Monday, February 4, 2019

Analysis of Marketing Techniques used by American Express :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

Analysis of Marketing Techniques used by American Express American Express continues to attempt to expand its customer base, while at the uniform time trying to keep its reputation as a banknote of status. Its successful marketing tactics in the United States compared to the slow elaborateness into markets abroad show its lack of consideration of the differences of these markets. By preparing a much(prenominal) decisive plan as to what type of consumers to target and what products to push in each of its market areas, American Express could have a much greater success with foreign expansion.American Express has been known as a commodity to most business travelers. In order to phase its customer base, other consumers need to see the card as an inbred convenience in their lives. American Express offers convenient methods to obtain storey information, pay bills, find discounted products, and even make travel plans via the Internet. The Internet invest offers these op tions, as well as other services, such as on- assembly line help and assistance for small businesses. American Express realizes the need for some(prenominal) consumers to save time and money, but to still feel important and respected. The dexterity and thought put into the services offered on the web site shows that American Express is genuinely concerned with the satisfaction of its customers. American Express has continuously been known for its benefits to travelers. Some of the new travel discounts such as the Bahamas pickup arm packages offer significant discounts for planning a vacation in the Bahamas with a travel agent. The catch is that one must charge it on the American Express card to get the discounts. Coupon books that offer discounts at many shops, restaurants and attractions are given to those who buy a package. Over $11 million in Bahama Getaway packages were sold in 1999. Other pick-me-up packages are available to consumers all over the world. A merican Express has successfully used this marketing strategy, as it realized that consumers want an opportunity to adore an exotic vacation, while at the same time, getting value for their dollar. deliver money is important to most consumers. Once again, American Express aims to cheer its customers. With these successful ventures, it is difficult to imagine that American Express is struggling in many parts of the world.

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