Thursday, November 21, 2019

What is the ROLE or RESPONSIBILITY of the CONSULTING ENGINEERS Scholarship Essay

What is the ROLE or RESPONSIBILITY of the CONSULTING ENGINEERS relative to SHAPING and PROTECTING the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT - Scholarship Essay Example role is critical in the success of any project and this is the reason why most of the engineering companies hire highly experienced consulting engineers for their projects. One of the core responsibilities of the consulting engineers is to protect the natural environment by preventing soil and water contamination during the process of construction. Water and soil contamination occur when wastewater from the construction sites fall into the dams and rivers making the water contaminated. The wastewater contains such materials and substances, which are hazardous for the health of water life and humans, and when it is put in the river water, it creates many significant health issues. The role of the consulting engineers is to develop such mechanisms, which should be able to restrict wastewater from reaching the rivers and other water lines. Some other core responsibilities of the consulting engineers include careful evaluation of the environmental benefits, reducing the use of non-renewable resources, restoring and protecting the damaged land and water supplies, and implementing mechanisms for recycling the wastewater. Consulting engineers determine the best construction techniques and materials required for any specific project. They carry out extensive research on various environmental and structural factors in order to design safe and secure buildings. They have various techniques in their minds to avoid the mixing of wastewater and unpolluted water. â€Å"Civil engineering consulting companies often provide combination civil and environmental engineering services, including structural design, pollution prevention, energy-saving methods, and equipment† (Moore). Consulting engineers play a key role setting the dimensions of success for any new project. They are highly qualified individuals and professionals in their fields. â€Å"Because of their professional training and background they have a particular role and obligation towards the protection of the

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