Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Batik Essay -- essays research papers

BatikElaborately embellish fabrics and patterns bed be seen almost everywhere in the world today. Batiking is a font of decorated fabric, which usually depicts motifs of flowers, birds, butterflies and other natural objects, or simple nonrepresentational forms. These designs are rich in symbolic heritage and variety to eon there are over three thousand recorded batik patterns. To perform the artistic production of batiking, one must know a teensy-weensy about its origin, the necessary materials, and the method of creating a batik.The technique of batik itself is Indonesian in origin the word batik is an Indonesian-Malay word that manner to dot. The art of batiking is more than a millennium old. There are evidences that cloth decorated through a form of resistant technique was used primeval AD in West African, Middle-Eastern, and Asian communities. Over the past devil or three centuries, batik has become one of the best means of expression, spiritually and culturally, in t he values of Southeast Asia. This means of coloring and decorating textiles has scour reached a higher degree of excellence in the island of Java. From Java, batik cloth has been exported to many other islands, spreading the batiking art around, which is how it is so well known, as are most of the items used to create it. A number of contrasting materials are used when creating a batik. The primary requirements are cloth, wax, various alter dyes a...

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