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Country study comparison Indian vs. Brazilian women :: essays research papers fc

In the United States, compare between a husband and a married woman continues to progress, globally, especially in third world countries the oppressed position of women in the household continues to be a prevalent problem.In both India and Brazil, women are non equal to their male counter parts within the household. Factors that cause this inequality to manifest and continue can be attributed to, male dominant and patriarchal histories of the countries, trading opportunities, legal issues, especially the rights of women to control reproduction, educational opportunities for girls, marriage customs and vulnerability of women within the family due to fears of violence, domestic abuse and rape.The colonization of Brazil occurred primarily by men of Portuguese decent. In creating this society, they instilled the value of machismo, which is highly prevalent in most Latin American countries. This concept provides men with both authority and qualification while women are placed in a po sition of sub-ordinance and identified as weak (Aboim, 2004). The tradition of machismo as well as the patriarchy of the Catholic Church places men in dominance (Aboim, 2004). With this superiority comes the sexual double standard. Men are expected to demonstrate their masculinity and virility through prenuptial and extramarital sexual experiences. Women on the other hand are expected to remain virginal until marriage and to be faithful to their husbands throughout the union (Lewis, 1997). These values are difficult to put into practice at times because of poverty, isolation and unequal ratios of men and women. As a result, illegitimacy and prostitution are common. Although this riddle exists, the traditional view is the most widely accepted (ibid). Women have, despite their oppression, been allowed open access to schools and handicraft, and in 1933 were granted suffrage on a national level. With this equality they were still not recognized as equal with men in matters of the home . Men were automatically considered the heads of household and women were legally subordinate to their husbands.Under a cultured Code reform put into place in 1962 women were considered to be in the same legal category as minors (Aboim, 2004). Women of middle and upper classes could not legally represent their family or administer the families assets. Nor were they able to work outside of the house without the consent of the male head of household (Alvim, 2000). Before the creation of the new Brazilian Constitution of 1988 which granted men and women equality under the law, the father or husband of a woman had the right to control any employment contract she entered into.

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Nobody Comes in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot :: Waiting for Godot Essays

Nobody Comes in Samuel Becketts Waiting for GodotSamuel Becketts Waiting for Godot zero point happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, its awful. When the play first opened, it was criticized for lacking meaning, structure, and common sense. These critics, however, failed to see that Beckett chose to have his play, Waiting for Godot, capture the feeling that the world has no sheer meaning. In this misunderstood masterpiece, Beckett asserts numerous existentialist themes. Beckett believed that existence is determined by chance. This basic existentialist tenet is first asserted in Vladimirs backchat of a parable from the Bible. Of the two thieves crucified at the same time as Christ, one was saved and one was damned. Given this knowledge, Vladimir ponders how is itthat of the four Evangelists only one speaks of a thief being saved. The four of them were there - or thereabouts - and only one speaks of a thief being saved.Of the other three, two go intot mention any thieves at all and the third says that both of them abused Christ.But all four were there. The reports of the Evangelists shows that opportunity determines human life. That each Evangelist speaks of a different fate for the thieves prove the role of chance in our existence. It is generally accepted that one thief was saved and another one damned, which further illustrates the probability of life. In addition, Beckett expands on this paradox by stating, Do not despair one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume one of the thieves was damned. Because fate is determined by chance, there is nothing anyone can do to insure their savior. In the play, it is stated that Godot himself beats the minder of sheep but cherishes the minder of goats. The flightiness of Godots decisions elude to the arbitrariness of life itself, raising questions over who will be saved and who will be damned. In the play, Pozzo remarks about his fate in comparison to Luckys Remark that I might easily have been in his shoes and he in mine. If chance had not willed it otherwise. In Stoppards play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern argon Dead, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern flip a coin that escapes the natural laws of reason. Here, the existentialist viewpoint focuses on refuting probability in favor of chance. To many people, Godot symbolizes God. The name Godot even reflects an attenuated adaption of the word God. Godots silence but ubiquitous presence resembles that of Gods, and Vladimir and Estragons helplessness mirrors our own frailty.

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Pauls Ministry in Corinth Essay -- Paul Ministry Religion Essays

Pauls Ministry in CorinthApostle Paul of Tarsus has been described as a one who gave his heart and strength as he ministered to apiece flock (Moore 115). This description is definitely applicable to Paul?s ministry in Corinth.? Though Paul?s ministry began with a visit to Corinth that is chronicled in Acts 181-18, the legal age of knowledge about the nature of his relationship with the man-about-towns comes from the letters that he wrote to them after his departure.? By examining the account of his initial visit and the letters, it is possible to determine a few of Paul?s main themes.? These include the proclamation of Jesus as Christ, clarification of theological disputes in I Corinthians, and Paul?s own legitimacy as an apostle in II Corinthians.?Ancient Corinth ?was an exciting place?genuinely pluralistic with a penchant for syncretism fortunes and fame were made and lost in Corinth? (Soards 1163).? This is understandable when spirit at the geographical localization of the c ity.? Corinth is located on the isthmus that bridged mainland Greece and the peninsula of Peloponnesus and was set up by Roman authorities for economic and military purposes.? This prime location put Corinth ?at the crossroads of trade and travel? (Gloer 1191).? As traders and merchants relocated to Corinth seeking new opportunities, the city developed into a socially diverse oecumenic center (1163).? As Paul brought his message of salvation through Christ, he likely ministered to a broad spectrum of people, representative of the culture in Corinth.? The majority of his Corinthian congregation were likely Gentiles, though a few must have been Jewish (Furnish 232-3).? As W. Hulitt Gloer points out, ?the membership seems to have been reflective of a ... ...oing so, he support the believers to begin to explore their own ability to discern truth.? While remaining supportive and present, he does not want the Corinthian church to be interdependent upon him.? Throughout his ministry, P aul puts the emphasis not on himself but on Christ.Works CitedFurnish, Paul Victor. ?Paul and the Corinthians? The Letters, the Challenges of Ministry, the Gospel.? Interpretation 52 (July 1998) 229&8209245.Gloer, W. Hulitt. Second Corinthians. Mercer Commentary on the Bible. Ed. Watson E. Mills and Richard F. Wilson. Macon Mercer University Press, 1995. 1191-1206. Moore, Beth. To Live Is Christ? The Life and Ministry of Paul. Nashville LifeWay Press, 1997.Soards, Marion L. First Corinthians. Mercer Commentary on the Bible. Ed. Watson E. Mills and Richard F. Wilson. Macon Mercer University Press, 1995. 1163-1189.

Workplace Observation Essays -- Pharmacies Pharmacy Business Essays

Workplace Observation I am currently employed at B&L pharmaceuticals, one of the largest manufactures of generic medications in the world. In this paper I will discuss how communication flows in my workplace, organizational diversity, and conflict management. With my current position as a Group Leader the flow of communication is very important.CommunicationCommunication at B&L consists of emails, work procedures and policies, telephones, and bulletin board postings end-to-end the facility. A majority of the emails are sent both internally and externally, make the bulk of the communication that takes place here at B&L. Using panorama express, emails also allow for the scheduling of meetings and appointments. Telephones are used to communicate within the company by dialing exte...

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Find out the concentration of the cell contents of a potato :: GCSE Biology A2 A-Level Coursework

Find out the tightness of the stall contents of a potatoIntroductionOsmosis is the diffusion of wet from a trim down concentration of soluteto a nobleer concentration of solute through a partially permeablemembrane. This lets smaller molecules such as water, pass through butdoes non allow bigger molecules through. The molecules continue todiffuse until they r individually a balanced state, where no area has a higheror lower concentration than all other.In a high concentration of water the amount of sugar solution is low.This is called a weak/dilute solution. In a weak concentration ofwater the amount of sugar solution is high. This is called astrong/concentrated solution.When a semi-permeable membrane divides two solutions, the water testamentmove from the area of high concentration to the area of lowconcentration, until both sides are equal.AimTo find out how much sugar concentration there is in a cell of apotato. This means I leave behind put the potato cylinders in differe ntsolutions of different concentrations.There are also other factors involved, these are Temperature of water Size of potato cylinder Mass of potato cylinder Volume of solution potato cylinder is in Type of potato Time left in solutionFair TestingIf this experiment isnt a fair test, we will be collecting the wrongresults, which can lead us to the wrong conclusions. To conduct a fairtest I will ensure that the experiment is carried out at roomtemperature. The size of the potato is an fundamental factor, as theamount of weight lost or gained will alter. Also the potato cylinderswill be weighed before and after the experiment to see if osmosis hasinterpreted place. The type of potato I will use will stay the same asdifferent potatoes may absorb at different rates. aforethought(ip) MethodA range of sugar solutions will be arranged with concentrations..Sections of potato will be cut with a scalpel and measured with aruler. This has to be done carefully as the difference of surface area may allow more or less osmosis to occur. The mass of each cylinderwill be weighed to ensure consistency. I will do each experiment threetimes so that I can take an average for each sugar solution. By doingthis I will receive more accurate results and therefore draw up a moreaccurate conclusion. I will also use 20 ml of each solution and oftap water. The potato cylinders will then be left for 15 minutes. Whenthe cylinders are remove I will clean them with a paper towel, toremove excess moisture, and then re-weigh them.PredictionFor this investigation, I think the lower the concentration of the

Find out the concentration of the cell contents of a potato :: GCSE Biology A2 A-Level Coursework

Find come on the concentration of the cell contents of a taterIntroductionOsmosis is the diffusion of water from a lower concentration of soluteto a higher concentration of solute through a partially permeablemembrane. This lets smaller molecules much(prenominal) as water, pass through butdoes not allow bigger molecules through. The molecules continue todiffuse until they reach a balanced state, where no area has a higheror lower concentration than any other.In a high concentration of water the amount of kale solution is low.This is called a fainthearted/dilute solution. In a weak concentration ofwater the amount of sugar solution is high. This is called astrong/concentrated solution.When a semi-permeable membrane divides deuce solutions, the water willmove from the area of high concentration to the area of lowconcentration, until both sides are equal.AimTo find out how much sugar concentration there is in a cell of apotato. This means I will put the potato cylinders in antith eticsolutions of different concentrations. in that respect are also other factors involved, these are Temperature of water Size of potato cylinder Mass of potato cylinder Volume of solution potato cylinder is in Type of potato Time left in solutionFair TestingIf this experiment isnt a fair test, we will be collecting the wrongresults, which can lead us to the wrong conclusions. To conduct a fairtest I will ensure that the experiment is carried out at roomtemperature. The size of the potato is an important factor, as theamount of weight lost or gained will alter. Also the potato cylinderswill be weighed before and after the experiment to see if osmosis hastaken place. The type of potato I will use will stay the same asdifferent potatoes may absorb at different rates.Planned MethodA range of sugar solutions will be arranged with concentrations..Sections of potato will be cut with a scalpel and measured with aruler. This has to be done carefully as the difference of surface areamay all ow more or less osmosis to occur. The mass of each cylinderwill be weighed to ensure consistency. I will do each experiment threetimes so that I can take an average for each sugar solution. By doingthis I will receive more accurate results and therefore draw up a moreaccurate conclusion. I will also use 20 ml of each solution and oftap water. The potato cylinders will accordingly be left for 15 minutes. Whenthe cylinders are removed I will clean them with a paper towel, toremove excess moisture, and then re-weigh them.PredictionFor this investigation, I think the lower the concentration of the

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Country Music Essay

acres music is one form of music that has both an extensive annals and also has a prominent place in the public consciousness right now. It is one of the most interesting types of music because of the fact that many spate completely misunderstand where it came from and its roots. Though a good deal of the history coarse music can be traced to many s step forwardhern venues, it has since grown to be a much more(prenominal)(prenominal) national type of phenomenon, with influence stretching from Bakersfield, California to the Atlantic coast of the United States.Performers now come from all over the world to pretend part in the democracy music phenomenon and in recent years the, terra firma music has gained a much more mainstream following than it had in the past. By both celebrating its roots and being willing to branch out to reach naked as a jaybird listeners, country music as a whole has positioned itself for much great success in the future, as well. In order to truly u nderstand the origins of country music, one has to look as far back as the one shot of the twentieth century.Though country did not truly get its start until riper, the groundwork for the persistence was being laid by musicians who probably did not plane know what country music was. Old jazz musicians and church gospel singers provided the original motivation for what would become the country music movement. Singers would later draw influences from those previous(a) styles in order to develop the characteristic country sound that is so habitual and prevalent in at onces music world. Country officially got its start in 1921 in Bristol, Tennessee.Before that time, muckle had been singing songs in order to pass down stories and to fill the idle time, provided in that respect had never been an organized country music industry. According to Roughstocks History of Country unison, Although musicians had been recording fiddle tunes (known as Old Time Music at that time) in the so uthern Appalachians for several years, It wasnt until August 1, 1927 in Bristol, Tennessee, that Country Music really began. There, on that day, Ralph Peer signed Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family to recording contracts for Victor Records (Roughstock).Those two popular acts laid the framework for country to come, and they are both remembered for their innovation and their ability to connect with singers of that time. Over the course of time, country music has seen many different movements that declare all helped to shape the sound that is prevalent now. The Bluegrass movement, headed up by the celebrated Bill Monroe of Kentucky was a type of music where wad relied heavily on the banjo, the acoustic guitar, and the mandolin.Before Monroe starting experimenting with these instruments, people had never thought to use the guitar as a lead instrument before. This Bluegrass sound would prove to be a characterizing sound and it has influenced many of todays most popular singers, inc luding women standardised Allison Krause. According to Jeri Rowe of The News and Record, the Bill Monroe movement is something that almost all of the famous musicians have felt over the course of time. According to Rowe, Ask anyone familiar with bluegrass music and theyll probably have a Bill Monroe moment (Rowe, 1996). early(a) movements have become popular in country music, including the innovations that came along with the Bakersfield sound. Though country music had long had its roots in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, young people out in California changed the way that people thought about the country music industry by expanding the sound to include something of an Outlaw movement (Encyclopedia of Country Music). Among those people who led this popular movement were Merle Haggard, who became a spokesperson for the common man during his time.His songs like Long Haired Country Boy and Okie from Muskogee do him famous. another(prenominal) famed musician that was a part of the progressive country movement, as it came to be called, was Willie Nelson. Nelson is known as a popular singer and songwriter today and he has worked alongside dozens of extremely popular musicians during his career. He sang songs like Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain and Mommas, Dont Let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys that were able to really connect to fans on a very personal level.One of the unique things about the country music industry is that all of these different movements have helped to create the sound that characterizes country music today. Starting with the Outlaw movement, the Bluegrass movement, and things like the capital of Tennessee sound, people have begun to combine all of these different elements to create a very real sound of today. The Nashville sound is something that came about, as one magnate guess, in the heart of country music located in Nashville. This came about when Roy Acuff made the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville a popular thing.It started out as benefic ial one of the many barn shows that played country music across the powerful radio airwaves. Over time, the Grand Ole Opry became much more than that. It came to characterize the Nashville sound, which was a new sound that included things like the old steel guitar and drums in the background. The Nashville sound changed the way people felt about country music, as musicians like Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs brought their unique methods to Nashville and gained popularity.All in all, the Nashville sound represented a brand new vision for country music, where people could experiment with different things on the highest level at the Grand Ole Opry. The Opry gave legitimacy to these acts and people began to quickly respond to the new techniques and new sounds that they were hearing up on the stage (Hemphill). Today, the country music world has moved even more into the mainstream than it was in the past. It is safe to say that widespread radio is what helped country music have got off an d now people are enjoying it in different ways.When things like TNN and CMT came about, country music was put on television for the world to see. Though this made some people in the country music world mad because the networks opted for the new styles and neglected some of the older heroes of country music, it helped the industry at large. population could not watch country music as much as they wanted and they could begin to put faces with the voices that they had heard on the radio. The innovation of music on television really helped the country music industry as much as it helped all of the other music industries.More records are sold today than ever before, as people like George Strait have sold hundreds of millions of records. Strait owns the record for most number one hits for a singer, while the southwestern Carolina-based group Alabama owns the record for most number one hits for a group. Other acts that have become popular today are people like Garth bear, who helped cha nge the way country music was looked at in a sense of live performances. Brooks turned the country music world into something of a rock show and made the shows more appealing to younger people.In the past, country music had been looked at as something that was a little bit deadening when seen in concert. People went to see country music shows because they liked the sound of the music, not because they wanted to be entertained. This all changed when Brooks came about in the late 1980s. He added things like lights and great technology to his shows. The sound was impressive and finally the country music world was able to compete with the rock world at least on some level. This was a very important change for country music and predictably, more and more artists starting picking up where Brooks left off.It is fair to say that the country music world has not been completely embraced by the media at large, but the media has at least picked up on the national importance of some of the acts . In the past, the country music world might have been pushed off to the side with the rock and roll world victorious center stage a little bit more. People are now coming to realize that rock and country are much more inter-connected than they might have originally imagined and that country music deserves to be recognized for its huge following.With country music selling at high rates in record stores and television channels acquire great ratings, there is no choice in the national media but to pick up on the new and changing times, even if they do not totally believe everything that is being give tongue to. There is some perception out there that country music is a music based in the south and for southern people, though evidence has been provided to the contrary. One media controversy worth remembering happened with the popular group The Dixie Chicks, who were ostracized by the media and the mainstream country music world for their comments about President George W. Bush.Their political talk earned them a place on the proverbial country music blacklist. A Gazette Newspaper article speaks to the fact that the controversy may have been overblown by some media outlets, as country music singers are surely not the first musicians to speak out in a political way. In fact, music has always been an avenue for this type of free speech. That article says, blush entertainers have a right to say whatever they want to about U. S. foreign policy and politics and in fact, many have been doing so for decades, getting rich and famous while thumbing their noses at the nation that makes them so (Gazette).One of the concerns of many country musicians today is that the media is willing to give time to the current stars, but no one will recognize the people who laid the framework for the country music movement. One People Magazine article quotes popular country music star Alan Jackson talking about living legend George Jones and how no one is willing to recognize him. The article writes, Jackson spokeswoman Kay West said Alan was inspired by a visit to Jones earlier this year in the hospital after Jones was involved in a near-fatal car wreck.Alan said that had George Jones died there, there would have been a 10-minute tribute to him on the show, West said. But he lived, and they wouldnt give him three minutes (People). All in all, country music seems to be growing at a faster rate than it ever has. Helped along by more coverage in the media and the fact that more and more types of musicians are currently getting involved in country music, the industry has taken off at a higher degree than most might have imagined in the past.Though the roots of country music are strong and many people seek to preserve and celebrate those roots, there is no denying that the industry in branching out in a desire to incorporate new fans and new acts alike going into the future. With that in mind, the future of the industry is strong and as stable as it can possibly be. Works Cited Hemphill, Paul. The Nashville Sound. 30 September 2005. Everthemore Press. Kingsbury, Paul. The Encyclopedia of Country Music. Oxford 2004. People Magazine.Country Music Controversy. 2008. http//www. people. com/people/article/0,,616549,00. html Roughstocks History of Country Music. The Beginnings. http//www. roughstock. com/history/begin. html Rowe, Jeri. The News and Record. 12 September 1996. BILL MONROES INFLUENCE FELT BY MUSICIANS IN THE TRIAD AREA BLUEGRASS FANS REMEMBER BILL MONROE, THE FATHER OF BLUEGRASS MUSIC. The Gazette. 7 May 2003. Whistling Dixie Freedom of speech not at issue in country music controversy.

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Sante Fe, Jamestown, and Quebec Settlements

Brianna Mosby Mr. Weigand DE U. S History 25 September, 2012 Settlements of Quebec, Santa Fe, and Jamestown Santa Fe Santa Fe was originally founded in1598 by Juan de Onate. He led a mine expedition of ab a panache 500 people. He hoped to find rich mines and rich lands. Onate expected the people, Pueblos, to help with the labor to find resources in the region. The mining trip was a bust and Onate and most of his people firm to head home, yet the Franciscan missionaries stayed behind in an attempt to convert the Pueblos to Christianity. 609-1610 is the date that archeologists say that Santa Fe was sincerely yours established by Don Pedro de Peralta. Before 1609, Santa Fe was inhabited on a very small scale. Spanish settlers lived amongst the indigenous population. The Pueblos population was reacing 100,000 people. They communicate nine basic languages and lived in about 70 multi-storied adobe towns. Santa Fe was thought to be almost abandoned by 1610 along with St. Augustine. The expeditions cost the mainland to untold money to only come up with no results. in like manner there were notmany settlers attracted to this region.Overall the trips returned to little economic and strategical benefit to the Spanish. The only people to stay erstwhile everyone left were the Franciscan missionaries. After a a few(prenominal) days the New Mexico region started producing a variety of goods to New Spain (Mexico). By 1680, the Pueblos drove the Spanish out of New Mexico for twelve years.. This was called the Pueblo revolt of 1680. Unfortunately for the natives the Spanish ended up coming back. Quebec Quebec was founded in 1608 by French settlers looking for a beneficial hide trade. As soon as the French landed they struck up an alliance with theAlgonkin, Montagnais, Huron tribes. These natives were the leading traders in the region. The French greatly benefited with this alliance, but it also brought a major problem. It brought a century of conflict with Hurons enem ies, the Iroquois confederacy from south of the Great Lakes. Quebec was also called New France by the French. The leaders in New France visualized a simple, religious orthodox settlement with a handful of fur trading companies and a ruling class who owned agricultural estates. Once see the small number of French that came over the plans changed.The new idea was to converting the natives to Catholicism, French culture, and a simple lifestyle of farm labor on the estates, yet few chose this option. Instead most of the young Frenchman decided to live like the Native people as fur trappers and traders living in the backwoods. The French population struggled the send-off year on the new land. They started out with a small population. The first winter did not help by killing off most of the immigrants. For years after the only people alive were the missionaries and fur traders. By 1627 the population of the French in New France was only 85.New France was able to keep its roots polish up is due to the developed economy and social systems that were organized around a single product. The single was product was fur trading. It was essential to the French, it kept them stabilized and on good grounds with the natives. The New France settlement was an overall peaceful thing. There was never an actual war for land between the natives and the French. The only thing that deliver them from having this problem was the small numbers in population. They had a very small demand for the Natives land, also the policy of the alliance put nevertheless less pressure on the indigenous peoples.Jamestown Jamestown was established in 1607 by Captain John Smith. He sailed over on a charter from tycoon James I with Virginia Company explorers. The Chesapeake region was chosen partly because the English knew who controlled it, the Powhatan people. English settlers expected to receive food and help with tributes in valuable goods. The explorers were by and large military men who were pre pared to explore, deal with the Indians, and seek out riches in the area. They were not prepared to grow food crops or fish. When times started acquire rough they decided to raid the surrounding Powhatan villages for food.The first few years were the worst any of the settlers could have imagined. They dealt with famine, disease, frigid winters, failing harvests, and Indian wars. By 1610 the settlers decided to abandon Jamestown and head back to the homeland with a population of sixty. Nearing the end of the James River the settlers ran into their new governor who came with supplies from England. He ordered them to turn around and go back to Jamestown. English and the North Americans traded, negotiated, cooperated, and intermarried with each other. The settlers came into conflicts over land and their demand for the Natives land.They also excluded the Powhatan people from their society. Eventually the New World started to wave once the English accepted the Powhatan people. They beca me a key factor to the new tobacco economy in colony, changing it to a cash crop in 1613. English leaders on the expedition planned to have a ruling class of wealthy families who owned estates in the New World that were worked by bound laborers. At first the landowners had a hard time keeping the English servants bound to labor until the use of enslaving Africans. All Together Overall these trio settlements have much in common yet differ just as well.Starting out all three were new expeditions to unknown territories. They all promoted strategic expansion plans to match and exceed their rivals alliances and territorial gains. Also each out established a church and prosecuted dissenters in one way or another. Another thing is that they all had a bound labor system, it just varied in each settlement. They were all familiar with types of servitude and slavery in some way. All though they are alike, they are different. It starts off on where they settled Spain New Mexico and Santa Fe, E ngland Jamestown, France Quebec.The Spanish and French lived with the natives and allied with them, while the English excluded the Powhatan and raided them. Also the French was the only settlement to not go to war with the natives. They depended on the on the natives and did have such a threat to them because of the small population. Works Cited * www. library. thinkquest. org * www. pequotmuseum. org * www. historyworld. crystallize * www. canadiana. ca * www. ehow. com * www. emexplorers. pbworks. com * www. itsatrip. org * Santafe. org * Apva. org * www. eslarp. uiuc. edu * Sfol. com

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Sumary of Android vs Windows

Summary of the article Windows phone 7 cultures for mechanical man developers A big part of the process of designing a phone application is to realise a storage method for important data the application will create. The windows platform does not offer a API database such as Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite, instead windows encourages developers to investment trust information on the cloud similar to how a website operates. Developers that do not want to go that route have two options. They could physical exertion windows Azure or utilize other commercial cloud source.Also android developers could use an open source outgoing project called CODEPLEX or store the data internally and later load it up using LINQ (language integrated language). Storing information internally is really easy on a windows platform in such a way that it almost eliminates completely the need of a database. Windows phone platform allows you to store settings and users preferences through the isolated storage interface this way it will easily accessible uniquely for the device the application installed.One of the mayor advantages of the windows platform from androids platform is the layout of the tools. Android developers tool kit lacks of a proper layout tools in contrast windows platform have a robust tools layout that are easily and inexpensive for a developer to obtain. Windows main objective with these tools is to make the development process of application a fast and clean process. Windows phone 7 introduces a new take on phones operating system and the differences between the android operating system are mostly skin deep.

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The Definition of Post Test Club

What is Post ravel Club? Post Test Club is a social keep group for all clients tested whether infected with HIV or not. It was established to respond to the expressed needs of the tested clients for ongoing back. instalmentship Values Membership is open to all clients who have don the HIV test irrespective of their results. The principle of anonymity and confidentiality applies for those members who so wish. Members who have tested positive or banish and are willing to ? go public? to take their life testimonies are trained in public speaking .They promote the ? openness? i. e.. ,to declare publicly that he was infected with HIV. MISSION To help sustain the behavior change process of persons who knowd voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) and serve as a forum for reducing stigma by providing education and information as well as support and counseling.. ,To promote openness about HIV/ support and enhance the psycho-social adjustments of those infected and affected. Goal 1. T o contribute to the national effort to prevent further spread of HIV/AIDS 2.To increase understanding of adolescence , sexuality and reproductive health. To promote safer sex, life skills development and child adolescent rights plus responsibilities. Objectives 1. To translate on-going psycho-social support to the members and increase public awareness of HIV/AIDS 2. To bring the veracity of HIV/AIDS to the general population ,and demonstrate by example that people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) can still lead a health and productive life 3. To help reduce stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS. Post Test care and Support Services Provide medical exam information about HIV/AIDS including general HIV knowledge, disease progression, ARVs, opportunistic infections (OIs), family planning, environmental health and positive living so that clients can proactively take control of their own health and reduce the risk of transmission. * Provide legal information so that HIV infect ed individuals can protect their rights and the rights of their families. * Help members to trace decisions about disclosure to friends, family and the community. * Provide a secure and inviting environment where members have access to resources, support and counseling free of charge . Help to link clients to demand services for economic, social support. * Provide referrals to other care and treatment programs. * Reduce stigma and discrimination around HIV and HIV testing * Provide support to HIV discordant couples * By working with couples specifically, the program seeks to support discordant couples and reduce gender violence and HIV transmission within marriages. Routine operations 1. On-going supportive and preventive counseling This service is offered on a ? walk ? in? basis and is carried out daily by the counselor and counseling attendants. counselor is provided to members on FP/TB/HIV/ AIDS and otherhealth related issues including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) and health promotion. 2. Medical Consultation and Treatment Members consult and receive treatment for simple ailments ,opportunistic infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The medical booth is open daily and qualified health professionals provide services. 3. Group Activities Every Saturday members meet for educational talks on HIV/AIDS and other related topics, they also participate in recreation activities (video and games AND drama).These activities take place in the morning to afternoon( 09H00 -14H00) 4. They share experiences and provide peer support to one another. An activity roaster for HIV/AIDS sensitization for the week is developed and programmes allocated. 5. Community Education and Sensitization The Post Test Club members are involved in sensitizing the communities and YOUTH through music, dancing, drama, poetry , and sharinglife testimonies. 6. Capacity and Skills Building NTIHC PTC trains some members as youth corner att endants. These members provide services to the TEENS.Members engaged in income generating activities (IGAS) are given training skills on management of the projects. LIFE EMPOWERMENT SKILLS.. proposal writing 7. Leadership Skills The executive delegation members of PTC are trained in elementary leadership skills. 8. Condom promotion and peer education Trained PTC members do peer education in the communities and handle free condoms simultaneously minimising CONDOM ABUSE. 9. Distribution of IEC Materials Members receive IEC materials for consumption and distribute some to communities. They mainly distribute ?Straight Talk? , ? Young Talk? , ? companionship Is Power? , and other NTIHC IEC Materials. 10. Family Planning Services Family planning information,counseling, and methods are provided daily in the FP clinic by counselling medical personnel and reproductive health attendants. 11. braces Club Activities Members whose spouses have also tested are encouraged to participate in the couple club activities. It facilitates fellowship and handles special topics that are of interest to couples such as discordant relationships, marriage and divorce issues,domestic violence, and gender issues.PTCs have been able to do remarkable things in the battle against HIV/AIDS Through music, dance and drama, they perform in community centers, churches and schools to teach people about HIV/AIDS. They encourage people to be tested, and then teach people how to bend nfection, and if infected, how to avoid spreading the disease. They support each othershowing love and care, providing material assistance to the most needy widows and orphans among them, working together on projects, and pooling resources to pay for members funerals. Their motto is Living Positively. Regardless of their disease status,they believe a positive attitude will help them and their loved ones through difficult times. A place of their own.. ,TEENS EMPOWERING PEERS muyenje +2562O25O245O cc emailprotected com emailprotected co. uk emailprotected co. uk emailprotected com emailprotected com emailprotected com emailprotected co. uk emailprotected com emailprotected com emailprotected com

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Case Study Analysis †Abc, Inc.

As a unused doer you aim finally landed that dream job, now what? You are excited about the possibilities awaiting you at your reinvigorated dream job. As you prepare for your first day, you are told you will absorb to attend refreshed withdraw orientation. Suddenly, the butterflies in your stomach return as you foreclose what to expect next. Then you ask yourself, What is new hire orientation and what does it mean for me? The goal of any successful onboarding program is to ensure that the investment in a new employee pays off by creating a sense of connection between the new worker and the organization.But what happens when company representatives lack organization and the new workers transition is traumatic? Take for example the Case Study for Student Analysis. In this selected paper, it is easy to immediately observe a lack of communication going on at ABC, Inc. between Carl Robbins, the campus recruiter and Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Lagging communicati on skills at any organization can be catastrophic and ABC, Inc. is no different. As a first time recruiter with only six months feel, Carl will governing body very serious problems.This case study will illustrate the many problems that grew when he seek to hire employees to work for Monica Carroll. Possible solutions available for Carl to resolve the situation will be explored as well as any alternative solutions he should take. Carl Robbins is not incompetent he simply lacks experience. As with any new position that a person is involved in he will face challenges. With some direction, Carl can easily overcome these challenges. Background In early April, Carl was tasked to recruit and hire xv new hires to work for Monica Carroll, operations supervisor for ABC, Inc. afterward successfully recruiting them, Carl scheduled an orientation session to take place on June 15. His goal was to have all new recruits working by July. Traditionally, new hire orientation programs have long bee n designed to help new hires quickly learn the important things they will need to know to be successful in their new job. Most orientation programs provide the new hire with an overview of the companys history a description of the companys organizational grammatical construction an overview of employee-related policies and details of employee benefit programs. ABC, Inc. s orientation should be no different.With only a few weeks left until the planned orientation, Carl still has lots of work to do. On May 15, Monica contacts Carl about several key issues such as the training schedule manuals policy booklets drug tests and other issues related to orientation. Carl reassures Monica that everything will be fine. Subsequently, unawares after Memorial Day, Carl pulled out his new trainee file to finalize things for the orientation scheduled for June 15. After going through his files, Carl becomes concerned. He discovers that some of the new trainees have not completed their applications and some transcripts are missing.He also discovers that none of the new hires have been sent to the clinic for their mandatory drug screens. Next, he searched the orientation manuals and realise that only three copies exist. He then discovers that those three copies are missing several pages. Carl is in big trouble as his first recruitment drive is not going as smoothly as it should. Carls problems however are just beginning. Upset and frustrated, he decides to go for a quick walk. As he returned to the office, Carl decides to check out training room for the upcoming orientation. To his surprise, he found Joe from technology services.Joe was setting up computer terminals. Carl decided to review the programing log and discovered that Joe had already reserved the training room for other training activities the entire month of June. Panicked, Carl returned to his office put his head on his desk and taciturnly wondered, What am I going to do? Key Problems The first key problem that Carl faces is his lack of experience. Initially, Monica contacts Carl about the key items needed for orientation and he assures her that everything is near to go. This could not have been further from the truth. At this point, he is not aware of the problems he ill face in his new endeavor. Carls lack of experience is clearly exhibited when his assurance has not been tested. The next key problem that arises for Carl is when he checks the new trainee files and discovers that they are incomplete. All the new recruits have gone through the reference process and filled out their paperwork. Unfortunately, the paperwork is incomplete and missing lots of valuable data. To make matters worse, some files are missing transcripts, and no one has completed the ask drug screens. Problems only get worse for Carl when he discovers that only three copies of the employee manuals exist.Of the three manuals that exist, they are all missing several pages. Unfortunately, he needs fifteen complete co pies. As if the previous issues alone are not bad enough, Carl also learns that the training room he plans to use for orientation has been booked by another individual for the entire month of June. At this point, he is faced with a serious dilemma, and his lack of experience reveals that he does not realize the ghastliness of his problem. Namely, he lacks leadership because he failed to prepare and assumed that his first project would go smoothly.Next, he reveals his lack of organizational skills because he failed to review his trainee file former to guaranteeing Monica that everything would be ready for orientation. Alternatives A come-at-able solution for Carl as a new recruiter is to use this onboarding process as a welcome mat for new hires as a means to display his potential talents as a top notch recruiter. To accomplish, this he must determine who will be affected by his failure to develop his first orientation. Next, Carl should analyze how these parties will be affected as a result of his failure to prepare.Then, he should evaluate possible alternatives to the dilemma he is facing. Unfortunately, Carl is not quite in a position to do this. Subsequently, he should have developed his project prior to promising results. Carl could remediate his organizational and communicative skills by establishing the parameters for the project. In other words, he should have determined his needs and effectively communicated those needs to any other parties early on. This schema would have granted him the opportunity to plan for alternative solutions without anxiety. Proposed SolutionMany successful new hire or onboarding programs start with a checklist of typical new employee needs. Certainly, Carl could have used a checklist to help him determine his needs as a new recruiter. Since most new employees want to make a vertical first impression, Carl could have made this transition easier for himself and everyone else by seeking the assistance of a more(prenomina l) flavour professional. Monica Carrolls is also not exempt from her role in this fiasco. She could have ensured a more seamless transition by providing Carl with a expatiate orientation program.This would have lifted the burden of him having to figure things out on his own. Not only would a detailed orientation program have comforted Carls anxiety it would have also sent a confident(p) message to the entire organization about their organizational skills. Since Carl had only been on the job for six months, Monica could have required that he produce a detailed checklist for the proposed orientation. In my opinion, Monicas role for Carl should have been that of coach and mentor to ensure a successful onboarding process. This could have been accomplished by developing a childly framework and tailoring it to meet ABC, Inc. s specific needs. Clearly this was not done and ultimately disaster struck. Recommendations As previously noted, many problems surfaced when new recruiter, Carl R obbins attempted to hire employees to work for Monica Carroll at ABC, Inc. Many factors contributed to the downfall of his first recruitment effort. How could Carl have overcome the pitfalls that he faced?Anonymous research provided by men Management (2009) outlines and recommends the following guidelines for a successful onboarding program * Start Before Day peerless Clearly Carl should have prepared for the orientation from day one. socialise Carl could have been prepared by aligning himself with the accepted practices of the company and his superiors. Therefore, he would have exhibited less anxiety and been better prepared. * Extend Beyond Day One Once Carl prepared for orientation, he should have extended beyond day one by analyzing any potential issues and preparing possible alternative solutions. * Assign a Mentor Monica should have assigned herself as Carl mentor in this situation. Since this was Carls first recruitment effort, he certainly needed the assistance of a m ore seasoned professional.Keep in mind it was necessary for Carl to have implemented these specific solutions. However these guidelines are a good place to start. Any guidelines would have relieved Carls anxiety and allowed him to create a successful onboarding process for his fifteen new recruits. Ultimately, all of this could have been avoided had Carl sought the advice of a more seasoned professional and displayed better organizational skills. Simply put, his failure to plan was a direct result of a botched first project. Hopefully, Carl recognizes his mistakes and uses them as a knowledge tool in his next recruitment endeavor.References Case Study for Student Analysis. Comm 215. University of Phoenix. Ecampus Course Materials. Retrieved from the website at myresource.phoenix.edu Steps to a successful onboarding process. (2009). Workforce Management, 88(7), 1-S14. Retrieved from http//search.proquest.com/docview/219780888?accountid=35812

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Barriers, challenges, and strategies Essay

Most clinical health c atomic number 18 workers argon aware that achieving the paradigm of show up-based utilisation (EBP) is the gold star standard that one strives for in his/her clinical confide. EBP is expected of health shell out clinicians and has become a synonym for quality care both by the institution of healthcare and its consumers (Brim & Schoonover, 2009). This essay will define EBP for nurses. The barriers, challenges and strategies to implementing evidence-based nurse practice (EBNP) will be discussed with reference to relevant and authoritative literature. As well, the relevance and the connect that EBNP has with the clinical area of Intensive Care will be discussed. EBP is the integration, by clinicians, of clinical expertise which is meticulous, explicit and uses current clinically appraised professional knowledge (Eizenberg, 2011 Kenny, Richard, Ceniceros, & Blaize, 2010).EBP accommodates persevering preferences, views and values while also guiding, supportin g, validating and answering health care workers clinical judgements, practices, and questions (Eizenberg, 2011 Kenny et al., 2010 Matula, 2005 Wolf, 2005). EBP is a process of asking a clinical question search for clinical evidence critically appraising this evidence and then expertly integrating this evidence with patient roles values, views and preferences evaluation of how the changes to practice have had on outcomes and finally disseminating the results that the EBP or change had on patient outcomes (Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, Stillwell, & Williamson, 2010). The definition of EBP and EBNP and the implementation of EBNP appear to be straightforward and easily accomplished however, EBNP implementation is far withdraw from being easy (Brim & Schoonover, 2009 Cullen, Titler, & Rempel, 2011 Eizenberg, 2011 Kenny et al., 2010 Tolson, Booth, & Lowndes, 2008). breast feeding explore has uncovered numerous challenges and barriers which the implementation of EBNP faces. These challenges and barriers can be classified as a interrogation, a clinician, an arrangemental, a nursing professional barrier, and not least patient barriers (Fernandez, Davidson, & Griffiths, 2008 Gerrish et al., 2011 Hutchinson &Johnston, 2006 Ross, 2010).Eizenberg (2011), Gerrish et al. (2011), and Ross (2010) prime that nurses face research and clinician barriers that include not having the time, skills and knowledge to critically critique and/or synthesise research literature, unable to utilely use and search databases electronically, hold negative views toward research and feel research is too complex, aswell research at time is not clear on how to implement the findings and findings can be contradictory. Due to these barriers, nurses tend to rely on synthesised evidence such as evidence-based protocols, policies and procedures (Gerrish et al., 2011). Eizenberg (2011) and Gerrish et al. (2011) also found that nurses prefer to fix knowledge through third parties such as their collea gues, the workplace, through patient care experience, and the knowledge they received from their nursing education. Eizenberg (2011) found that the organisation is the greatest factor in successful EBNP implementation.The organisation controls access and the budget to and for evidence resources such as computers with internet access, a well-equipped library, and access to educational opportunities in EBNP procedures and theory (Eizenberg, 2011). The barrier of not having the potence to change a nursing practice also lies with the organisation a nurse may have the necessity research knowledge and experience to effectively change practice but cannot implement practice change due to the organisation not giving him/her the authority to instill change (Eizenberg, 2011). Few nursing provide members are given the opportunity to participate in the development of evidence-based policies and procedures therefore, most nurses are not assiduous to support EBP.Ross (2010) further found orga nisational barriers such as the organisation giving priority to other goals (for example excess sick leave) over EBNP, the organisation may perceive that the staff are not ready or willing to implement EBNP, and that the organisation believes EBNP is unachievable. These organisational barriers prevent EBNP being accomplished and to the greater extent of not being implemented. A barrier of nursing profession relates to the medical dominance of healthcare as such, nurses are not afforded the power, authority, autonomy and respect from colleagues for nursing practice that the status of being a profession decrees (Brim & Schoonover, 2009 Eizenberg, 2011 Gerrish et al., 2011).A further nursing profession barrier is it can be difficult to instill enthusiasm or informationrmation about an EBNP if turnover is high there is a shortage of experienced nurses and support from colleagues is lacking (Gerrish et al., 2011 Mark, Latimer, & Hardy, 2010). Due to high turnover and staff shortages, nur ses are unable to leave the bedside and have limited time to participate in EBNP projects such as journal clubs, or to attend training in EBP, PICO(Population/ hitch/Comparison/Outcome), and database searches (Brim & Schoonover, 2009 Brown, Johnson, & Appling, 2011). Nurses, as Kenny et al. (2010) found were hesitant to change their practice if the change would perceivably increase an already heavy workload. Brim & Schoonover (2009) found that some nurses believed EBNP to be an elective course of action as they were never providen a clear direction of what EBNP is innate to nursing and his/her practice. One of the main premises of EBNP is that the evidence and the values and beliefs of the patient/s are synthesised together to form an EBNP which is foremost favourable for a positive outcome for the patient/s (Fernandez et al., 2008).Such factors as treatment, travel, and prescription be denial of diagnosis inadequate knowledge level of disease and strategies to decrease risk fac tors lack of social support and cultural issues can all potentially become barriers to implementing an EBNP for a patient or patients (Fernandez et al., 2008). The high acuity of an intensive care unit (ICU) patient significantly affects a nurses qualification to search a database for answers (Brim & Schoonover, 2009 Kenny et al., 2010). An answer to a question is usually needed immediately or momentarily therefore, ICU nurses rely on experience, colleagues, and knowledge of evidence-based policies, procedures and guidelines (Eizenberg, 2011 Gerrish et al., 2011). I know I rely heavily upon in-services, experience, and speaking with the ICU Clinical Nurse Educators and Nurse Educators who will do a literature search to acquire information or answers to a question I have posed but once again this evidence/information has been synthesised by others and is third drop dead and I have not fully practiced EBN (Eizenberg, 2011 Gerrish et al., 2011).To try and challenge this barrier I do try and read the clinical information the educator obtained at a later date usually at home or on a break. Strategies to overcome these challenges and barriers abound from EBP and EBNP journal articles and books. several(prenominal) of the leading strategies are for the organisation to fully support EBNP through alkali, strong leadership from nurse managers and/or progress practice nurses, and by ensuring a mount in which EBNP can flourish (Gerrish et al., 2011 Tolson et al., 2008). The infrastructure needs to provide access to a computer which can access online databases. Infrastructure needed to be in place includes a staffed evidence based nursing library with a librarian able to educate nurses on the process ofEBNP (Pochciol & Warren, 2009). The added challenge is to have EBNP info accessible to the nurse at the patients bedside (Pochciol & Warren, 2009).Nursing leaders need a Masters degree or above, as studies show that leaders with these credentials read and implement m ore research literature are more confident and they consider themselves more competent in supporting others through the EBNP process (Eizenberg, 2011 Gerrish et al., 2011). Leaders, as suggested by Cullen et al. (2011), hold the responsibility to provide support to build, to create, and maintain an organisational culture that has the capacity to support EBP at both a clinical and administration level. Leaders must be given the power, authority, and support to introduce change without this authority change cannot occur (Eizenberg, 2011). Scholars agree that if EBNP is to succeed and be sustainable nurses need to be improve and mentored on the implementation process of EBNP (Brim & Schoonover, 2009 Brown et al., 2011 Eizenberg, 2011 Gerrish et al., 2011 Pochciol & Warren, 2009 Ross, 2010 Tolson et al., 2008).EBNP education of nurses needs to begin at orientation to the hospital and is essential that this education is continually built upon and supported with extra education given to nurse managers, educators and advanced practice nurses (Pochciol & Warren, 2009 & Tolson et al, 2008). Ross (2010) suggests nurses information literacy be improved to ensure nurses are able to practice EBN. Information literacy is the ability to competently recognise, locate, and evaluate the fundamental information required at a given point (Ross, 2010). The ICU, where I am employed, has undergone significant changes to the staff and managerial side of the unit. At one point the Clinical Nurse Specialists ratio fall to less than 5% of nursing staff and there was not a permanent full time Clinical Nurse Consultant. Without the necessary support acquired from these roles the education of ICU nurses and the implementation of new practices, policies and procedures decreased significantly.These barriers significantly halted EBNP from occurring in the ICU as there were very few highly educated leaders available to support EBNP. As suggested by Eizenberg, (2011), Gerrish et al. (2011), and Cullen et al. (2011), educated leaders and managers are needed to keep and instill EBNP to an institution. To obtain Magnet Status hospitals must ensure that EBNP is in place, is supported, and is sustained by the organisation (Brown et al., 2011). To obtain nurseinterest in EBNP, and maintain Magnet Status, some hospitals have linked participation in EBNP to clinical melt down advancement and a fiscal reward in the form of a wage increase with advancement up the ladder (Whitmer, Aver, Beerman, & Weishaupt, 2011). To hold their position on the clinical advancement ladder the nurse must show, yearly, that he/she is supporting, or implementing, or participating in EBNP within the setting they are employed (Whitmer et al, 2011).The benefits of practicing EBN includes patients ability to access effective evidence based treatment information facilitates consistent improvement, through decision making, to healthcare systems facilitates decisions based on up-to-date evidence and tec hnologies and reduces variances in nursing care from one nurse to another standard and competencies are evidence based and consistent through evidence based competencies the professional status of nursing is tremendous to higher heights (Gerrish et al., 2011 Eizenberg, 2011). In conclusion, the challenges/barriers, barrier strategies, and benefits of EBNP has been discussed. Little discussion on EBNP within an ICU was attempted as the ICU nurses face the same situations, challenges/barriers, strategies and benefits as nurses in other areas of healthcare (Sciarra, 2011). Nurses must be given organisational support, education and knowledge needed to participate proficiently in EBNP.ReferencesBrim, C. B., & Schoonover, H. D. (2009). Lessons learned while conducting a clinical trial to facilitate evidence-based practice the neophyte researcher experience. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 40(8), 380-384. inside 10.3928/00220124-20090723-06 Brown, C. R., Johnson, A. S., & Appling, S. E. (2011). A taste of nursing research an interactive program, introducing evidence-based practice and research to clinical nurses. Journal for Nurses in Staff development, 27(6), E1-E5. inside 10.1097/NND.0b013e3182371190 Cullen, L., Titler, M. G., & Rempel, G. (2011). An advanced educational program promoting evidence-based practice. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 33(3), 345-364. DOI 10.1177/0193945910379218Eizenberg, M. M. (2011). Implementation of evidence-based nursing practice nurses personal and professional factors? Journal of Advanced Nursing,67(1), 33-42. DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2010.05488.xFernandez, R. S., Davidson, P., & Griffiths, R. (2008). Cardiac rehabilitation coordinators perceptions of patient-related barriers to implementing cardiac evidence-based guidelines. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 23(5), 449-457. Gerrish, K., Guillaume, L., Kirshbaum, M., McDonnell, A., Tod, A., & Nolan, M. (2011). Factors influencing the contribution of advanced practice nurses to promoting evidence- based practice among front-line nurses findings from a cross-sectional survey. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67(5), 1079-1090. DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2010.05560.x Hutchinson, A. M., & Johnston, L. (2006). Beyond the BARRIES Scale commonly reported barriers to research use. Journal of Nursing Administration, 36(4), 189-199. Kenny, D. J., Richard, M. L., Ceniceros, X., & Blaize, K. (2010). Collaborating across services to advance evidence-based nursing practice. Nursing Research, 59(1S), S11-S21. Mark, D. D., Latimer, R. W., & Hardy, M. D. (2010). Stars aligned for evidence-based practice. A TriService initiative in the Pacific. Nursing Research, 59(S1), S48-S57. Matula, P. (2005). Evidence-based practice at the bedside Igniting the spirit of inquiry. The Pennsylvania Nurse, Dec, 22.Melnyk, B. M., Fineout-Overholt, E., Stillwell, S. B., & Williamson, K. M. (2010). The seven-spot steps of evidence-based practice. Following this progressive, seque ntial approach will lead to improved health care and patient outcome. The American Journal of Nursing, 110(1), 51-53.Pochciol, J. M., & Warren, J. I. (2009). An information technology infrastructure to enable evidence-based nursing practice. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 33(4), 317-324. Ross, J. (2010). Information literacy for evidence-based practice in perianesthesia nurses readiness for evidence-based practice. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 25(2), 64-70. DOI 10.1016/j.jopan.2010.01.007Sciarra, E. (2011). Impacting practice through evidence-based education. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 30(5), 269-275. DOI10.1097/DCC.0b.013e318227738c Tolson, D., Booth, J., & Lowndes, A. (2008). Achieving evidence-based nursing practice impact of the Caledonian development model. Journal of Nursing Management, 16, 682-691. DOI 10.1111/j.1365-2834.2008.00889.xWhitmer, K., Aver, C., Beerman, L., & Weishaupt, L. (2011). Launching evidence-based nursing practice. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, 27(2), E5-E7. DOI 10.1097/NND.0b013e31820eefd2Wolf, Z. R. (2005). Clinical challenges and evidence based nursing practice. The Pennsylvania Nurse, Dec, 20.

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Princess Elizabeth and Descartes Essay

In his book Discourse on Method and Mediations on First Philosophy, Descartes mentioned the melodic theme of the trunk and mind. When Princess Elizabeth read his book, she had many questions to give to Descartes, especially about the mind- organic structure interaction. She said in her letter wrote to Descartes how the soul can determine the spirits of the proboscis to let on voluntary actions. (Elizabeth, 11) They wrote letter to each other to ask questions and to answer each others questions. As we read along the letter, we can see the questions and answers of both(prenominal) Elizabeth and Descartes are irresistible.Descartes pointed his theoretical points that This I that is, the soul, by which I am what I am, is entirely distinct from the body and would not fail to be what it is even if the body did not exist. (Descartes) In his explanation, Descartes believed that mind and body are all together. When the mind thinks, it makes the soul reacts as its thought. That is why the theory enters society I think therefore, I am. (Descartes) After reading that theory, Elizabeth responded that I beseech you tell me how the soul of man (since it is but a thinking substance) can determine the spirits of the body to resurrect voluntary actions. (Elizabeth, 11)She was questioning about how the mind-body can work together and act voluntarily, according to Descartess theoretical point. She also explained how she comes up with this question You entirely squirt extension from your notion of the soul, and contact seems to me incompatible with an immaterial thing. That is why I ask of you a definition of the soul more particular than in your metaphysics that is to say, for a definition of the substance separate from its action, thought. (Elizabeth, 12) Then, on May 21, 1643, Descartes wrote back to her to answer her question that he found three naive notions which can answer her question. The beginning thing he mentioned was the body. He said that the body is the scarce notion of extension which refer to everything we can conceive. (Descartes, 13)Secondly, he referred to the soul which are comprised the perceptions of the understanding and the inclinations of the will. (Descartes, 13) Lastly, he mentioned the soul and the body when it goes together. He said the force f the soul for moving the body, and of the body for acting upon the soul by causing its feelings and passions. (Descartes, 13) Descartes gave three primitive notions body, soul, body and soul in his explanation of dualism. He said that the soul is responsible for understanding the will and the force of the soul will cause the body to act since the body can conceive everything. Notwithstanding, Elizabeth responded that it would be easier for me to concede proposition and extension to the soul, than the capacity of moving a body and of being moved, to an immaterial being.For the first occurred through information, the spirits that perform the movement would have been intell igent, which you accord nothing corporeal. And though in your metaphysical meditations you show the possibility of the second, it is, however, very concentrated to comprehend that a soul, as you have described it, after having had the faculty and habit of reasoning well, can lose all of it on account of many vapors (Elizabeth, 16) In general, the entire conversation between Descartes and Princess Elizabeth is talking about the mind-body dualism.Princess Elizabeth keeps asking question about the mind and body correspondence no matter how Descartes tried to explain. For her question to Descartes, Descartes explained by listing three primitive notions soul, body, soul-body but it still does not make Princess Elizabeth fully satisfy. In my opinion, Descartess answer for Princess Elizabeths question is adequate. He explained the mind-body correspondence clearly through his theoretical point of primitive notions of soul, body and soul-body.Each of them has their own part in making the b ody to produce voluntary actions. In his explanation, he said that the body can conceive everything and the soul comprehends things to make the body reacts. I think it makes sense. Our body is the cabal between mind and body. Without the thinking and understanding of the soul, the body cannot perform and vice versa. Mind-body is a perfect combination to create human and their sensation.Thus, his point of view I think therefore, I am is a perfect answer for Elizabeths question. Because of the thinking mind, the body can perform what the mind is thinking. On the other hand, if the body does not conceive what it sees, the mind cannot control the body to act. Both of them have to co-ordinate with each other to construct sensation and from sensation, it constructs human with action. Not only that, the combination of mind and body is helping people to differentiate the right and the wrong.

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Money Brings Happiness?

Name Nguy? n Th? Thu Hi? n Class Lu? t anh 2 Homework Many pepple think that funds brings happiness. Do you go for with them. Why or why not? Essay Does money bring happiness? This is the header that everyone has the different answers. I agree with many muckle about money brings happiness. Money answers we confirm material comforts and spiritual joy. In fact, if we have no money, we lott buy goods, clothes, and other necessaries which we need. If we have a lot of money, we burn improve our spiritual activities easily.We give notice go to the movies every weekend, and we tin can buy any expensive gifts for the people who we love. Money helps the poor have a will-fed life. For the rich, money helps them have pure happiness beca wasting disease they can help the poor and the victims of the disasters. It is said that Money is the root of all evil. No, it is not true. Money is normally the fruit of labour. The question is how one spends that money. There is nothing good or ev il about money. The same money which can help bring relief to the suffering millions, can be used to build up armaments.The personnel decides how to spend the money. - In summary, the money brings happiness only when we use it properly. The right use of money whitethorn bring us a comfortable life and a cheerful heart. Ng? c however? i Nguy? n Being poor can certainly bring unhappiness, but having money does not guarantee happiness. Some people assume that because extreme poverty brings extreme unhappiness that the opposite must(prenominal) be true. It is not. There are a lot of very unhappy very rich people.Acquiring money can too easily become the center of lifes focus and that can become an stalkion. Like about obsessions, its not a good thing. The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. That seems to be a universal truth. When you love money more than anything else in life you will find that you can never get enough of it. When life only revolves a round getting money you start to obsess over what it can bring you and then you lose any chance of happiness. - The happiest people I spot are not the richest.They are the people who have learned to be happy with what they have and make the most of life. I have seen people made deeply miserable by poverty, but at the same time I have seen relatively poor people who are happy because they have a positive and thankful attitude about life. Nguyen Khac Hoang We are living in the 21th century, when many bran-new inventions have discovered. As far as I know, one of them, which has big influence over the valet is internet. So do you wonder Why do they like to use the Internet? The internet endlessly brings a better life.In fact, without internet people are alive and still exist but nonexistence can deny the benefits of the it. Firstly, its a source of culture. People can get the latest information about weather forecast, daily events all around the gentlemans gentleman. at any ti me as well. Before the Internet was invented, people cant get the information as fast as now, they must watch TV programs, buy newspapers or magazines. Thanks to Internet, we can widen our knowledge in an inexpensive and convenient way. Secondly, Internet is a source of entertainment. If y feel tired of bored, y can listen to music or watch any films y like.Moreover, many people like to chat up games on the Internet because they are very interesting, wonderful and this doesnt cost as much. You can similarly communicate with friends or ralatives by pisseds of e-mail or chatting. Thirdly, Internet is a good mean of education. Teachers can teach on the Internet. Students can find various kinds of tests to do. In addition, they now can use the Internet as a time saving decide by online schools or online lessons. In conclusion, almost every aspect of our life is concerned with the Internet. Its a wonderful invention of our modern life. It makes our world a small village.

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Immigration Essay

Annie Moore the first immigrant to ever go through Ellis Island back when it was first opened. afterwards being accepted and given the rectify to stay and live in the United States she stayed in bleak York whither thither was a large hub of Irish immigrants just as herself. After being the first of legion(predicate) to go through the gates at Ellis Island. Supposedly at that place were around 4 million otherwise Irish folks who left their shores in Ireland to New York. So when she arrived at 1 7 historic period of age with her brothers Anthony and Philip and her went looking for their parents who were already here at the conviction.As she spent more time living there she became more and more American and at one point a citizen. After the 19th Amendment was ratified she was thus allowed to voter turnout. All of the women of the United States couldnt be happier, they were finally given what they had fought for, for a very long time. alcoholic drink and its abolition was a very classic matter at the time. People were all debating whether to get rid of it or too keep it. She then later campaigned for the abolition of alcohol because she was now able to vote she decided to make her vote count on and voted for the abolition of alcohol and it later was abolished.The problem was that since people lifelessness wanted it badly a filthy market for it began and it was the beginning of organized crime. Later as she grew fourth-year she got married and the city at the time was very overcrowded and the living conditions werent the greatest but they had to cope with it because there was no where else they could live. Also drop deading in the factory that was located on the other side of townsfolk she had to travel a lot to work everyday. Not only that but the conditions of work were horrid. The employers didnt care close to their well-being just about the commerce being done.Immigration EssayAnnie Moore the 1st immigrant to ever go through Ellis Island b ack when it was first opened. After being accepted and given the right to stay and live in the United States she stayed in New York where there was a large hub of Irish immigrants just as herself. After being the first of many to go through the gates at Ellis Island. Supposedly there were around 4 million other Irish folks who left their shores in Ireland to New York. So when she arrived at 1 7 years of age with her brothers Anthony and Philip and her went looking for their parents who were already here at the time.As she spent more time living there she became more and more American and at one point a citizen. After the 19th Amendment was ratified she was then allowed to vote. All of the women of the United States couldnt be happier, they were finally given what they had fought for, for a very long time. Alcohol and its abolition was a very important matter at the time. People were all debating whether to get rid of it or too keep it. She then later campaigned for the abolition of alcohol because she was now able to vote she decided to make her vote count and voted for the abolition of alcohol and it later was abolished.The problem was that since people still wanted it badly a black market for it began and it was the beginning of organized crime. Later as she grew older she got married and the city at the time was very overcrowded and the living conditions werent the greatest but they had to cope with it because there was no where else they could live. Also working in the factory that was located on the other side of town she had to travel a lot to work everyday. Not only that but the conditions of work were horrid. The employers didnt care about their well-being just about the job being done.

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Amtrack Case Study

In the given Amtrack case study provided, which involved a train in an accident that caused forty seven deaths can be perceived as an ethical issue that is establish on whom to blame on some situation which arise and uncertain.The ethical issue lie on who to blame among the main stakeholders, where the main stakeholders in this situation include the engineers, the national transportation prophylactic board, theatre director and assistant conductor CSX transportation system Inc and withal WGN go with.The main determination makers in the case include the media, the coupled States government and also the National Transportation Safety Board.The Amrack company had a encourage neighborly debt instrument of ensuring that it stird the social welf ar of the community in which its operated a part from the benefits that it got from its operations.The company had a cooperate obligation of following the legal procedures which atomic number 18 set by the relevant authorities in ensuri ng improved social welf be of the community (Loudon, 1986).For example the company was evaluate to adhere to the measures which were set by National Transportation Safety Board in alter the passengers safety when on board, but the company otherwise refractory non to follow the rules by not equipping the train with the sensor which was meant to detect the bridge damages.The company may have also perceived the equipping of the train with the sensor as a represent which was meant to make them loose economically, therefore decided to do without the device at the expense of endangering the passengers lives.The company also has a cooperate social responsibility in protecting the valet de chambre lives on board, which it traded by not fixing the sensor to the train implying that they valued money more than tender lives.Philanthropy is another social cooperate responsibility that involves the donating an aid to a charitable cause in improving the welfare of the community that a compa ny is in operation(p) in, and this should depend on the wealth level of the donating company.Law provides a initiation for an ethical decision on the legal, economic, ethical and philanthropic issues of cooperate social responsibility. Law provide that the companies should adhere to the set standards of operating which are intended to improve the welfare of the community and this include the rules for the protection of humanity and the environment.The companies are necessitateed to observe some safety measure during their operation to ensure that the participates in their operation, both the workers and the users of their products are safe.The right also provide that companies are expected to instill the safety measures despite the cost of implementing the safety measures. Companies are likely to avoid taking some safety measures because of the costs involved in the implementation, therefore legal philosophy is meant to ensure that the safety measures are in place.Companies are certain to value profits more than the human lives therefore posing an ethical problem (Bentham, 2007). Law is needed in protecting humanity because it entrust ensure that companies are protecting humanity despite their much interest in profit maximization.Most cooperation are profit maximizing and for that reason they do not like spending in charitable activities toward the cash advance of the community welfare as a cooperate social responsibility, otherwise they perceive the donations as a waste of resources.This situation call for the act of law to ensure that the companies provide for charitable activities aimed at improving the welfare of the community in which they operate in so as so make their operations reflective of the partnership in which they operate in (Hess and Bales, 2007).Law is therefore meant to make them contribute to charitable activities in proportion to the companies wealth, hence the promotion of philanthropy.Conclusion and Recommendations.From the Amtrac k case study, the main ethical issue is the conflicting interests in society which gave an opportunity for the occurrence of the accident. The Amtrack company is concern with lowering its operating costs at the expense of human safety who use the company train. The National transport safety board is also concerned with the safety of the passengers.Due to the conflicting interests in the society as portrayed in the case, there occurs the need for having set rules which are meant to cater for the interests of all persons in society.The rules which are part of the country of the countrys law should be set in a manner in which all the parties interest are considered and judgement made on the basis of mutual benefits.The positive implication of the recommendation is that order will be restored in society as everybody will be expected to behave in a manner in which is expected to promote the common good of everybody. The negative implication of the recommendation is that some entities in societies will feel inhibit in achieved their interest at the expense of the other entities welfare.The possible criticism over the recommendation is that, it is embarrassing to exactly draws a balance over interests because the interest of individuals are varied thus a unattainable.The outperform possible way to address the criticism is to make a judgement based on the assumption that one is expected to behave in manner in which he or she may expect to be treated when in a situation like that of his or her neighbor in promoting the general happiness.ReferenceBentham J., 2007, An Introduction to the Principals of Moral and Legislation, Dover Pubns, pp 14 Loudon M., 1986, Philanthropic Economy, E. Churton, pp 13 Hess A. and Bales J., 2007, Design Professional and Constarctive Manager Law, American Bar Association, pp 28

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Luxury Goods in Hong Kong, China Essay

lavishness goods experienced a slowdown in current value growth for 2012 against 2011, largely attributed by the unstable economic conditions brought about by the 2011 Euro crisis as well as the slowing down of the Chinese economy. mend consumers sentiments were still relatively strong, spending continued to tilt towards a more cautious end. Depreciation of Euros too saw more consumers heading to Hong Kong for holidays and in turn purchasing luxury goods from there to take service of the.Euromonitor Internationals high life Goods in Hong Kong, China level offers a comprehensive guide to the coat and shape of the luxuriousness Goods market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to account the sectors ride growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market and their effects on Luxury Goods retailing along with the development of consumers shopping patterns. F orecasts to 2017 illustrate how the market is set to change.Buy a reveal Copy http//www.rnrmarketresearch.com/contacts/purchase?rname=88087.Product coverage Designer Apparel (Ready-to-Wear), Fine Wines/Champagne and Spirits, Luxury Accessories, Luxury Cigars, Luxury Electronic Gadgets, Luxury Jewellery and Timepieces, Luxury Travel Goods, Luxury Writing Instruments and Stationery, Super allowance Beauty and Personal Care.Data coverage market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.Why buy this report? Get a detailed picture of the Luxury Goods market Pinpoint growth sectors and identify factors driving change Understand the competitive environment, the markets major players and leading brands

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The Different Between Thai and American Wedding

The word marriage throughout the world has always been a symbol of unity mingled with humans. Marriage represents in many ways the celebration of happiness for all pot of several(predicate) backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. When we human face across the globe, we realize that in each place around the world marriages has its own traditional get hitched with. What ar the weddings traditional in two different cultures? For example, Thai and American weddings have customs and traditions that argon different in many ways.Initially, in traditional Thai weddings or marriages, an arrange marriage by a matchmaker or m adepty dowries to future in-laws are considered the norm. In American weddings, two people impinge on in love and then a wedding is planned. In contrast, the Thai groomsmens families must withstand a dowry to the family of the bride. This arrangement is to guarantee a brides social and financial future leave behind be protected and secured. Next, within American weddi ngs religion has played the biggest role in how marriages are performed.For instance, Catholic wedding ceremonies are traditionally united in a church or place of worship, or may be married by an ordained priest outside of church. Many Thai people practice Buddhism, and in many Thai traditional wedding ceremonies, they are conducted in the presence of monk. Finally, wedding shows are also common in both American and Thai weddings. The difference is in the kinds of gifts that are received.In the Thai custom, the bride and groomsman will typically present each other with a small gift and gifts that were given in cash by guests are placed in envelopes and then brought to a wishing well. In the American custom, wedding gifts are a way to help the couples set up their in the buff home together. In conclusion, many people around the world have traditions really different from one culture to another. Nevertheless, marriages are considered a happy and most joyous occasion no matter where you are at in the world.

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Proposal Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Proposal Argument - Essay ExampleThe family healer acknowledges that there is a diversity of family forms, such as nuclear, extended, cohabitation and same-sex, to name a few. It is also acknowledged that the diametrical forms a family all(prenominal) have inherent strengths and weaknesses. Hence, the family therapist emphasises interventions that facilitate individuals to form social couples and households, or family groups. It is the subscribe of the family therapist to assist with relational development within the couple or household, and to support the knowledge of unsanded ways to problem-solve. As a gentle service worker professional, the family therapist does not discriminate on grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and religion or health status. To enable effective and efficient intervention, the family therapist ineluctably to adhere to a theory that reflects their personal therapeutic philosophy.The social construction framework is useful to human service workers in the fields of family therapy and psychotherapy in that it allows practitioners to investigate and empower clients origination of meaningful understandings of themselves and the wider world (Swann, 1999). The framework focuses on the key influences of sociocultural forces and the environmental context of human understanding, learning and accumulation of knowledge. Within family therapy this theory provides the therapist with a powerful ability to draw family members away from blaming each other for their behaviors, and placing these behaviors within a larger sociocultural context. For example, the Western values of independence, competition and profit modify to the family to place pressure on their son to find gainful employment and to do better in life than what they have. In turn, the son has felt misunderstood, isolated and unable to achieve due to constant failures and has elect to drop out of society. Now living

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Federalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Federalism - Essay ExampleAs Washington D.C. continues to come up with laws and regulations to deal the entire nation without engaging in much consultation with the realms governances, the state legislators have voiced their discomfited for failing to be included in the process and have done this by introducing bills that seek to strike down some of the national governments laws and regulations. State regulators claim that the national government has engaged in overregulation and have decided not to sit back and watch. The year 2014 marks the achievement when in that respect has been an plosion of bills and this has aggravated the conflict between the national government and state governments further (Wheeler, States Rise Up). receivable to the fact that federalism involves a nation being ruled by two forms of government or there being power sharing, conflicts are bound to emerge. In the second article, conflict between the national government and state governments over the i ssue of drug approval is discussed. An example of two terminally ill patients from the state of Massachusetts and who are brothers is given (Ollove, Right-To-Try). The boys suffer from a disease known as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. out-of-pocket to lack of proper medication, the boys conditions have continued to deteriorate. This is despite the fact that the right medication can be made available, if the national government revised its drug approval process.In the United States, it takes approximately 5.5 to 10.5 geezerhood for a drug to be approved by the FDA (Ollove, Right-To-Try). This is rather long especially given that the period is long enough for the health conditions of patients to deteriorate further and for the unfortunate ones, to never make it to receive the medication. This is the causal agency behind the conflict over right-to-try between state governments and the national government. States

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Characteristics of the Modern Theories of International Trade Research Paper

Characteristics of the Modern Theories of International Trade - Research Paper ExampleHeckscher-Ohlin theory outlines the reasons for look at between countries based on the differences in resources. Comparative advantage in this case is dependent on the interaction between resources available in a certain earth. According to this theory, the production technology influences coitus intensity in utilization of divergent production factors. The theory presumes some factors in production of different goods and the implications when two countries involved in art produce similar items (Gandolfo 1-98).This theorem explains the trade patterns with emphasis on variability of quality defining the variation in requirements. This theory has enhanced specialization where a country exports products that it dismiss produce rather than the products that are unsuitable for production. As a result, the countries involved will benefit from the trade within the international business environment ( Gandolfo 1-98).The theory outlines two factors influencing the distribution of income. Firstly, immediate transfer of resources from a country without costs is impossible. Secondly, the difference in changes of production mix in relation to the production factors hire varies depending on theindustry. Another characteristic of the theory is that it points out that capital and territory are examples of specific factors, magic spell labor acts as a mobile factor (Gandolfo 1-98).In modern business environment, any country with less land and high capital abundance is characterized by an increase in the manufactured goods and decrease in the food products because of the increase in the marginal productivity. Two countries in trade partnership flummox an integrated economy, and failure of one country to trade translates to equality in rate of production and uptake (Gandolfo 1-98).This theory outlines curve of relative supply that results from production possibility. On the other hand, the theory

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Developing and Managing Performance (Organisation Essay - 1

Developing and Managing Performance (Organisation - Essay ExampleOver the years, there has been a plug of attention given on doing management and development with the demand for thorough information cosmos actually intensified with the economic downfall. Human resources specialists have toiled to make sure that they keenly evaluate performance between relevant and fair measures putting most of their focus and efforts on essential aspects of any business. Essentially, the polar efforts have circled around making sure that the processes are similar in temperament with the requirements of a ever-changing breed of line manager, stream line the systems that are paper based and facilitate admittance by means of media. Nonetheless, most of the human resource strategies that have more father are also focused in ensuring that managing the performance conveys in an environment where the evolution of numbers and effect on organizational brand and renewing is based on the ways of the busi ness success.Concurrently, the report focuses on evaluating the challenges an organization may incur in putting it into place a performance and reward strategy using knowledge of the results past result studies and theories from different specialists on the field but mostly on human resources. Currently, the nature of work is alter with diverse organizations and corporations operating in more of a specialized network that is also flexible and innate(p) basically, the frequency of strategic piece of musicnering arrangements between organizations increasing the need for management relationships to be managed beyond the organization and consequently further work is required.On the other hand, reward systems are also a critical part of any organizations design and how well they are compatible with the rest of the systems has an equal effect on to what achievement they will be effectual and also on the quality of life that people will experience in the organization. There have been new reward systems practices

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Religion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Religion - Assignment ExampleThe weight is very much aquiline on the experiential dimension of the religion. The experience that one has with a given religion post ensconce the way the religion is perceived. Even non believers have a time in their demeanor when they have a spiritual experience.The more experiences that happen will amount to a higher belief. Humans have the movement to believe what they see or experience. The ability to experience can fill the need one may have. A strong relationship allows the one seeking the relationship to focus their life around the experience. This can allow the weight of the rational side of religion to be equal to the experience.Being conscious allows existence to see and believe. Seeing and believing are very important parts of being able to timbre while being conscious. When it comes to religion, it is important to be able to consciously know that there is something there that the single(a) can have a relationship with. This relation ship can change ones life and be obtained consciously and

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UK Government Policy Relating to the Human Right Essay

UK Government Policy Relating to the Human Right - Essay voiceThe study has found that the UK government has been able to evolve its disability policy in order to seemly the changing need of the time in the light of globalization. The theoretical analysis of the impact of globalization on dibbled people has found that globalization has various negative effects on disables people in harm of employment status, income, education, etc. At the time of evaluating the practical issues relating to the effectiveness of the chosen policy in redressing the occupation of incapacitate people, it has been found that despite making improvements in overall status of disabled people of the country, the disabled people is unruffled lagging behind others. The concept of equal rights has non materialized in practice. As the shroud declares disability has been brought to focus in the global agenda currently which is a socio-cultural issue that remained in the placement line always. It is often mi staken with other two terms handicap and impairment. These terms were used to select a perception from the diagnostic angle. These terms often misguided the policy makers to take any necessitate policy-making action or for any other practical use. The streng whereforeing of the rights of disability in capital Britain by the Disability Rights Commission has been better professed as a changeover towards achievement of social, cultural and sparing rights and so as an act of affirming the incapability of dissolving the human rights. As such, that procedure of growth represented a tangible work out in the accomplishment of communal rights by a perfect equality body and a momentous step towards the outset of disability rights as worldwide contribution, not just personage but marginal group privilege. This paper considered the distinguishing features of that demanding activity. From the exacting knowledge of DRC, the paper looked before to considerations of broad significance to e xtra such bodies, together with the new Equality and Human privileges Commission. (Office of Disability Issues, 2010 Yeates, 2008) In April 2000, DRC was established which manifest the foremost institutional disclosure of equality in Great Britain. The CRE and EOC were there since the spunk of 1970s. Lots of changes happened in the intermediate period and there was an air of change in the three social, political and legislative policies The Race relation Act of 2001 introduced a new optimistic race obligation for the human race sector in order to give consequence to the proposal of Stephen Lawrence inquiry. (De Haan, 2007 Yeates & Holden, 2009 Lavalette and Pratt, 2005) The Human Rights Act of 1998 was owing then to come into force on October 2000. A lot of the key necessities of the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 were still to be phased incrementally as well

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Gender Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Gender Relations - Essay ExampleHowever, the pain of the sacrifice is surplus on their faces. Women, on the other hand, sacrifice with a glow on their countenance. They have the creativity and the energy to withstand drought to the maximum extent and make food out of whatever sources available (Eldridge, Christopher, p2).Flood, drought and paucity have struck all countries across the globe. The evidence of famine is scripted in the quaint texts and millions died in those days in the absence of effective communication and fast transportation available forthwith (Dreze, Jean and Sen, Amartya 1989). However, one must give thought to accounts of heroism and endurance that never-say-die men and women exercised to hold up those events. Small remnants of brave men and women survived to carry on with life and challenges they overcame to script their experiences with future generations.The threat of thirstiness may or may not be an isolated incident. There are those that experience presbyopicing as a daily challenge. In the ancient days, a lot depended on the ruling break up on the extent of ache in their land. If rulers were benevolent, people experienced prosperity and thrived with only fleeting acknowledgement of hunger. However, if rulers were exacting and impersonal large number of people below the scantness line came in grips with the pangs of hunger.This particular was man-made. But one learnt to live with it. ... However, if rulers were exacting and impersonal large number of people below the poverty line came in grips with the pangs of hunger.This situation was man-made. But one learnt to live with it. It was only a matter of option to live another day. There was no shortage of food as such. Life went on although the misgiving of where the food was to come from faced the hungry segment of the population. Nonetheless, even hungry people got their needs met long enough to survive.To the hungry, it mattered little if the cause of hunger was man-ma de or an act of God. The challenge of survival presented a test that sometimes was overcome and other times meant defeat (Barraclough, Solon L 1991).The scourge of famine continues to haunt large swathes of regions in Africa and Asia. These regions have witnessed famine owing to myriad reasons chiefly uncertain rains, profuse floods or crop failures due to absence of rains. Apart from natural causes, the phenomena of famine exists owing to socio-economic failures, unstable semipolitical conditions, lumpen environment, and other factors that contribute to continuance of famine conditions that lack education and trigger contingencies (Bryceson, Deborah Fahy 2006).The gender that does cave inIt is difficult to pinpoint a particular gender did better than the other although natural indications point to women as better managers of hunger. By and large, women are endowed with better resilience and determination to scrape through periods of hunger irrespective of their cause. In Banglad esh which experienced famine in the 1970s, it was women who were organizationally entrusted to fight famine through association empowerment and other material means (Dreze, Jean and Sen,