Thursday, January 31, 2019

My Brother Cried :: Personal Narrative Death Papers

My Brother CriedI stand there wonky as tears stream down my face and roll onto my coat. I cannot believe she is really gone-- she was only four months old. It is not fair to pass her away from her family she was only a baby. I listen as the bishop and the priest try to comfort our pain, but somehow they make it more of a grievous reality-- Stephanie is really gone. When the bishop finishes blessing the grave, I hear the echos of Stephanies anguished get down, Dont yield my baby away, I kip down her I ponder her words as they ring in my head it makes me think, Did I really love her? I know I did, but at first I tried not to. I cry because of my heartlessness Stephanie only needed love and attention while she existed on earth. As I watch her mother weep, I condemn myself-- a terrible aunt. Despite my crude heart, I soon realize that Stephanie touched all of our lives, not just mine, in some way or another. Stephanie Becomes Extremely Sick Stephanie Christine Schank was born on a quiet, rainy Sunday in October. Immediately after church, my erstwhile(a) brother Chris and I traveled over thirty miles north from smooth-spoken Spring, Maryland to Gaithersburg to make our newborn niece. Despite the familiar picturesque tumble scenery, we drove on Interstate 270 in dismal silence. We heard something exponent have gone wrong during the birth. Chris and I did not know what to expect. Upon arrival at Shady Grove Hospital, a nurse guided us to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. A million troubling thoughts raced finished my mind. Could something possibly be wrong with the baby? No way That would neer happen to a righteous Mormon family. Why would God unwrap a honorable family an affliction as serious as this? I never expected anything unfortunate to happen to my family or me, and especially not to my brother and his wife. I thought about Marisel, Stephanies mother perhaps she had a hard birth and the doctors needed specialists. I rationalized any possible p uzzle and convinced myself that everything was fine. Chris and I sat in painful silence as we waited patiently for someone to come answer our many questions. Finally, Mike, my oldest brother, and his home instructor strolled down the hallway. I assumed that Mike had taken him back to see Stephanie and Marisel.

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