Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 64

Discussion - Essay Exampleoblem identifies significant effects on the students, with attainable secondary effects on the students ability to concentrate on their studies and the students health. An empirical study of 195 students established moment of homesickness and effects such as depression, sexual behavior, and consumption of alcohol. The study that counseled on moderation effects of religion on impacts of homesickness established significance of religion (Longo, 2010). Other effects of homesickness are isolation, inability to focus on studies, and stimulation of preexisting psychological disorder among students (Thurmber and Walton, n.d.). The data establishes significance of homesickness among college students and identifies its burden on students academic potentials and their health. I believe that effects of homesickness such as involvement in irresponsible sexual behavior, as Longo explains that more than 30 percent of his research participants engaged in unprotected se x, explains risks of sexually transmitted diseases bandage depression suppresses the students cognitive potentials.Longo, G. (2010). Homesickness in college students The moderating effect of religiousness on the relationship between homesickness and Maladjustment. Retrieved from

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