Thursday, September 26, 2019

Are Marketers to Blame for Fat Kids Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Are Marketers to Blame for Fat Kids - Essay Example The researcher states that in accordance with the data of Australian health and fitness survey it identified that 11% of children’s are suffering from overweight problems. These children’s are subjected to more diseases and illness which may affect their quality of life in adulthood. Marketers cannot be blamed for fat children’s. There can be other aspects which can make a child fat one cannot blame just marketing such as parents influence, social factors etc. So parents should try to protect their children’s from having unhealthy food. Parents have vast influence on the diet of children. They are the one who shapes their diet because a child firstly learns to eat from home. Parents have more effect on the child’s diet rather than the marketers. It is believed that marketing of food contributes to the rising level of obesity in children’s, which is partly true. Obesity prevention mostly starts at school life of a child. First years of life th at is from a child age to adult age, requires continuous prevention from parents. These periods are most significant which involves rapid transactions and high plasticity and mainly parents are the one who controls child experiences and environment. The main tasks parents possess in early development points to their child potential are the key targets and likelihood of change in early preventive interventions. Mainly parent’s behavior and their feeding practices affect a Childs eating habits and risk related to obesity. They are the one who is responsible to take preventive measures in case a child becomes too fat. Social media, advertising, television etc cannot be considered as the basic reason for Childs fatness or eating unhealthy food. A report identified that 67.3% of parents are concerned about their children’s having unhealthy food. If a child is not subjected to eat unhealthy food and snacks in a home, he gets habitual of it outside in the society, school etc. because each child has different family patterns than the other. Influence of parents is also subjected to the economic status of the family, in case if the family has low income or parents are not educated, so they would be less concerned about weight-related behaviors. This means children would be watching more TV, consumption of fast food, and junk food every day. This will lead to unhealthy eating and weight problems.

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