Sunday, August 11, 2019

Week 4 posts 6330 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week 4 posts 6330 - Assignment Example I would like to thank you for the informative post regarding Basic Nursing Care Skills in the ADN course is beneficial to the students’ opportunity to exercise their nursing skills effectively. I support the best practice in this quote, â€Å"The syllabus is well organized with effective headers and tables with the ease of readability which can promote understanding among learners (Slattery & Carlson, 2005)†. The improvement needed in this syllabus is that it requires measureable goals and clear objectives. Your critique on the syllabus for the nurse residency program at a community hospital located in Southwest Florida was quite good in that it provides nurse graduates with no experience, the acute care setting. I support the following quote, â€Å"If the student can achieve the objectives set forth in the course, then there us alignment with the course outcome. This syllabus is beneficial in that it helps learners set high, but achievable goals (Slattery and Carlson, 2005).† The major improvement this syllabus needs is more supervision; this is beneficial since the graduates need mentoring. The post related to the Wound Care Programme is mainly about preparing the nurse in practice many ways of management of wounds was very informative. I would like to support your view on†, one way this syllabus illustrates best practices is with very clear and concise objectives.† A listing of resources helps the students plan ahead; both the actions are good ways of learner engagement (Habanek, 2005). One way to improve this syllabus is by creating a list of meeting dates and expected assignments. This assists the learner take responsibility for their learning and anticipates the course development (Habanek, 2005). Rowles, C. (2012). Strategies to promote critical thinking and active learning, In D. Billings & J. Halstead (Eds.), Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (4th ed.). St. Louis, MO:

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