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Rhetorical Visions in the Film, American History X Essay -- Films Movi

Rhetorical pots in the Film, Ameri ordure History XHate is baggage. Lifes too short to be pissed off entirely the time. This is a quote from the movie theater American History X. This film sends out a powerful message about hate groups much(prenominal) as skinheads and Neo-Nazis. The vision of this movie is to make others aware of the building complex life of a skinhead. Through different symbolism we see how community views this group. We in addition are made aware of the continuous cycle of emphasis that continues to exist even after a powerful escapeer changes his view.American History X is important to analyze because it shows how whiz mans rhetorical vision changes through life experiences. This film depicts the lifestyles of skinheads and how one person with a vision leads others to worship everything he is and everything he believes in. How can a leader with so much rhetorical vision and pettishness about one thing change over a result of time? The importan ce of this film is to observe how a character develops. It also shows a social and psychological issue that has been around for many old age and how it only takes one person to change how a group thinks. I get out attempt to answer the research question by using Bormanns Symbolic Convergence Theory and Fantasy Theme. The goal of this make-up is to provide insight in the shared worldview of a group of rhetors (Bormann as cited in Foss 121). I will also show repeated phrases that lead to different rhetorical visions. I will explain how fantasy types pop out and also how symbolism reflects the rhetorical visions. The first part of my paper will include two different literary reviews that have been done on fantasy themes. One of them specifically deals with hate groups and how th... ...spectives (1999) Vol. 1 Issue 3 p19, 4p. Academic Premier. InfoTrac. Scarborough-Phillips Lib., Austin, TX. 20 Feb. 2004. Benoit, William L., et al. A Fantasy Theme Analysis of policy-ma king Cartoons on the Clinton-Lewinsky-Starr Affair. Critical Studies in Media Communication.Vol.18, No.4, December 2001, 377-394.Billingsley, Robert D. Hard working youngsters or Nazi thugs? Federal ProbationSep. 93, Vol 57, Issue 3. p88, 2p. Psychology and Behavioral SciencesCollection. InfoTrac. Scarborough-Phillips Lib., Austin, TX 20 Feb. 2004. Duffy, Margaret E. sack up of Hate A Fantasy Theme Analysis of the RhetoricalVision of Hate Groups On Line. Journal of Communication Inquiry 273(July 2003) 291-312.Foss, Sonja K. Rhetorical Criticism Exploration & Practice. (2nd Edition). IllinoisHeights Waveland Press. 1989.

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