Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gender Violence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Gender Violence - Research Paper ExampleThe disparity reveals that women define violence in broader terms than men, thus creating a gap in the midst of the genders in the way in which they perceive aggressive acts. This disparity can contribute to social aim on the topic of violence between the genders, in particular, violence against women, in learning how best to inform and educate on the topic of violence. In addition, social policy can be framed check to an understanding of these gaps so that more effective results in ending violence against women in order to have a more satisfied population. Differences in the translation of violence between men and women Introduction This study was conducted with the purpose of understanding the ways in which differences are observed in defining violence between men and women. Men, typically seen as a more aggressive gender, provide a contrast to the way in which women see violence. Women typically are regulate on alert when any aggressive action is do by a homo, while men often do not interpret an sharp physical action as violence. This difference may be due to the way in which men engage in sports in comparison to women or through the wider space of vulnerability that women experience in comparison to men. Studying the ways in which men and women perceive violence will allow for a greater framework for society to determine how to respond to physically aggressive actions in society. ... Through examining the results of both the qualitative and quantitative study, a discussion was made about the issue of violence and the way in which it is perceived by both genders. Research questions help to narrow the way in which a study is approached. The following research questions will be used to frame the topic of study 1. What is the definition of violence for men? 2. What is the definition of violence for women? 3. How does a man respond to violence? 4. How does a woman respond to violence? 5. What factors contribute to t he differences about the perceptions of violence between men and women? Through exploring different aspects of these questions by creating a survey instrument that studies concepts that lead towards the answers of the research question, the research can become meaningful in regard to the hypotheses. The following hypotheses provide for a null dead reckoning and its alternative for which the research will be conducted. Hypotheses Null Hypothesis Men and women define violence differently and therefore experience physically aggressive sort differently. Alternative Hypothesis Men and women define violence the same and therefore experience physically aggressive behavior the same. Literature Review Anderson and Taylor (2008) suggest that the contrast between genders can be explained through frameworks of sociological theories which include functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Anderson and Taylor (2008) state that functionalists belief that male roles as instrumenta l and female roles as expressive. Functional theory supports static roles for the genders, thus creating conflict with feminists who believe that static roles are limiting to women. The organization of social roles contributes to the inequality

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