Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Free Essays on Terrorism: The Threat of Usamah Bin-Ladin :: September 11 Terrorism Essays

The Threat of Usamah Bin-Ladin   This essay was written in 1999 when I was a scholar at the University of Kentucky. My college roommate and I often debated our opposing views on foreign affairs.  My roommate, animatedly felt that ridding the world of nuclear weapons would gradu all toldy end all violence between states. Although idealistically I would have liked to agree, I had to dispute that war would never end as long as devotion was central to the beliefs of the soldiers fighting. Sheikh Usamah Bin-Muhammad Bin-Ladin personifies and embodies my argument . He has founded organizations and formed coalitions amongst known terrorist groups which barrack the destruction of the United States . Furthermore, Bin-Ladin desires that   The ruling to kill the Statesns and their allies--civilians and military--is a duty for both Muslim. We--with Gods help--call on every Muslim to kill Americans .   The justification that Bin-Ladin submits is that Allah orders us to giv e tongue to out the holy struggle jihad to raise the word of Allah above the talking to of the unbelievers. Bin-Ladin believes that ...Americans impose themselves on everyone who believes in his religion and his rights. Furthermore, he warns of the consequence that America testament face whereas ...every day the Americans delay their departure, for every day they delay, they exit receive a new corpse from Muslim countries . Bin-Ladin is a domain whose religious beliefs, along with his financial resources, provide him with the power necessary to reach wars and terrorist violence. If there were an absence of heavenly decree in his actions, perhaps he would have no power, for he would lack a justifiable motive. Hence, this demonstrates the relate of religion on violence. In this specific instance, the violence is portrayed as a justifiable mean towards reaching the end of furthering religious beliefs.   As a viable threat to America, the United States government must discove ry avenues of deterrence to terminate the current and future terrorist activities of Bin-Ladin. Moreover, prior towards discussing options of deterrence, the threat of Bin-Ladin will first be expanded upon.   It only seems logical to state that when someone is fighting for a cause on behalf of his religious beliefs, he is a greater threat then someone who is not. It would seem that the individual who is argue his religious beliefs would be more willing to lay down his brio for his cause, because he is operating in a domain of loss.

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