Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A healty way of life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A healty manner of life-time - Essay ExampleThere are some individuals who would go to any length to have sure that their practice regimes are the best possible cardinals but would these bring any sanity inwardly their life is hard to fathom. This is because some believe that example is sober for their health which is not the discipline at times. In position this can prove to be a hurdle on their frail body, oddly for the ones who are weak and yet they indulge within exercises (Sloan, 2006). This is a well known and proven fact that exercising does not need to be vigorous in order to be termed as effective. This is the case because research and evidence of study has been on the side of the people who do exercises regularly yet in short spells. There needs to be a proper balance between what they eat and how they exercise so that their body and mind remain fit at the end of the day. Another important sentiment of remaining healthy is to eat properly and that too within fi xed schedules. This allows the people to odour good with their domains and they start enjoying their lives in a better way. Eating right does not need to be a boring task. In fact in that location must be excitement attached with how one take in and what one eats. The aspect of nourishment is very essential towards gaining an understanding of the ways and means through which one consumes aliment. When one follows a proper schedule where his diet comprises vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins and other food nutrients, the boring part snarled with eating vanishes quickly. This nourishment can only come about when there are concerted efforts by the people who want to spend their lives in a very healthy manner. However, this is hardly the case because there are cravings that the human beings face from time to time, and they succumb to pressure within their bodies, which asks of them to eat whatever they feel like. Hence making food eating an exciting process is a much needed entity in this day and age, especially when it involves so much of time and energy. Also the price entailed in bringing food to an individual is worth the effort as this ensures that he pays a particular price for what he wants within his life and how he wishes to have it within a quantifiable limit. Therefore it would be correct to area that eating healthy does not need to be a boring job at all. abject ahead, it has been proven with sound research at hand that eating right prolongs ones life to up to 10 to 15 years. If a person eats properly and that too in moderation, there is no reason why they cannot live his life happily. This is because he is eating healthy and then exercising in an adequate manner which in essence increases his life span by 10 to 15 years (Foxall, 1999). Nearly every person wishes to have a long life and if this is ensured with the help of a proper and healthy diet, then there is no reason why one cannot stick to such(prenominal) a health regime an d plan. This forget also be the basis of knowing how he will enjoy his life and take care of his near and dear ones as and when they like. Even though it is a difficult process to eat healthy, it requires strict vigilance on an individuals part to compel sure that there is no point in straying from the already thought out cross of action. Therefore if a person wishes to extend his life duration by quite a big period of time, it is imperative that he eats right and takes

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