Saturday, April 27, 2019

Web 2.0 and Beyond Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Web 2.0 and beyond - Assignment ExampleGenerally, these technologies were more users friendly and one could learn and at same time cast contribution. One thing which I disliked about these technologies was their lack of privacy.Web 2.0 technologies assimilation has led to both(prenominal) positive and negative impacts in life. One of their advantages is the ease of access of selective information and communication. These technologies submit made information easily accessible from variety of sources. They facilitate interaction at advanced levels through chatting in blogs, everyplace social sites and video conferencing all of which have made communication nowadays more effective and efficient. The of import disadvantage of blade 2.0 technologies is over dependence amongst its users. This means that one is shut down in geek of internet slow down or failure. Furthermore, there is lack of privacy and security of data divided up due to susceptibility of hacking and plagiarism in c ase of literal information. Despite these disadvantages these technologies have currently been utilise in fields like sales and marketing e.g. in second life and many others which have made life better. On the contrary many users have fallen prey to hackers and grown to a fault dependent on the internet. Thus it is inconclusive to state web 2.0 is a breakthrough.Web 3.0refers to a proposed semantic web which leave incorporate personalizations like. iGoogle, intelligent search and behavioral advertising with the objective of turning web into a database. Contrary to the past technologies it is infrastructural based. Web 3.0 exit add more value to users since the technology will be with human capabilities of accurately and precisely determining information required, translating to more relevant information. In addition, this may lead to massive loss of employment since most activities unlike currently will be automated. This will be caused by the human intelligence to be applied i n webs 3.0

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