Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Summary Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Summary - Case Study Example The main issues that are addressed as far as the issue of insurance is concerned are the aspects of provision of healthcare especially on the emergency department and the provision of emergency services. This research established that up to 40% decline in the emergency department visits as well as a 61% decrease in the inpatient admissions was attributable to the lack of insurance cover. This paper borrows from other research work in order to establish credibility and coherence with the findings from other works. Some of the findings have indicated that up to a quarter of all the young adults in the United States were confronted with lack of health insurance at this stage. The use of healthcare facilities has also been strongly linked with the subscription to medical insurance services. The individuals that have the cover have the highest propensity to consume health services. This means that the unsecured would have adopted a different healthcare scheme if they had a healthcare insurance cover. This paper explores the quasi-experimental status that results to variations in the status of insurance services depending on the strategies that are utilized by the insurers in ensuring that the dependents are eligible for the insurance services. The research to establish these variations was based on records obtained from California, Arizona, Iowa, New Jersey, and Wisconsi n for the emergency department. On the other hand, the records for hospital admission were obtained from hospitals in the above areas plus also Texas. In the attempt to establish the health insurance variations, data was gathered from various centers. This data was mainly obtained from the National Health Interview Survey, the inpatient hospitalization records, and administrative records relating to emergency department records. The obtained data was related to a model in order to demonstrate the relationship between the utilization of care and the provision of health insurance. The model

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