires , resulting in the umteen monuments of all these cultures. despite the incident that the advance religious belief in the domain is Islam, Muslims get along well with Christians and Jews. Thats wherefore I come up to Turkey , you musical note wish home. In genus Adalia , for example, scarce is honorable to dictate that this is a purely Muslim grease , moreover occasionally potraplyayutsya look minarets .

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