Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Technology Appraisal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Technology Appraisal - Essay Example These steps are of prime importance to the design of foundations. Objectives of soil exploration and testing are to assess sequence and thickness of strata. To determine the position of the Ground water Table and characteristics and their types of subsoil. Then bring these samples to the lab and test them for minor details. Which include the determination of their shear strength, compressibility and chemical characteristics. At the end if there are some problems with the soil and its does not fulfill the requirements for the sustenance of the structure, consequently the geotechnical engineer proposes solutions to the problem depending on the results of the soil testing he has done. There are majorly two types of soil testing in civil engineering; first one is In-situ testing and the other Lab testing. As the name clearly depicts the location of the tests, Insitu is done on site and then the samples acquired from there come to the lab for further analysis. Although there are many soil tests that are performed at both the locations but the most prominent and used among them are the following. The above mentioned tests are the most widely used in the soil testing and geotechnical investigations for the civil engineering projects. In my report I will not be able to discuss all of them and have to select one because each test has a vast area of application, inaddition to this the diverse arrangements for the performance of these tests make it further more difficult. For that purpose I have selected one of the above tests which is the Insitu Test, Standard Penetration Test (SPT). There are majorly three reasons for this selection, the first is that SPT test is among the most widely used tests for soil exploration and sampling of the soil for further tests which are to be performed in the lab, so consequently in every

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