Monday, February 18, 2019

Selecting a Database for a Small Business Essay -- SQL Database

Jay-Star Incorporated is a small machine shop located in Lexington, Kentucky. There atomic number 18 only seven employees that actually work on the shop floor. Jay-Star produces alloy core and distributes that core to various aerospace manufacturers. There are three divergent types of core that Jay-Star produces Square Cell, Hexagonal Cell, and Beneflex Cell. Each of them fire be produced employ different materials from various shipping companies. The employees take these materials from the shipping company, produce the product, and so deliver the finished product to the aerospace manufacturer (customer). For a small company, Jay-Star keeps a very hectic schedule. Any miscalculation on shipping dates could be disastrous for the order flow of the company. This is why this database would prove to be full in keeping a more precise schedule of events. This news report will explain the purpose and requirements of the database describe, maltreat-by-step, the process for creation of the comp allowe database and explains the cerebrate or rationale for for each one step and, for each step, the options available and choices do for execution and explain how critical thinking and ethical reasoning were utilize in the creation of the database design.The purpose of this database is to keep track of all of the events at Jay-Star Inc. The customers table dispositions all of the companies that order products from Jay-Star. It in like manner lists the companies contact information and where they are located. The Shippers table lists all of the shipping companies that deliver materials to Jay-Star. Just like the Customer table, the Shipper table lists contact information and location of the companies. The Employees table is a list of all of the employees that actually pr... ...o make schedule keeping easier and more effective. It can tell employees what product they can expect to produce next and let supervisors know when shipments will be deliver ed. This paper shows the step by step process used in creating the database with the use of primary keys, while also explaining the thought process that went into why tables were created and the order that they were placed using the relationships of each table. Overall this project as proven to be a striking test in using all of the fundamentals for this SQL class. I carriage forward to continued success in using SQL in my time to come endeavors. Works CitedData Analytics Software. http//www.1keydata.com/sql/sql-primary-key.htmlPratt, Phillip J. Last, Mary Z. A Guide to SQL, Eighth Edition. P.26 diary of the Association for Information Systems, Aug 1, 2010, Vol. 11, No. 8 (Aug 2010), p. 433-454

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