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Gender Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Gender Relations - Essay ExampleHowever, the pain of the sacrifice is surplus on their faces. Women, on the other hand, sacrifice with a glow on their countenance. They have the creativity and the energy to withstand drought to the maximum extent and make food out of whatever sources available (Eldridge, Christopher, p2).Flood, drought and paucity have struck all countries across the globe. The evidence of famine is scripted in the quaint texts and millions died in those days in the absence of effective communication and fast transportation available forthwith (Dreze, Jean and Sen, Amartya 1989). However, one must give thought to accounts of heroism and endurance that never-say-die men and women exercised to hold up those events. Small remnants of brave men and women survived to carry on with life and challenges they overcame to script their experiences with future generations.The threat of thirstiness may or may not be an isolated incident. There are those that experience presbyopicing as a daily challenge. In the ancient days, a lot depended on the ruling break up on the extent of ache in their land. If rulers were benevolent, people experienced prosperity and thrived with only fleeting acknowledgement of hunger. However, if rulers were exacting and impersonal large number of people below the scantness line came in grips with the pangs of hunger.This particular was man-made. But one learnt to live with it. ... However, if rulers were exacting and impersonal large number of people below the poverty line came in grips with the pangs of hunger.This situation was man-made. But one learnt to live with it. It was only a matter of option to live another day. There was no shortage of food as such. Life went on although the misgiving of where the food was to come from faced the hungry segment of the population. Nonetheless, even hungry people got their needs met long enough to survive.To the hungry, it mattered little if the cause of hunger was man-ma de or an act of God. The challenge of survival presented a test that sometimes was overcome and other times meant defeat (Barraclough, Solon L 1991).The scourge of famine continues to haunt large swathes of regions in Africa and Asia. These regions have witnessed famine owing to myriad reasons chiefly uncertain rains, profuse floods or crop failures due to absence of rains. Apart from natural causes, the phenomena of famine exists owing to socio-economic failures, unstable semipolitical conditions, lumpen environment, and other factors that contribute to continuance of famine conditions that lack education and trigger contingencies (Bryceson, Deborah Fahy 2006).The gender that does cave inIt is difficult to pinpoint a particular gender did better than the other although natural indications point to women as better managers of hunger. By and large, women are endowed with better resilience and determination to scrape through periods of hunger irrespective of their cause. In Banglad esh which experienced famine in the 1970s, it was women who were organizationally entrusted to fight famine through association empowerment and other material means (Dreze, Jean and Sen,

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