Friday, October 11, 2019

Difference Between Coe and Ece

CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Some of the entering college students have the misconception that Computer Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering are only the same. But these are definitely different. This research will specify the differences between COE and ECE. It will give information in choosing their career and it will also use as a guide for incoming freshmen. Basically Electronics and Communication Engineering, deals in the study of communication and signals. It is a combination of electronics and communication. Communication like what we have nowadays; radio waves, spectrum, etc.It requires also a study in electronics, which deals with circuits. It deals more with hardware like integrated circuits. Logically it is also interlinked with computers. Computer Engineering is about the whole understanding of the concepts of computer. Such as operating system, programming, database, networks, software, hardware, etc. as this concept are esse ntial for who will take this course. Based on the definition of the two mentioned course, the differences between can be seen. It only means that they are not the same because they differ on field of study.In terms of job they can get, of course they also differ. As this research continues, it will cite more differences of ECE and COE. This research will help the incoming freshmen to their toughest decision in choosing in their career. Statement of the Problems/Objectives What is the distinction between the courses of Computer Engineering and the Electronics and Communication Engineering? †¢ Why is that most of the students considered that the Computer Engineering course is under the Electronics and Communications Engineering? †¢ Why is Computer Engineering course does not have its own board examination? What are the differences of their fields, duties and specialization? †¢ Is it true that COE came from the concept of ECE? Significance of the Study The researchers co nduct this research for the benefits of the: †¢ Incoming first year students of Computer Engineering in Bulacan State University to give them the vision of what COE is and how it is differ from ECE. †¢ The current second year students of the university to help them to choose between COE and ECE, and decide in third year either to stay in COE or shift to other courses of Engineering like ECE. Readers of this research to give them knowledge about the COE and ECE courses of College of Engineering in Bulacan State University. Scope and Delimitation The research is about the comparison of the courses of COE and ECE in terms of citing some of their differences and the details of each course and to prove that Computer Engineering is not under Electronics and Communication Engineering. The research also resolves the problem of COE being recognized as a major or course under ECE.

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