Sunday, April 21, 2019

Morality, Ethics & Human Behavior and Determining Moral Behavior Essay

Morality, ethical motive & Human Behavior and Determining Moral Behavior - Essay ExampleThese rules ar applicable for a single class of human action like political ethics, social ethics and medical ethics. determine are the set ethical ideals which are being created before developing an ethical program (ERC, 2009). A persons value system helps to built example beliefs, indeedce they are integral component part of ethical system.Ethical systems are moral theories or philosophies through which one approaches toward making moral decision. These approaches are universal and can be divided into certain categories like Utilitarianism and Deontology.All these ethical systems follow smashed rules and they are highly regulated these systems are reliable and dependable for asserting moral behavior, they reflect moral thoughts and they are logically impartial (universal), they does not have any value until and unless they are employed thus they not self-servicing.Both teleological and deo ntological systems are the two most common theories which provide conflicting react regarding morality. Teleological system takes into account result of the act. Thus consequence of an action is taken into consideration composition making decision, in spite of the intention behind the act. Deontological system takes nature of the act into consideration bit judging an act, thus they are duty based. If intention behind a decision is morally correct, then what ever be the outcome, it will be considered as a moral decision (White,

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