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Sustainability Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Sustainability - engagement ExampleWood is a natural resource which toilette exist freely or by the influence of human activities. In Italy, there is a greater increasing demand for woodwind, which has seen the resource be sort for from other countries. Basically, wood is uptaked in Italy for various purposes including electrical power generation, co-fire with coal, and heating in homes, commercial enterprises and institution. This project is aimed at ensuring that wood becomes a sustainable resource in Italy through best and ethical uses and business practices. It will besides look at some of the corporate social responsibilities that the businesses and companies of Italy can involve in, in-order to make wood a sustainable resource for the future generations. The project will also touch on the effects of wood to the environment and how such can be controlled to enable the doing of a sustainable wood condition in Italy.Wood is a natural resource that grows naturally, scarce can also be domesticated. Wood grows to make a forest, where the forest is now formed by a group of wood. The natural resource is used for various purposes including the use as fuel as well as the use as a building material, electricity generation, heating up populate and so many other uses. In Italy, wood has always been used for such purposes as mentioned above. The use of wood has been seen to be on a higher increase, beginning from the traditional uses of wood in Italy. Traditionally, wood was used to make furniture, construct structures such as houses and to make sculptors (Bob, 2011 pg. 1-4). During this period, there were a lot of trees that would pass on the particular types of wood that were needed for such purposes. People never used to scramble for the resource collectable to its sufficient availability and occurrence in the land. Considering that the population was not so high and there was plenty of

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Is God a Man or a Woman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Is perfection a Man or a Woman - Essay ExampleThe Upanishadic texts (like whatsoever of the earlier Vedic texts) are primarily concerned with acquiring knowledge of the soul, spirit and idol. The Upanishadic concept of perfection was abstract and philosophical. Different Upanishadic texts postulated the doctrine of an Universal Soul that embraced all physical beings. alone life emanated from this universal soul and death simply caused individual manifestations of the soul to merge or mix up back with the universal soul.. The Hindu philosophy of the Atman and Paramatman finds its basis from this scientific concept.As a corollary to this theory emerged the theory that even as individual beings might refer to this universal soul - i.e. God in change ways - by using different names and different methods of worship - all living beings were til now related to each other and to the universal God, and capable of merging with the universal theology. Such an approach was non incompa tible with secular society, and permitted different faiths and sub-faiths to coexist in relative peace and harmony.In the course of delimit their philosophy, the scholars of the Upanishad period raised several questions that challenged mechanical theism (as was also done in some hymns from the Rig Veda and Atharva Veda). If God existed as the unique creator of the world, they wondered who created this unique creator. The logical pursuit of such a line of skeptical could either lead to an infinite series of creators, or to the rejection or abandonment of this line of questioning. The common theistical solution to this philosophical dilemma was to simply reject logic and demand unquestioning faith on the part of the believer. A few theists attempt to use this contradiction to their own advantage by positing that god existed precisely because He was indescribable by mere mortals. But, by and large, this contradiction was taken very disadvantageously by the philosophers of the Upan ishadic period. The Upanishadic philosophers attempted to resolve this contradiction by defining God as an entity that extended endlessly in all dimensions covering both space and time. This was a philosophical advance in that it attempted to come to terms with at least the most obvious challenges to the notion of god as a human-like creator and did not require the complete rejection of logic.In the very process of their questioning, (and albeit speculative reasoning around god), they had opened the door for rationalists and even outright atheists who took their tentative questioning about the role and the character of God as creator to conclusions that rejected theism entirely. But in either case, many rationalist and/or natural scientist philosophical streams emerged from this initial foundation. Some were nominally theistic (but in the abstract Upanishadic vein), others were agnostic (as the early Jains), temporary hookup the early Buddhists and the Lokayatas were atheists. Bu ddhism, on the other hand is basically a religion of the mind, of the present moment awareness, of guide a virtuous and responsible life, and of the individual who is in search of an answer to the problems of change, impermanence and suffering deep down the confines of his own experience as a practitioner of the Eightfold path. The tenets of Buddhism are not come to around the concept of an universal supreme being, who in other religions, is responsible for

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Madre Teresa de Calcuta Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Madre Teresa de Calcuta - Research Paper ExampleShe was innate(p) on August 27, 1910 in the Republic of Macedonia and was differentiated Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was born in the house of an Albanian grocer (Encyclopdia Britannica, 2010). Her father passed apart when she was only eight years old. She was raised with the love and affection by her mother who induced veracious values in her personality. Even at an early age, she found herself to be very close to divinity fudge and wanted to do whateverthing meaningful with her life. With the vision of serving humanity, she left home at the age of 18 and joined the Sisters of Loreto. Frngsmyr and Abrams (1997) stated that Sisters of Loreto was an Irish community of nuns who trained multitude to serve the people and they had some missions in India at that time. She became a Catholic nun and changed her name from Agnes to Teresa. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center (n.d.) gave the reason of why her name was chosen as Teresa she was nam ed Sister Mary Teresa after St. Thrse of Lisieux.She finish her training in Dublin and was sent to India to practice what she had been taught for the welfare of the people. She took her initial vows in 1931 as a nun and started teaching in a convent school. She remained in the school for around 17 years tho had a greater vision than to only teach children. Sebba (1997) explained that she took her Final Profession of vows in 1937 and finally got the name that is known around the globe Mother Teresa. She used to stay very disturbed regarding the conditions of the poor people in the region and wanted to help them in every possible manner.With the spirit to make her institution useful for others, she applied to ask for permission to work with the poorest communities in the region who had no one to waste care of them. Frngsmyr and Abrams (1997) explained that after the receiving of the permission, she went to the slums of Calcutta, India and opened a small school for the poor

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Web 2.0 and Beyond Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Web 2.0 and beyond - Assignment ExampleGenerally, these technologies were more users friendly and one could learn and at same time cast contribution. One thing which I disliked about these technologies was their lack of privacy.Web 2.0 technologies assimilation has led to both(prenominal) positive and negative impacts in life. One of their advantages is the ease of access of selective information and communication. These technologies submit made information easily accessible from variety of sources. They facilitate interaction at advanced levels through chatting in blogs, everyplace social sites and video conferencing all of which have made communication nowadays more effective and efficient. The of import disadvantage of blade 2.0 technologies is over dependence amongst its users. This means that one is shut down in geek of internet slow down or failure. Furthermore, there is lack of privacy and security of data divided up due to susceptibility of hacking and plagiarism in c ase of literal information. Despite these disadvantages these technologies have currently been utilise in fields like sales and marketing e.g. in second life and many others which have made life better. On the contrary many users have fallen prey to hackers and grown to a fault dependent on the internet. Thus it is inconclusive to state web 2.0 is a breakthrough.Web 3.0refers to a proposed semantic web which leave incorporate personalizations like. iGoogle, intelligent search and behavioral advertising with the objective of turning web into a database. Contrary to the past technologies it is infrastructural based. Web 3.0 exit add more value to users since the technology will be with human capabilities of accurately and precisely determining information required, translating to more relevant information. In addition, this may lead to massive loss of employment since most activities unlike currently will be automated. This will be caused by the human intelligence to be applied i n webs 3.0

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Contemporary Developments in Employment Relations Coursework

Contemporary Developments in Employment Relations - Coursework Example labor party demand on the other hand, consists of the employers who have a need for work to be through, and who offer requital for this work to employees who undertake it (ONS 2014). In normal market operations, the market wage in this case would be determined by the intersection between labour demand and labour supply or the equilibrium. However, the governance intervenes to control wages thus setting minimum wages below which they are not lawfully acceptable. The employed are those who are actively engaged in work and comprised 72.7% of the labour force in March 2014 while the unemployed are those not actively engaged in work except are willing and able to work and are actively engaged in search for a job and are of the required age and the unemployment rate for the same period was 6.8% (ONS, 2014). By December 2013, in that respect were 5.5 million people working in the public sector comprising 18.2% of th ose in employment representing a decrease of 159, 000million workers between September and December 2013. The top three employers included National Health Services (NHS), grooming and public administration.In order to function properly, the labour market needs to be regulated and this is done through the employment law. These regulations include national minimum wage working time maternity/fatherhood leave health and safety race and/or sex discrimination information and consultation still for the sake of this paper we will discuss the national minimum wage and working time. According to the constitution of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rankings, the UK has the least regulated labour market just next to U.S and Canada. However, the industry is much regulated than in the 1960s when collective employment rights ad use of trade unions in negociate terms and conditions was the norm. Employment contracts were unheard of, working time was deregulated, minimum wage restr icted to a particular number of

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Philosophy of law ( movie review ) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Philosophy of law ( movie check ) - Essay ExampleThese were the main areas that they did not want to thrive amidst the Jews in Germany. The Jewish synagogues were burnt to ashes and their children were expelled from school. only if the native religion and culture was to be upheld.The acts of the Nazis apparently relied on the philosophy of commonwealthalism. Nationalism demands that a nation protects its interests and sovereignty with all means possible. Any intruding civilization is treated with inferiority and cruelty. In the causal agent of Night of Broken Glass, nationalism had been exaggerated by its proponents. It was expansionist nationalism, marked with a melodic theme military aggression towards the Jews. Nazism may be justified on the basis of sovereignty and legal community of culture distortion.Whereas the government and the Nazis were strongly supporting nationalism philosophy, a large faction of the natives seemed quite hesitating to act against the Jews. It may b e said that these people were buying into communism a classless produce socialization that enhances unity. Communism, other than preserving unity, protects human dignity and rights, including

Islamic Societies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Islamic Societies - Essay Example spiritual matters are menti sensationd not very often in the text. The main character of the text states that I had covenanted with Allah, be He exalted, since I was of the age of about a score, that I would not delay prayer as for as it was in my power (Chenery, Steingass, 1867/1898, 58). The text concerns itself with such Arabic literature features as protection of persons from sins, prayers among people, oddly poor. The text contradicts to description of such a moment in the piece of reading when the events take give on the slaves market which is located in the city of Zabid, Yemen. The Arabic literature states that the Prophet Muhammad was the first bomber against the slavery. This piece of text belongs to the type of maqama a prose which is rhymed and something between fiction and non-fiction. As this type of physical composition tackles different subjects within the text, the subjects of it are religious matters protection from sins, pray ers, and description of slavery, a contradictory point to the Arabic literature.The second reading source, Irwins The Penguin Anthology of Classical Arabic Literature, also has religious issues. There is an sheath in the text when the Prophet is referred to Bless Mohammed, the last of Thy prophets for ever, him that came thy message to deliver Bless the lights of his family and Keys of his victory (Irwin, 2006, 190). This reference source provides evidence of efflorescence of the Arabic literature. Such poet as Omar Khayyam is reasonably considered the most prominent one in the Arabic literature. His most famous book, Rubaiyat, describes the things that are far from the Islamic religion norms and restrictions, and he is considered to be the supporter of hedonism. Another bright example of the Arabic literature is One thousand and One Nights, a collection of South

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Analyse the impact of a range of contextual influences on classroom Essay

Analyse the impact of a range of contextual influences on classroom processes - Essay ExampleTo effect learning, a teacher prepares for her cursory lesson from the motivation or preliminary activity to make students relate prior knowledge to new concepts some to be learned to the evaluation or assessment of students learning either through paper and pencil exercises or performance-based activities for better retention of concepts. Classroom Man seasonment, on the other hand, refers to the set of strategies that teachers and students use to ensure a productive, harmonious learning environment to prevent disruptions in the learning process, (Rothstein-Fisch, and Trumbull, 2008, p. 2). Finally, Instruction refers to orchestration of student learning.The atomic number 42 part of classroom processes is student behaviour which comprises of the actions a student would make in the classroom which highlights genius important variable which is Academic Learning Time the time spent for le arning tasks (Huitt, 2003, p. 5).Other variables which cut the classroom processes include home, peer groups, community, religious institutions, society, culture, and inter home(a) conditions. Variables related to home involves educational levels of parents, socio-economic status, age and married status, and other variables including educational materials and equipment in the home like books, magazine, computer technology, etc. (Huitt, 2003, p. 8)Other important context subcategories include the community its location, emphasis on education, peer groups the society emerging TV/Films state and national policies- laws, programs, and funding the culture prevailing values, language, art, music, etc.), and international/global conditions knowledge explosion or information age movement (Huitt, 1995 as cited in Huitt, 2003, p. 9).To further illustrate how cultural diversity works at students advantage, take on a social studies class, for instance. For students to have a full grasp of any concept of war, they have to be situated in a context either direct

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Hopis Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hopis Anthropology - Essay ExampleConsequently, the view on the Hopi peoples origin is also a major question that is to be sought. The subject is relevant especially in the contemporary society since an academic study of past events and the origin of humanity are critical in enhancing cohesiveness. Hopi people should understand their past dealings and origin to pragmatically define their future. Anthropology enables individuals to establish the meaning of the archaeologic sites and cultural practices thus enables them to nurture the practices (Kuwanwisiwma, 161). The key perspectives of the subject appertains to enhancing understanding of the Hopi people on their origin, the significance of the archaeologic artifacts, ancestral sites and cultural practices. This is to avoid erosion of their social and cultural heritage that contributes in enhancing mutual coexistence. However, critics equate the understanding and advancement of past dealings asserting that the practices are part o f the old order that does not hold relevance in this century. As noted, Hopi immigrants originated from Sipaapani (place of emergence) and travelled buried and lived in Hopistutskwa-Hopiland with their ancestors. The cultural landscape of the vicinity is identified by landforms that hold great association with deities. The landscape also holds historical events, rivers, springs, shrines and the Itakuku as termed by the Hopi people that mean our footprints (Ferguson & Roger, 99). It is imperative to note that the cultural sites and events were crucial in executing traditional rituals including ceremonies. The footprints that take on the pottery, stone tools, the ruins of former settlements and diverse artifacts are significant monuments that present undisputed proof of ancestral migration.

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BUSINESS LAW(All contractual terms are either categorised as Essay

calling LAW(All contractual terms are either categorised as conditions or warranties. How true is this statement Discuss, with indication to case justice. ) - Essay ExampleThere ought to be a consideration that will pass give once the promises of the contract have been fulfilled. Finally, the agreement should be non violate the laws of the land. For example, it would be illegal to give in into an agreement of drug trafficking. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, the agreement becomes a contract that can be apply by the court of law.2 As such, all contractual terms are either categorized as conditions or warrantiesTerms of contracts are promises or statements made by one person to another in order to encourage him to enter into a contract.3They comprise of duties and responsibilities of the parties to a contract. The terms may be articulate or implied. The parties themselves put down express terms, either in writing or verbally. In a writ ten-spot contract, any statemen t is an explicit term of the contract. An example is in Duffy & Ors v. Newcastle United Football Co. Ltd. (2000). The law from the actions or intentions of the parties infers implied terms of a contract. Shirlaw v Southern Foundries 1939 is a good example of a occurrence where terms of the contract were implied. In the case, the claimant was hired as a managing director for a term of ten years. Later the defendant altered the articles of association giving the company the power to remove directors. The firm open fire the claimant before the end of his ten years contract. The court held that when signing the employment contract there was an self-assertion that the company would not remove the managing director from his position during the term of the contract. Another assumption was that the enterprise would not alter the articles of association to give it the right to fire the managing director.A condition is a term of a contract that goes to the root of the contract. Failure to honour a conditional term renders an agreement very polar from the original one. Hence, conditions are the essential terms of a contract.4 Due to their

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Morality, Ethics & Human Behavior and Determining Moral Behavior Essay

Morality, ethical motive & Human Behavior and Determining Moral Behavior - Essay ExampleThese rules ar applicable for a single class of human action like political ethics, social ethics and medical ethics. determine are the set ethical ideals which are being created before developing an ethical program (ERC, 2009). A persons value system helps to built example beliefs, indeedce they are integral component part of ethical system.Ethical systems are moral theories or philosophies through which one approaches toward making moral decision. These approaches are universal and can be divided into certain categories like Utilitarianism and Deontology.All these ethical systems follow smashed rules and they are highly regulated these systems are reliable and dependable for asserting moral behavior, they reflect moral thoughts and they are logically impartial (universal), they does not have any value until and unless they are employed thus they not self-servicing.Both teleological and deo ntological systems are the two most common theories which provide conflicting react regarding morality. Teleological system takes into account result of the act. Thus consequence of an action is taken into consideration composition making decision, in spite of the intention behind the act. Deontological system takes nature of the act into consideration bit judging an act, thus they are duty based. If intention behind a decision is morally correct, then what ever be the outcome, it will be considered as a moral decision (White,

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Overview on coral reef re-plantation in X-Sea port area Essay

Overview on coral take down re-plantation in X-Sea port area - Essay ExampleIn many parts of the world, the coral state has undergone a massive reduction due to various human factors. The health of the coral reefs has been steadily declining oer the past few decades. Environmental pollution and rampant destructive fishing practices abuse the delicate corals. Nutrients oozy into the sea from agricultural areas cause the algae in the sea to increase in volume. This causes smothering of the corals and leads to fall down in size of coral reefs. Quite recently, the decrease in the coral populations has been attributed to a dozen or more deceases that attack corals. Many of these diseases were unknown until recently.Coral reefs have also been affected by bleaching. Bleaching is the soil or loss of symbiotic zooxanthellae. In 1979 and 1980, several incidents of coral bleaching occurred at reefs around Okinawa, Easter Island, nor-east Australia, and the Caribbean Sea. Outbreaks of ble aching also occurred in 1982 and 1983, including reefs off east Africa, Indonesia, and the west coast of Central and South America, and from 1986 to 1988 in areas much(prenominal) as Taiwan, Hawaii, Fiji, Mayotte Island, and the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef. The most extensive bleaching episode ever put down occurred in 1998 and affected reefs in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Caribbean Sea. In some areas vitamin C percent of the corals were bleached and more than 70 percent of the corals died. (Smith 2003)Taking the rapidly declining coral population and the exposure of corals various measure are being taken in many countries to prevent further damage to the corals. Some of these steps include strict vigilance on fishing practices, artificial plantation of corals and so on Methods of coral community rehabilitation included coral transplantation and translocation, reattachment of coral fragments, providing artificial substrata, coral cult ivation, saloon measures, and mitigation of damaged coral reefs. (Yeemin No

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David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper Movie Review

David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper - Movie Review ExampleThe film is impressive in showing the inconsistencies among final solution evinces. The presentation of the Soviets and Polishs version of the Holocaust story is done in a logical manner. The new information David Cole gathers from the tour depict and Dr. Piper are, then, placed side by side with past evidences. As a viewer, it was easy for me to honour what David Cole is trying to tell without getting lost in the different sets of evidence presented. David Cole uses evidence from books and photographs that seem to contradict what Dr. Piper and the tour guide say about the camp.In addition, the film allows audiences to symbolise the Holocaust story in their own. David Cole does not force the audience to believe in his theory, only if he allows the evidence to speak for itself. He offers a new interpretation of Holocaust evidence and, thus, provides a new twist to the Holocaust story. After viewing the film, I real ized that there is a pass around more to investigate in the Holocaust story. It is important to get the facts straight since history itself is at

Aircraft Fleet Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Aircraft Fleet Planning - Essay frameworkUnderstanding the fundamentals of all these factors argon essential to successfully managing the operations of an air passage (The Global airline industry program, 2009). Tendency of snuff it supplying is becoming more market oriented as the airlines are placing more emphasis on the financial matter new(prenominal) than technical side of business. Aircraft acquisition planning is more challenging now than earlier with more new models on the market and countless pre-owned aircraft and overhaul packages to choose from. So, airlines pay off mainly focused on following factors while implementing their fleet planning strategy. cost As like in other industries, in aviation also cost is a study factor towards a companys success. The knowledge and control of the costs provided by the latest aircraft models, engines and fleet universality are the important aspects in the assessment of future fleet necessities. Along with fuel toll hike airl ines are also encountered with high input costs. Increasing manpower costs due to deficit of trained and skilled technical personnel exerts more burdens on aviation. Management has to provide high salaries and other benefits to employees to retain talented employees which cost more on them. The cost levels incurred by the airline will advert the ability to achieve profits from the operations and will determine the service level provided to customers, depending of the airline model. Officials have to take all these costs into account while planning their flight strategies. Price Many airlines are applying low cost strategy in their fleet planning. Because, passengers preferredlow faresthan other facilities.Low cost carriersmaking available the air travel to people who were unable to travel by plane in the past. Pricing reflects the high levels of competition of the market. Demand Demand is another factor where the strategy makers considered at the succession of aircraft fleet plan ning. The demand by the customer regarding the services provided and the fares offered would be the main aspect in ascertaining the withdraw fleet for a company. Capacity Seating capacityand its utilisation would also to be looked upon by the companies. The set available for each route would be depending on the demand, frequently offered the typewrite of aircraft to be deployed and specific characteristics of the routes. there are some regulatory issues which could reduce the capacity of an airline to operate on certain routes mingled with two countries. These are implemented by respective countries in order to protect their national carriers or strategic routes. After evaluating all these factors, a reasonable profit earning fare would be fixed by the airline companies. They base their evaluation on acost benefit analysisbased on these factors when comparing the different available options for the fleet planning. At last, costs and revenues play their major role in deciding th eir strategy (Paul Clark, 2007). When adding more aircraft of the same The biggest revenue/cost saving of adding more aircraft of the same type is the compatibility and similarity. For example, The Boeing 777-200 is a long range jet airliner, and the worlds largest twinjet having a seating capacity of over 300 passengers. The Boeing 777 aircraft has

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Practicing Curiosity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pr deed of conveyanceicing Curiosity - Assignment ExampleIn fact, he says that he successfully made his first public performance when he was only seven. This shows that he was always having the vexation and desire to be a great musician (Eisen and Stanley 43).The other important thing which arouses my curiosity is Daniels musical style. As a pianist, he acknowledges his disapproval for the band wagon and instead, adopting and subscribing to his own school of thought. or else of borrowing from his mentors, he opted to adopt his own peculiar style for playing his piano. He became so ceremonious and used to find his tempo from within his music particularly harmonic rhythm and harmony. by opting to act in such a manner, he was trying to prove to his colleagues of fans that music is a very energising field which does not necessarily need to be done in a similar manner. since from each one musician is free, they can choose their own style to adopt as they refine and make it remedy to appeal to their respective audience.Because of this, I would like to point out that I have really learnt a lot from this artist. Through his interview with Rose, I have known that music is a good and recognise career if taken seriously. The interview has changed my attitude towards music. Unlike before, I now regard music as a very interesting and fulfilling career. However, for anyone to excel to the level of Daniel, they must have the required passion for it (Eisen and Stanley 27). Besides, they should be dedicated and committed to be novel and perfect in the playing of their various instruments. Lastly, it needs a high level of flexibility. Just like Daniel himself who participated in the orchestra, symphony and jazz, any artist should not be restricted to only one area. This is the only way through which they can build a temperament for

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Impact of Great Depression on British and German Policies Essay

reach of gigantic Depression on British and German Policies - Essay ExampleThis was characterized by many noxious consequences, including a decline in the global industrial output. However, different governments developed ways of dealing with the capital Depression, mainly through policy responses. Nonetheless, as compared to the present times, the policy responses adopted by governments in the Great Depression period are considered to have quite helpless, as compared to what the contemporary governments are capable of. or so of the policy changes undertaken by both Germany and Britain did not turn out to be fully kernelive in combating the effects of the Great Depression between 1929 and 1932.The Great Depression spread from North the States to new(prenominal) European nations, including Britain and Germany, mainly because of the close relationship the United States had with some developed nations in Europe (Wrigley 2008). subsequently the World War I, the United States was a key financier and creditor of most European nations. This was after their economies had been poorly devastated by the war. In the case of Germany, the country had lost in the WWI, thus was required to pay reparations to the European nations that won the war, in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles (1919). Germany also needed to undertake industrial reconstruction, following the withering effects of the war. This situation forced Germany to borrow money from the United States in order to accomplish the demands. However, when the providence of America experienced the Great Depression.... Germany also needed to undertake industrial reconstruction, following the devastating effects of the war. This situation forced Germany to borrow money from the United States in order to accomplish the demands. However, when the economy of America experienced the Great Depression, the country had to recall its loan from Germany, and this was the major cause for the collapse of the banking sy stem in Germany, which marked the beginning of the Great Depression in the Germany. The Great Depression had major effects on both Germany and the Great Britain. This alter the economic, social, as well as political spheres of these countries. As compared to the Great Britain, Germany was add up most by the Great Depression. In Germany, the rate of unemployment rose sharply. Beginning 1929, Germany started to experience increased unemployment rates, and this was mat up until 1932. Overall, it is estimated that by 1932, 6 million of Germanys workforce was unemployed. This represented 25% of the workforce. On the other hand, the effect of the Great Depression in Britain was highly experienced in its industrial and export sectors. The effects on these sectors in Britain were felt until the period of the WWII (Wrigley 2008). In order to alleviate the severity of the Great Depression, all the affected countries, including Germany and Britain, adopted various measures, which they consi dered effective to address the situation. In all those strategies adopted, a major aim was to foster the domestic production of the country. This included the imposition of tariffs, setting quotas on foreign imports, and raising existing tariffs, among others. Nonetheless,

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Socrates, Body and Soul Essay Example for Free

Socrates, physical structure and Soul EssayIn the first kick downstairs of the Phaedo, Socrates lays out his theory regarding the immortality of the head. Near the end of this part he breaks down the form and instinct and shows us that they ar very different in permanence and structure. The body and thought, which are are interlinked when alive and separated at death, are fundamentally different constructs. The wave-particle duality here is expressed through the argument as opposites of composition, ideal forms, solidity, spirituality, and visibility.Socrates opens the overall discussion at 64c by defining death as separation of the soul from the body while the argument regarding the duality of body and soul is picked up again at the end of 78b with the major premise being whether or not the soul is something that can be scattered. Socrates continues by stating that anything that is non-composite bequeath likely stay in one baste over time, while composite or compound items will eventually break down into undivided parts. Furthermore, composite objects are subject to change and vary from one time to another (78c) with things that are unruffled likely being non-composite in character.Socrates now elects to pull in the in megascopic spotless forms that are the ideals of the substantial existence. The Equal itself, the Beautiful itself, each thing in itself, the real remain the same and never in any way tolerate any change whatever. (78d) This is a continuation of a previous pull of reasoning that starts at 65d with the introduction of the pure concepts that are partially enumerated as the Beautiful, the Just, and the Good and culminating with the realization that perfect knowledge of these can only be obtained with a total disconnect of the soul from the body.The perfect forms presented are actually assumptions that serve to further the argument along. Our direct existence pass ons us to experience the particulars of the beautiful such(pren ominal) as men, horses, clothes, or other such things and all those which bear the same name as the others. (78e) These particulars serve to form our day to day experience and are always in a constant commonwealth of flux with relation to themselves or each other. Socrates goes on to posit that those that are motionless in nature can be grasped only directly by the mind and are among thein palpable. Furthermore, we are to assume that the classes of visible and invisible exist and are real and that the visible is in constant change and the invisible is static in nature. Socrates then establishes the visible and invisible existences and states that the visible is in constant change, while the invisible in absolutely never changes. The argument is further refined at 79c by defining the body and soul as parts that can be split into two separate entities with the body being visible and the soul invisible.Now, at the bottom of 79c, the soul is described as being dragged by the body t o the things that are never the same, and the soul itself strays and is confused and dizzy as if it were drunk, in so far as it is in contact with that kind of thing. This is a continuation of the argument near 66a, whereby the body confuses the soul and does not allow it to acquire truth and wisdom whenever it is associated with it. In 79d, Socrates tells us that the soul is akin to the pure, ever existing, immortal, and unchanging. When investigation is through by the soul itself, it enters the spiritual realm and will cease straying and only then will it experience wisdom. The logical conclusion of this argument is that the soul is altogether more like that which always exists in the same state rather than like that which does not. (79e) The argument proceeds to lay out the notions of the nature of the manufacturing business and the mortal as that of to lead and to follow.Next the body is posited to resemble most closely the mortal and the soul the divine. To summarize the arg ument , at 80b, Socrates said that the soul is most like the divine, deathless, intelligible, uniform, indissoluble, always the same as itself, whereas the body is most like that which is human, mortal, mustiform. Unintelligible, soluble and never consistently the same. Based on this Socratean argument, the body and soul are fundamentally different constructs.Their properties are diametrically opposite to each other, with the soul being immortal, durable and non-composite. On the other hand, the body is mortal, changeable, and a composite structure. It has been shown that composites really has a risk of blowing away after death, while the soul does not. References Morito, Bruce (2000). Introduction to Philosophy West and East, Study Guide. Athabasca Athabasca University. Grube, G. M. A. (1977). Plato Phaedo (translation). Indianapolis, Indiana Hacket Publishing Company, Inc.

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Drama and audience Essay Example for Free

Drama and earreach EssayReverend Hales role in the acquire is to origin tout ensemble(prenominal)y cure of find the illness of Betty. hardly instead he is described as stiring the witchcraft cauldron that is brewing in Salem Village. Arthur miller uses words and phrases such as narrowing his eyes, holding up his hands, surprised, quickly, grasping, rising exhilaration, kindly ect. This describes Reverend Hales event well up, as he is a do-gooder within the village.Miller emphasises his importance, by making his character loud, expressive yet good hearted. He makes sure the audience is aware of Hales importance, by making him a contrive to look up to, someone that battalion can see God in, and by making people confess to him he is showing the power he has. Parriss status within the community should be an lesson to others, but is slowly withering as the accusations of witchcraft within his village and family drag him down.The farmers Proctor, Putnam and Giles, are all be low Parris in society. They are the main male characters in the play and because Parris is higher up in society, he remains the loneliest out of the four this is significant as he knows he cannot cope with all the stress as a single parent and guardian, and a reverend Salem relies on. As previously written, Hale was confessed to by Tituba. She confessed to seeing Satin towards the end of Act 1.Her confession was dramatic and Miller emphasised this well by using language such as weeps, sobbing in terror, falls to her knees, frightened, suddenly bursting out, in a fury ect. Influenced by the forgiveness given to Tituba, this is significant as she is setting an example and bragging(a) ideas to the girls. Abigail copies calling out accusations, as assumed and for example she shouts I saw Sarah Good with the devil ect. terrified and confused girls followed in Abigails actions and began calling out accusations as well.The girls soon figure that lying, pretending and accusing others, entrust take the limelight from them and they will soon be seen as victims and witnesses of Satin. In conclusion, Arthur Millers stage directions in the play, The Crucible, become drama and inform the audience about the nature of the society in Salem. He uses them effectively to wee instant excitement and effect as well as defining the characters in detail. The characters are even Millers own creation and through his direction they add drama to the story.The language used in the play highlights the lack of communication in its simplicity and distances itself from the twenty first century. The people in Salem lived all by their religion and were unable to accept anything that may defy their beliefs. It also showed the lies and deceit that people created to cherish their own name and standing in society. Arthur Miller has managed to skilfully tell the story according to past facts whilst adding his own portrayal of characters to attract audiences today.

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Traditional classroom environment Essay Example for Free

Traditional classroom environment EssayI chose to study through distance learning since I was thinking of the contraption that I wouldnt claim with a traditional classroom environment. I control my time since I dont have to meet a regular schedule, I dont have to dress up and travel to school, and I can work full-time while studying. I overly thought the workload would be lighter to that of attending a traditional class.I did get the amenities I hoped for. I control my time and I save time and effort going to and from classrooms. However, I also realized that distance learning can be salutary as tough and demanding to the student. virtuoso has to muster a lot of self-motivation because there is less of the pressure that is forced upon the student moving inside a physical academic environment where he sees everyone reading or studying. With distance learning it is just you motivating yourself to log-on to the virtual classroom.

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Love at First Sight Essay Example for Free

hold it on at First Sight EssayLove at first sight is a articulate that often refers to when, two people polish deeply in rage when they just meet. But, how can you parentage in love with a soul that you dont haehardly make out? All that you may know ab step up this person is what they look like, or maybe their personal backround or past. For many reasons this is why Im arguing agianst the possibility for love at first sight.I do believe that somewhere out there, there is somebody that could be your soulmate, but I just cant see how you can love somebody that you dont know. As Juliet says when she finds out Romeo kills Tybalt, Oh serpant heart hid with a flowering face. Anybody can pretend to be somebody there arnt deep pull down inside, to win over affection or just to be liked. Eventu bothy that person will render their true colorsI think that love at first sight is a queen mole rat tail. How many people do you hear about that actually fall in love and get married s oon after that and then live happiliy for the rest of their life? I think that you fall in love with a person moreeach and each and every day as you get to know them better. Love is like a peice of dirty laundry that is tosed around like it has no meaning, until its lost all value it ever had when a person said it. People shouldnt tell people that they love them unless they rightfully truley mean it.All of the reasons i have stated are my opinions that support I dont believe in love at first sight.

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay Example for Free

Strategic clement Resource Management EssayTo simply define Human Resource Management (HRM), it is a management function that helps managers recruit, select, train and develop members for an organization. Obviously, HRM is implicated with the peoples dimension in organizations. When we say HRM of the organization, it is concerned with all the departments of it. In the marketing department, people consult products or services that lead to the sale. In the sales department, people sell products or give services to the customers. And excessively in finance, people manage and forecast the flow of money in the organization. All these functions cannot be realized without the help of the human resources and people be the ones that can make the organization achieve its objectives. And when the strategies come unneurotic with HRM, there comes Strategic Human Resource Management (strategic HRM or SHRM). It may be regarded as an attack to the management of human resources that provi des a strategic frame reach to support long-term business goals and outcomes. The approach is concerned with longer-term people issues and macro-concerns roughly structure, quality, culture, values, commitment and matching resources to future need.First, according to Strategic Marketing Management by Wilson, Gilligan and Pearson, I would like to express the different levels within the organization that strategies must be developed. They are * unified strategy, which deals with the allocation of resources among the various businesses or divisions of an organization. * Business strategy, which exists at the level of the individual business or division, traffic primarily with the question of competitive position. * Functional level strategy, that is limited to the actions of specific functions within specific businesses.The to a higher place strategies are set at the different levels to achieve a major or everywhereall pick out of the organization. The strategic approach address es issues and needs relating to changes in structure and culture, organizational potency and performance matching human resources to future requirements, the development of distinctive capabilities and intellectual capital and the management of change. There are five functional areas identified by Bratton and Gold in forming the core of human resource management activities. Staffing Obtaining people with hold skills, abilities, knowledge and experience to fill jobs in the work organization. This role encompasses human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection. * Rewards The design and memorial tablet of reward systems. This role includes job evaluation, performance appraisal and benefits. * Employee development Analyzing training requirements to curb that employees possess the knowledge and skills to perform satis incidentory in their jobs or to advance in the organization. Employee maintenance The administration and monitoring of workplace safety, health and welfare policies to retain a competent workforce and comply with statutory standards and regulations. * Employee relations Under this heading may be a range of employee involvement/ participation schemes in union or non-union workplaces. In a union environment, it also includes negotiations between management and union representatives over decisions affecting the employment contract. With the best HRM policies and practices, HRM strategy does more than drawing boundaries it also recognizes and addresses peoples needs.The best HRM practices contribute the quadruple outcomes as follow * Competence Employees are versatile in their skills and can take on bare-ass roles and jobs as needed and are better able to respond to changes in environmental demands. * Commitment kick upstairs mutual trust and better communication between employees and managers. * Congruence All stakeholders share a parking area purpose and collaborate in solving problems brought about by changes in environment al demands. * Cost effectiveness HRM policies are cost-effective in terms of wages, benefits, turnover, absenteeism, strikes, and similar factors.Here is the example of Starbucks which is one of the best cognise and fastest growing companies in the world that invest a lot in human resources. Starbucks believed that the confederations achiever and rapid growth could be attributed largely to its committed and motivated workforce. Consequently, the companys human resource policies reflected its commitment to its employees. Starbucks cared about its employees and was one of the few companies in the retail sector to provide generous benefits to both full fourth dimension workers as well as part timers.This ensured that employees remained motivated, and Starbucks had a relatively low employee turnover. However, in the untimely 2000s, the company faced the challenge of finding and retaining the right number and kind of employees to man its future growth. Despite the fact that employee s, especially those on the frontline, are critical to the success of retail businesses, most companies do not affirm a strong relationship with their employees, and consequently suffer from a high rate of employee turnover (In the early 2000s, employee turnover in the retail industry was around 200 percent).In this scenario, Starbucks stood out for its employee-friendly policies and supportive work culture. The company was especially noted for the extension of its benefits program to part-time workers something that not many other companies offered. They are offered health and dental coverage, vision care, life and disability insurance, p incite time off, a retirement savings plan, stock options and a discounted stock purchase plan, adoption assistance, domestic partner benefits, emergency financial aid and a free pound of coffee every week.As a result, Starbucks employees were among the most productive in the industry and the company had a relatively low employee turnover. The ab ove example proves that HRM is the crucial source of competitive advantage to be a successful organization in the business environment. Thus, as I cause discussed so far, you may have some ideas about Human Resource Management and notice how lots it is important for an organization. Reference 1. Aswathappa, K. Human Resource and Personnel Management (Fourth Edition ed. ), (pg. 5) 2. http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Starbucks. (2013, January 17 Thursday).Retrieved from en. wikipedia. org. 3. http//www. hrtutorials. com/cs-model-evaluating-human-resources/. (2013, January 17 Thursday). Retrieved from www. hrtutorials. com. 4. http//www. icmrindia. org/casestudies/ roll/Human%20Resource%20and%20Organization%20Behavior/HROB068. htm. (2013, January 15 Tuesday). Retrieved from www. icmrindia. org. 5. http//www. mainstreet. com/article/career/employment/4-employers-great-part-time-benefits. (2013, January 17 Thursday). Retrieved from www. mainstreet. com. 6. Manual, ABE Study, Strategic Huma n Resource Management, (pg. 4,5)

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Line Between Tough Love and Child Abuse Essay Example for Free

Line Between Tough Love and Child Abuse attemptPoets and authors give way tried to define love for centuries, whereas scientists have only recently started. Many of us discern intuitively that love is a major purpose for living (Blueprint, 2013) that connection is inherent in totally(a) that we do, and without love, we cannot survive as a species. But what is love, and how do we know when were in it? First , lets start take out with what love isnt. If more or less ane asks you to do or say something that isnt in your nature, that isnt true love. Smith, 2002) Although love does involve compromises among partners, someone who is in love with you will never ask you to change who you are in ordination to be loved. truthful Love is caring. The ancient Greeks had many another(prenominal) different names for different forms of love passion, virtuous, soreness for the family, desire, and world(a) affection. But no way out how love is defined, they all hold a cat valium sig n caring. (Blueprint, 2013) True Love is attractive. Attraction and chemistry form the bond that allows people to mate.Without this romantic desire for some other individual, a consanguinity is nothing more than lust or infatuation. True Love is attached. Like the mother- pincer bond, appurtenance comes after the initial attraction. Attachment is the long term love that appears anywhere from one to three eld into a romantic relationship (sometimes sooner and very rarely after), and youll know youve rig it when you can frankly say, (Smith, 2002) Ive seen the worst and the best you have to offer, and I still love you, while your partner feels the same way. True Love is committed.When it comes to true love, commitment is more than just monogamy. Its the knowledge that your partner cares for you and has your back, no matter what the circumstances. bulk who are strongly committed to one another will, when faced with seemingly negative entropy about their partner, see only the po sitive. For example, a friend comments that your partner doesnt say a lot. Ah yes, hes the strong, silent type, you reply. People with less commitment to their partner would instead say something like, Yeah, I can never have confabulation with him.Its annoying. True Love is Intimate. Intimacy is a crucial component of all relationships, regardless of their nature. In order to know another, you need to share parts of yourself. This self-revealing behavior, when reciprocated, (Teicher, 2000) forms an aflame bond. Over time this bond strengthens and hitherto evolves, so that two people merge closer and closer together. Intimacy by itself if is a cracking friendship, but compiled with the other things in this list, it forms an equation for true love.Within the minimum standards set by CAPTA, for each one State is responsible for providing its own definitions of nestling call out and set down. Most States recognize four major types of insult physical annoyance, neglect, sexual yell, and emotional hollo. Although any of the forms of claw maltreatment whitethorn be found separately, (Blueprint, 2013) they oft occur in combination. In many States, aban seizement and put upal substance abuse are likewise defined as forms of peasant abuse or neglect. The examples provided below are for general informational purposes only.Not all States definitions will include all of the examples listed below, and individual States definitions may cover additional situations not mentioned here. Physical abuse is no accidental physical injury (ranging from minor bruises to severe fractures or death) as a issue of punching, beating, kicking, biting, shaking, throwing, stabbing, choking, hitting (with a hand, stick, strap, or other object), burning, or otherwise harming a nipper, that is inflicted by a parent, health professional, or other person who has responsibility for the child. Perry, 2002) Such injury is considered abuse regardless of whether the caregiver inten ded to attenuated the child. Physical discipline, such as spanking or paddling, is not considered abuse as long as it is reasonable and causes no bodily injury to the child.Neglect is the failure of a parent, guardian, or other caregiver to provide for a childs basic needs. (Perry, 2002) Neglect may be physical (failure to provide necessary food for thought or shelter, or lack of appropriate supervision), medical (e. g. failure to provide necessary medical or mental health treatment), educational (e. g. , failure to educate a child or attend to extra education needs), or emotional (e. g. , inattention to a childs emotional needs, failure to provide psychological care, or permitting the child to use alcohol or other medicates). These situations do not always mean a child is neglected. Sometimes cultural values, the standards of care in the community, and poverty may be contributing factors, indicating the family is in need of information or assistance. Teicher, 2000) When a fami ly fails to use information and resources, and the childs health or safety is at risk, then child welfare intervention may be required. In addition, many States provide an elision to the definition of neglect for parents who choose not to seek medical care for their children due to religious beliefs that may prohibit medical intervention. Sexual abuse includes activities by a parent or caregiver such as fondling a childs genitals, penetration, incest, rape, sodomy, indecent exposure, and exploitation through prostitution or the production of sexy materials.Sexual abuse is defined by CAPTA as the employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement, or coercion of any child to use in, or assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit hire or simulation of such choose for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of such conduct or the rape, and in cases of caretaker or inter-familial relationships, statutory rape, molestation, prostitution, or other form of sexual exploitation of children, or incest with children. Emotional abuse (or psychological abuse) is a pattern of behavior that impairs a childs emotional development or sense of self-worth. This may include constant criticism, threats, or rejection, as well as withholding love, support, or guidance. Emotional abuse is often difficult to prove and, in that respectfore, (Teicher, 2000) child protective services may not be able to intervene without evidence of harm or mental injury to the child. Emotional abuse is almost always present when other forms are identified.Abandonment is now defined in many States as a form of neglect. (Perry, 2002) In general, a child is considered to be abandoned when the parents identity or whereabouts are unknown, the child has been left alone in circumstances where the child suffers serious harm, or the parent has failed to maintain contact with the child or provide reasonable support for a specified completion of time. Tough love simply means that if your child decides to do anything that can harm him/her or others that you have to love your child enough to take a stand against that behavior.If this means that you have to report your child to the authorities, whether the law or teachers, then you need to do it. It also means that if you find that you need booster with your child for whatever reason that you should ask for it. There is nothing shameful about having a child who is out of control. It happens to the best of parents. What would be shameful is not to do anything. The fastest and best way to experience tough love techniques with your child is to simply start making them fully responsible for their own actions. (Blueprint, 2013) male parentt pay or legal representation, dont bail them out with teachers, and dont interfere in the natural consequences that may happen. Sometimes, you may even need to go further in the case of a child putting others in danger via drinking or drugging and driving. halt the car, take the mone y, take the phone, remove all privileges, and if that doesnt work, you may have to call the police on your child who is practicing illegal behaviors. Dont give multiple warnings and threats. (Teicher, 2000) Teenagers just stop believing you, if you dont back up your words with actions.Giving natural consequences a push in the remedy direction can go far in helping your child, while youre still there for emotional support as long as theyre doing the right thing, can help a child straighten their life out before they are on their own. Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones. While physical abuse might be the most visible, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse and neglect, also leave deep, lasting scars. The earlier abused children get help, the greater observe they have to heal and break the cyclerather than perpetuate it.By learning about common signs of abuse and what you can do to intervene, you can make a huge difference in a childs life. While physical abuse i s shocking due to the scars it leaves, not all child abuse is as obvious. Ignoring childrens needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, or making a child feel worthless or stupid are also child abuse. Regardless of the type of child abuse, the result is serious emotional harm. An estimated 905,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2006 (U. S. Department of wellness and Human Services, 2008).While physical injuries may or may not be immediately visible, abuse and neglect can have consequences for children, families, and society that last lifetimes, if not generations. The impact of child abuse and neglect is often discussed in terms of physical, psychological, behavioral, and societal consequences. In reality, however, it is impossible to separate them completely. Physical consequences, such as damage to a childs growing brain, can have psychological implications such as cognitive delays or emotional difficulties.Psychological problems often manifest as high-risk behaviors. Depression and anxiety, for example, may make a person more likely to smoke, abuse alcohol or illegitimate drugs, or overeat. High-risk behaviors, in turn, can lead to long-term physical health problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and obesity. This factsheet provides an overview of some of the most common physical, psychological, behavioral, and societal consequences of child abuse and neglect, while acknowledging that much crossover among categories exists.The immediate emotional effects of abuse and neglectisolation, fear, and an inability to trustcan translate into lifelong consequences including low self-esteem, depression, and relationship difficulties. (Teicher, 2000) Researchers have identified links between child abuse and neglect and the hobby In one long-term study, as many as 80 percent of young adults who had been abused met the diagnostic criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder at age 21. These young adults exhibited m any problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-annihilation attempts (Silverman, Reinherz, amp Giaconia, 1996).Other psychological and emotional conditions associated with abuse and neglect include panic disorder, dissociative disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic tautness disorder, and reactive attachment disorder (Teicher, 2000). The National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being recently found children placed in out-of-home care due to abuse or neglect tended to score lower than the general population on measures of cognitive capacity, language development, and academic achievement (2003). Children who are abused and neglected by caretakers often do not form secure attachments to them.These early attachment difficulties can lead to ulterior difficulties in relationships with other adults as well as with peers (Morrison, Frank, Holland, amp Kates, 1999). Not all victims of child abuse and neglect will experience behavio ral consequences however, child abuse and neglect appear to make the following more likely Studies have found abused and neglected children to be at least 25 percent more likely to experience problems such as delinquency, teen pregnancy, low academic achievement, drug use, and mental health problems (Kelley et al. , 1997).A National Institute of Justice study indicated being abused or neglected as a child increased the likelihood of arrest as a modern by 59 percent. Abuse and neglect increased the likelihood of adult criminal behavior by 28 percent and violent crime by 30 percent (Widom amp Maxfield, 2001). Research systematically reflects an increased likelihood that abused and neglected children will smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, or take illicit drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as many as two-thirds of people in drug treatment programs reported being abused as children (2000).

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Italy and Japan Essay Example for Free

Italy and Japan canvass universe of discourse warfare II caused greater destruction than any other warfare in history. The war took the lives of about 17 million soldiers and an even greater number of civilians, who died as a result of bombings, starvation, and conceive campaigns of mass murder. The war also ushered in the atomic age and was quickly followed by the collapse of the wartime compact between the United States and the Soviet Union and the beginning of the Cold fight. creation state of war I created the conditions that take to World contend II. The peace settlement ending the war, which stripped the Central Powers of territory and arms and take them to pay reparations, left lasting bitterness in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Turkey. The peace treaty also disappointed cardinal of the victors, Italy and Japan. In addition, the war severely disrupted Europes economies and helped set the stage for the Great Depression of the 1930s. General histories of the war, which contemplate the wars origins, legions history, and consequences, include rump Keegan, The gage World War (1989) C.L. Sulzberger and Stephen E. Ambrose, the Statesn Heritage New fib of World War II (1997) and Gerhard L. Weinberg, A World at Arms A Global register of World War II (1994). Valuable reference works include I. C. B. Dear and M. R. D. Foot, eds. , The Oxford Companion to the Second World War (1995) John Ellis, World War II A Statistical Survey (1993) and John Keegan, ed. , The Times Atlas to the Second World War (1989). To understand the wars outcome, see Richared oery, Why the Allies win (1995).The most thorough and balanced recent history of the American role in World War II is David M. Kennedy, Freedom from Fear The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945 (1999), which examines the causes of U. S. involvement in the conflict, wartime diplomacy, military strategy, and the wars economic and social implications. The question of how Japan was able to carry out its successful surprise coming on bead Harbor is thoroughly examined in Gordon W.Prange, At Dawn We Slept The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor (1982). The wars European theater is discussed in Stephen L. McFarland and Wesley Phillips Newton, To Command the Sky The Battle for Air Superiority Over German, 1942-1944 (1991) Nathan Miller, War at Sea A Naval History of World War II (1995) and throng Polmar and T. B. Allen, World War II (1996). Soldiers wartime experiences are examined in Gerald F. Linderman, The World Within War Americas Combat bear in World War II (1997).On the Pacific War, see John Dower, War Without mildness Race and Power in the Pacific War (1986), Akira Iriye, Power and Culture The Nipponese-American War, 1941-1945 (1981), and Ronald Spector, Eagle Against the Sun (1985) World War II transformed the American homefront. It jump-started the economy ended Depression-era unemployment, relocated Americans in unprecedented numbers, and for good altere d the status of women, adolescents, and racial minorities in American life. The wars impact on the homefront is analyzed in William L.ONeill, A Democracy at War Americas Fight at Home and Abroad in World War II (1993). Oral histories from the war years can be found in Studs Terkel, The Good War (1984). World War II had a dramatic impact on womens lives. The most visible form involved the appearance of large numbers of women in uniform, as more than 250,000 women joined the WACs, the Army Nurses Corps, the WAVES, and the naval forces Nurses Corps. The war also challenged the conventional image of female behavior, as Rosie the Riveter became the popular symbol of women who worked in defense industries.Wartime transformations in womens lives are examined in Susan M. Hartmann, The Homefront and Beyond Women in the 1940s (1982) and DAnn Campbell, Women at War with America Private Lives in a Patriotic Era (1984). World War II affected children and adolescents no less than women. In fact , the word teenager first appeared during the war. William M. Tuttle, Jr. , Daddys Gone to War The Second World War in the Lives of Americas Children (1993) traces the changes in young peoples lives. During World War II, African Americans waged battles on two fronts.They helped the artless win the war overseas and pressed for equal rights at home. This dual struggle for victory against fascism and discrimination, know as the Double V campaign, is examined in Neil Wynn, The Afro-American and the Second World War (1976). The internment of 112,000 mainland Japanese Americans, one of the most shameful chapters in American history, is examined in Peter Irons, Justice at War The Story of the Japanese Internment Cases (1983). A 1942 government report on the Pearl Harbor attack, written by Supreme Court Justice Owen J.Roberts, which claimed without supporting evidence that the Japanese had received support from whatever Japanese Americans, helped to create a climate of opinion that led t o internment. World War II attach the dawn of the atomic age. The development of nuclear weapons is thoroughly examined in Richard Rhodes, The Making of the Atomic Bomb (1986). The finish to drop two atomic bombs on Japan remains one of the most controversial decisions in military history. Martin Sherwin, A World Destroyed The Atomic Bomb and the Grand Alliance (1975) analyzes the factors that went into this decision.

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Interrupt and a Trap in an Operating System Essay Example for Free

Interrupt and a Trap in an Operating System EssayWhat are the differences between an frustrate and a old salt? What are their importance? According to Stallings (2012) an interrupt is a suspension of a process, such as the act of a computer program, caused by an event external to that process and performed in such a means that the process can be resumed (p. 716). Stallings (2012) goes on to say that interrupts are provided primarily as a bureau to improve processor utilization. For example, most I/O devices are much slower than the processor (p. 14). A trap is an unprogrammed conditional jump to a specified address that is automatically activated by hardware the location from which the jump was made is recorded (Stallings, 2012, p. 721). A trap is actually a software generated interrupt caused either by an error (for example division by zero, invalid memory access etc.), or by a specific request by an operating agreement service generated by a user program.Trap is sometim es called Exception. The hardware or software can generate these interrupts. When the interrupt or trap occurs, the hardware transfers control to the operating system which first preserves the current state of the system by saving the current CPU registers content and program counters value. Then the focus shifts to the determination of which geek of interrupt has occurred. For each type of interrupt, separate segments of code in the operating system determine what body process should be taken and thus the system keeps on functioning by executing computational instruction, I/O instruction, storage instruction etc. Provide an example of each.Example of an Interrupt retrieved from http//www.scriptoriumdesigns.com/embedded/show_codefile.php?fname=interrupts/AVR_ISR_1.c// AVR_ISR_1 acknowledge avr/io.hinclude avr/interrupt.htypedef uint8_t u8 // convenient unsigned variable designationstypedef uint16_t u16define INPORT PINDdefine OUTPORT PORTCdefine OUTDDR DDRCvolatile u8 Int_flag = 0 ISR( INT0_vect )OUTPORT = 0x01 // render LEDvoid int0_init( void )MCUCR = (1ISC01) // enable negative edge on INT0GICR = (1INT0) // enable INT0int main( void )OUTDDR = 0x01 // unbending bit 0 to outputOUTPORT = 0x01 // set LED off (active low)int0_init() // configure INT0sei() // enable global interrupts musical composition (1) // loop forever, all work happens in ISRreturn(0)Example of a trap retrieved from http//www.ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-usingtraps/index.html / store/bashproj_dir=/ favour/pcake/bin check file is presentif -f $proj_dir/run_pj thenecho $proj_dir/run_pj not present pallingexit 1fi make a supporting copycp -p $proj_dir/run_pj $proj_dir/run_pj.24042011if $? = 0 thenecho $proj_dir/run_pj no backup madeexitingexit 1fi copy over updated fileif -f /opt/dump/rollout/run_pj thenecho /opt/dump/rollout/run_pj not presentexitingexit 1ficp -p /opt/dump/rollout/run_pj $proj_dir/run_pjif $? = 0 thenecho $proj_dir/run_pj was not copied..exitingexit 1fiRef erencesStallings, W. (2012). Operating systems Internals and design principles (7th ed.). Boston, MA Prentice Hall.

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The Roots and Origins of Islamic Terrorism Essay Example for Free

The Roots and Origins of Islamic Terrorism EssaySince the 1970s terrorism against the US has been festering and on September 11th it became app bent that terrorism will be a major problem the US will face in the years ahead. The question this essay attempts to explore is what is terrorism and what ar several(prenominal) the ca put ons of this anti-US terrorism? In order to find the causes of anti-US terrorism, this essay will research various academic kit and boodle in an effort to find some explanations of what causes anti-US terrorism. I will examine a couple several(predicate) hypothesis that try to apologize the causes of terrorism, solely my research I plan to argue that anti-US terrorism is root in semi form _or_ system of government-making and companionable movements by angry Islamic fundamentalists who believe using non-conventional evasive activenesss be the most rational way to urge on the US and the westerlyern powers. Terrorist chemical conclaves, such as Al-Qaeda, do non contrive diplomacy with the US as an choice to voice their demands because they see the US as a superpower that is unwilling to listen to their demands and excessively because most of the Arab governments are fri fires with the US. Because diplomacy is non an available option and at that place is an inability to spurtally labor the west militarily, terrorists radicals have chosen to use non-traditional tactics to involution the west.Research into this issue is very important for political research because terrorism has be hap a major security issue for the US and another(prenominal) countries around the world. Also, research into the causes of terrorism is important because it is a tactic that non-state actors skunk and will be using the years ahead as a form of leverage against the US and the West. In my conclusion I will present some possible solutions how terrorism sack hopefully be stopped in the future. Defining terrorism as one definite to pic is not an easy t request, but generally terrorism is considered to be non-conventional form of warfare that soulfulnesss or groups bottomland use to fight for their agenda, whether it is a political, social, religious and/or economic cause. Terrorists use m each non-conventional ways of bit such as car bombs, keeping pot hostage, and in some cases hijacking air planes. As a weapon of the weak, terrorism is deployed by groups to gain media attention and visibility as the eldest step in gaining surname recognition within the international community. (Nacos 1994).Through the publicity generated by their violence, terrorists seek to obtain the leverage, influence and power they otherwise lack to create political change on every a local or an international scale. The traditional laws of war do not applyto terrorism, partly because terrorist groups do not abide to treaties on war, and also because terrorist groups use fear as their form of leverage, which is why it is okay for t hem to kill innocent people. In cases of groups such as Al-Qaeda killing innocent people is not considered a bad thing because to them there is a religious justification. Power has always compete a crucial role in the international system and based on this principle we can believe that the struggle for power has a major influence on the decision of terrorist groups to commit acts of terrorism. (Sobeck Braithwaite 2005) In a study by David Sobek and Alex Braithwaite the two researchers hypothesize that as political, forces, and diplomatical capabilities become concentrated into American and allied hands, the net out of terrorism directed against Americas interests will increase as a way to call balance this power.Because terrorists are non-state actors they do not have access to conventional forms of fighting or the diplomatic channels that states use to resolve their disputes, they must use non-conventional forms of fighting. The choice to employ terrorist activities arises ra tionally from the environmental scene within which these groups find themselves in, in that terrorism is the most cost-effective way for the terrorists to accomplish their goals. (Ajami 2001) The United States prevailing position in the world affects the decision of terrorist groups to launch terrorist attacks against US interests internationally. As the United States becomes increasingly dominant, the amount of terrorism directed against it is likely to increase. Terrorism is seen by the terrorists as a counter-balancing mechanism. (Sobeck Braithwaite 2005) Increasing American control condition limits the ability of groups with revisionist views of the international system, such as that of the Palestinians, to be heard, let alone changed. (Sobeck Braithwaite 2005)The options available for these groups to act are diplomacy, perhaps done a NGO or their home state if they are willing to listen, or terrorism, which is intended to create an instant response (Most Starr, 1989) Fro m these choices, terrorist groups choose strategies that they see as rational that will increase their expected outcome. (Sobeck Braithwaite 2005) This means that the decision to engage in terrorism relates directly to the expected efficacy of an action and the likely payoffs received if it is successful. For example the terrorist activities of 9/11 cost Al-Qaeda roughly 400,000dollars and nineteen haves were wooly in the process, but the outcome of causing thousands of deaths, several billion dollars of damage, and most importantly creating fear in the minds of millions of people world-wide was a very cost-effective decision by Al-Qaeda to put world pip on their anti-US position. (Sobeck Braithwaite 2005)The desire to counter-balance the US and west and remove from the essence East a long with imprint that it possible has caused the creation of many terrorist groups since the 1970s. This anti-western feeling had been around for a long time, but the creation of Israel and th e growing amount of western influence in the region really sparked terrorist movements in this time period. Groups such as Hezbollah, a Lebanese group that has been around since the 1980s, have realized that using non-conventional warfare, such as blowing up the US Embassy in Beirut, can be a way to fight and neutralize the conventional military superiority of a superpower. (Cannistraro and Giraldi 2007) This action seemed to be a victory for Hezbollah as US and french forces withdrew from the country after the bombing. This act of removing western countries using terrorism inspired other terrorist groups to try to fight Western influence in their home countries and to fight western countries in their homeland as seen by the attacks of 9/11 and the bombings in Madrid.It is a common misperception that terrorists are insane and not rational actors because they use tactics such as suicide, but this is not necessarily the case. Marc Sageman, a former CIA officer, studied the grounds o f terrorists and found that the popular depictions of brainwashed or poor and uneducated terrorists are generally not true. He profiled 382 terrorists and his work reveals that terrorists are much likely to be normal, well-educated types with families and good professional-level jobs. (Sageman 2002) Most are philia or upper class and not poor, young, single, and/or deluded. (Sageman 2002) Only a small percentage had any religious education, and many, more than 70 percent, had some university education. (Sageman 2002) Sageman concluded that Al Qaeda and its associated groups are generally be of men who are very well educated, well off, and stable. According to Vincent Cannistraro and Philip Giraldi terrorists act as theydo not because they are crazy but because they believe what they do will bring about change to the world(prenominal) political consideration quo.Terrorists see terrorism as a way to create power where there is none or to consolidate power where there is very litt le. (Hoffman 1998) For the global Salafist terrorists, the objective is to put an end to corrupt Arab regimes, replacing them with theocracies, and to bring and end to western influence from Muslim lands. For the regionally based groups such as Hamas, the purpose of terrorism is national liberation from occupying powers e.g. Israel. (Cannistraro and Giraldi 2007) It can also be argued that even though acts of terrorism are universally condemned, they stimulate media coverage of an issue and provide an opening for moderate organizations to ask the public to consider the legitimacy of what the terrorists are fighting for as a separate issue from the tactics the groups use i.e. it can be argued that the terrorism in Israel has increased awareness of poor conditions of the Palestinian people. (Adamson)along with being a political movement, terrorism has now also become a sociological phenomenon in parts of the Muslim world and in the west. In parts of the Middle East terrorists groups b egin to form when members of the society feel upset with their home government for working with the US or other reasons that make them feel outcast i.e. economic reasons, feeling less dignified than people of the west, etc. It usually takes a charismatic leader to take the frustration of the many outcast people and channel it into a movement. In the words of Eric Hoffer, it is usually an externalizing hatemongering leader who manipulates the slime of discontented souls. (Hoffer 1989) Terrorist group leaders, such as Osama Bin Laden, are considered to be a therapist for the group and they blame an external cause for their difficulties of the group and righteously excuse aggression against the believed source i.e. the US. (Robins Post, 1997). Once members are recruited into these groups, there is a clear fusing of individual identity and group identity, particularly among the more radical elements of each organization.This is true both for the Islamist terrorists of Hamas as well as Al Qaeda and the global Salafi jihad. (Post 2005) For members of these terrorist groups success within the community is defined as fighting for the cause, which can be thought of as political, social,and religious growth of the groups beliefs. As young men adopt this view of success, their give self image becomes more intimately intertwined with the success of the organization. (Post 2005) With no other means to achieve status and success, the organizations success becomes central to individual identity and provides a reason for living for group members. (Post 2005)As an individuals identity succumbs to the organization, there is no room for individuality, meaning no individual ideas, identity, and decision-making. At the same time self-perceived success becomes more and more linked to the organization This creates a steering wheel where group members have a direct need to increase the power and prestige of the group through increasingly dramatic and gaga operations because this will increase their own perceived success (Post 2005) This conglutination with the group seems to provide the necessary justification for their actions and loss of responsibility to the individual. Guilt or remorse by the individual is not tolerated because the organization does not express it. This is intensified among Islamist groups who feel they have a deterrent example obligation to the cause and a religiously sanctioned justification for their actions e.g. Jihad (Post 2005).In Europe and in the US terrorist groups have formed from a different social phenomenon. When Marc Sageman did his detailed study on 382 terrorists, he found some interesting information about the origins of many Al-Qaeda terrorists. Sageman found that the average al Qaedatype terrorist has traveled, frequently studied in the West, and that many terrorists developed their radicalism term they were studying or working in the West. (Sageman 2002) He discovered that most terrorists entered into the jihadi cause from the bottom up, meaning that they volunteered and were not actively recruited.Sageman explains that these terrorists frequently drifted into radical mosques as an act of cultural assertion, often because they felt homesick or alienated from the dominant Western culture. Once there, they joined cliques or friendship groups of the like-minded people also searching for a new identity. (Sageman 2002) According to Sageman, The groups are characterized by a sense of anomie, their social and political lunacy eventually being attributed to the decadence, corruption, and immorality of the West. The next step for these outcast individuals is tojoin an organization that is doing something to competitiveness and roll back the western values. Sageman concluded from his study that it is the alienation arising from the misguided multiculturalism that treats Muslims like a group needing to be protected that creates its own sense of victimization. (Sageman 2002)Another explanation that s ome might give to explain terrorism is that it is a psychological disorder that is caused by a pneumopathological consciousness that involves the construction of an imaginative southward humanity where terrorism has intended and magical effects. (Cooper 2005) This belief that terrorism is caused by a second reality says when individuals, who out of necessity exist within commonsensical or first reality attempt to live within the imaginative or fantasy-based second reality and characteristic frictions between the two arise. With respect to late terrorism, the chief conflicts are between religious or spiritual realities and their symbolization and the realities of unfavorable living conditions in the Middle East relative to countries of the West. The tension between the first and second reality is brought to life by the perverse logic of this second reality that interprets murder as self-sacrifice according to this theory. (Cooper 2005) No numerate how pragmatically destructive th ese acts of political violence may be in commonsense terms, for the people active imaginatively within a second reality, they are sanitized by virtue of the fact that they are religiously symbolic. They are stripped of their horror by being invested with religious meaning. (Juergensmeyer 1996)Of the different academic industrial plant I have looked into, this theory that terrorism is caused by a psychological disorder seems to be the to the lowest degree plausible. The problem with the theory is that it is not possible to test the psychological dysfunctions of the terrorists partly because of an internal belief in this theory that the terrorists are able to live in the first reality. Also since other researchers such as Marc Sageman have done case studies that show that terrorists are rational and normal people, there is strong separate that contradicts this theory.This theory does not take into account the strong evidence put forth by the other works I haveresearched that convi ncingly explain how terrorism is a rational way for the terrorists to fight the west of social and political reasons. While it is true that some terrorists groups are fighting in the name of religion, most terrorists groups have used religion as a justification and cover up for doing violent acts that are politically and socially motivated. Overall, this belief that terrorism is caused by a pneumopathological consciousness does little in supporting my hypothesis.Some of the articles I read gave me support for my hypothesis that terrorism is caused by political and social forces. The Long War by Vincent Cannistraro and Philip Giraldi was one of the articles that supported my hypothesis. The general theme of the article was that social alienation from the West, revenge for previous blood debt, a desire to put an end to corrupt Arab regimes and replace them with theocracies along with bringing about a retreat of the West, particularly the United States, from Muslim lands is what causes terrorism. Also Victim of victory by David Sobeck and Alex Braithwaite supported my hypothesis because it explained terrorism as political maneuver by groups like Al Qaeda to counter balance the military and political superiority of the US. An article that supported my notion that terrorism also has social motivations was the case study of terrorists my Marc Sageman, which explain how social alienation by Muslims living in the west causes these groups to feel hatred toward the west and act on their feelings.With a better apprehending of the political and social causes of terrorism better efforts should be made by US foreign policy makers to set about these root causes. It will be difficult to stop Muslim extremists from feeling outcast from their home governments, but better efforts need to be made by people living in the west to understand Islam and the problems Muslims in the Middle East face. Also people in the west need to do a better job of helping Muslims living in the wes t to assimilate into western society so they do not feel social alienation. A lot of this social tension between Muslims and the west can possibly be fixed with better education of Islam in schools and less negative depictions of Muslims and the Middle East in the media.The political causes of terrorism will be a little bit more difficult to fix. It is not likely that the US will lessen its power, but the US could try to do more to change its policy that affects the millions of Muslims living in the Middle East. First, the US should stop this double-standard of promoting peace in Isreal, while at the same time giving full support militarily and economically to the Israeli government, which doing very little to help the Palestinians. Next, the US should try to stop supporting Arab governments which are very tyrannous towards their people. Although it is unlikely, the US and US companies should try to reduce their presence in the Middle East because we are clearly not welcome and ma ny of the people living in the area think we are exploiting them while also corrupting their way of life with our more liberal social values.Also what the US should do to help stop terrorism is to increase the legitimacy of using diplomacy in the region because doing so would make terrorism not the most rational option for these angry groups. The implications of US foreign policy in the Middle East are very important if we want to see terrorism come to an end. It is unfortunate that the Islamic fundamentalists had to resort to using terrorism to fight for their political and social causes, but if the US does more to understand their needs and frustrations of these peoples and also act on this information, then hopefully we will see an the end of this era of terrorism.ReferencesAdamson, Fiona B. (2005). globoseization, Transnational semipolitical Mobilization, and Networks of Violence. Cambridge Review of global Affairs, retrieved November 5, 2007, From Academic attend Premier da tabaseAjami, F. (2001). The vile Imperium Pax Americana in the Middle East. How did this happen? Terrorism and the new war. Public Affairs Reports, Retrieved November 11, 2007, from Academic reckon Premier databaseCannistraro,Vincent Giraldi,Philip.(2007). The Long War Mediterranean Q., (Duke University Press) Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseCooper, Barry. (2005). Terrorism and Globalization. Perspectives on Global Development and Technology. Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseHoffer, E. (1989). The true believer Thoughts on the nature of mass movements. harpist and Rowe Perennial Library. Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseJuergensmeyer, Mark (1996) The Worldwide Rise of Religious Nationalism. Journal of International Affairs. Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseMost, B. and Starr, H. (1989). Inquiry, logic, and international politics. University of South Carolin a Press. Retrieved November 11, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseNacos, B. (1994). Terrorism and the Media From the Iran hostage Crisis to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Columbia University Press. Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databasePost,Jerrold M. (2005). When Hatred Is Bred in the Bone Psycho-Cultural Foundations of coeval Terrorism. Polit.Psychol. Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseRobins, R Post, J (1997). Political paranoia The psychopolitics of hatred. New Haven Yale University Press. Retrieved November 11, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseSageman, Marc. (2002). Understanding Terror Networks. University of Pennsylvania Press. Retrieved November 5, 2007 from Academic Search Premier databaseSobek,David Braithwaite,Alex (2005). Victim of Success American Dominance and Terrorism. Conflict Management and Peace Science. Department of Political Science, Louisiana State University Department of PoliticalScienc e, Pennsylvania State University Retrieved November 11 2007, From Academic Search Premier database

Creating Safe Environments Essay Example for Free

Creating Safe Environments EssayCollaboration with parents is one of the most challenging and critical issues that cause misunderstandings within the classroom and throughout the school building. It is a non-negoti fitted expectation among parents and teachers that include building a network amid and among parents and teachers. It involves a sense of mutual respect as well as an understanding of different viewpoints. Teachers should be mindful that building relationships early in the school year will result in a positive classroom environment in which students have a secure place to learn. Parents and teachers should share expertness regarding the student in which information about learning styles are presented in a non-threatening manner. Teachers should be able to use limited amounts of teacher language so parents are able to understand expectations within the classroom as well as establish guidelines for following up on strategies at house. As a parent, I would appreciate a relationship with the person who spends most of the day with my child. I would gain cortical potential into the way my child thinks in various situations to create a deeper understanding of relationships in the real world.The neediness for character facts of life for parents lies in the fact that children should be shown examples of good character both at home and at school. School has to build the work that the family does (Lickona, 2009). Parents should unequivocally be involved and taught character education strategies. oftentimes of what we see as teachers is a reflection of a poor home environment as parents who belong complicated locomotes. Many are single parents and lack the time or resources to handle the complex problems of children today.They want nothing more than for their children to be successful, but as educators, it is our responsibility to provide resources for parents such as strategies and techniques, parenting courses with childcare and methods which fos ter values that all people should acquire in society. In this ever changing world, I, as a parent would welcome some insight to how my children are becoming part of the world they live in. This collaboration in character education should be purposeful as is our teaching. The purpose of character education should change the way the classroom works and feels, not just the way each member acts (Lichona, 1991).

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Astrology and Pagan Symbolism in Christianity

Astrology and infidel Symbolism in ChristianityAstrology and Pagan Symbolism in Christianity prototypic of all we shall stgraphics the definitions of the key words as use in the research motion.Astrology burn be defined as the study of how correctts on earth correspond to the positions and hitments of astronomical bodies which are the moon, sun, planets and the stars. pagan trust in general is a term for the ancient and modern religions which identify nature as the organic structure of the divine e.g. Taoism is the paganism of China, Hinduism is the Paganism of India, Shinto the paganism of Japan and Santeria, Voudon Macumba are the paganisms of the African Diaspora etcOn the new(prenominal) hand symbolism is the applied use of symbols i.e iconic theatrical performances that carry particular conventional meanings. Symbolism besides refers to a way of choosing representative symbols that are in line with the abstract alternatively than literal properties, allowing for the broader r closeering of a carried meaning than more literal design-representations can allow. A religion can be set forth as a language of concepts related to hu gentleman spirituality. Symbolism hence is an pregnant aspect of most(prenominal) religions.Christianity is the monotheistic system of beliefs and practices that are based on the Old Testament and the teachings of saviour as bodily in the New Testament and that emphasizes the role of deliveryman as savior and Christ.DiscussionZodiac is one of the oldest conceptual images in human history. It reflects the sun as it figuratively passes through the 12 major constellations over the course of study of a year. It alike reflects the 12 months of the year, the 4 seasons, and the solstices and equinoxes. The term Zodiac relates to the fact that constellations were anthropomorphized, or personified, as figures, or animals.Jesus was born(p) of the Virgin Mary on declination 25th/a in Bethlehem, his kindred was symbolized by a star in the east which three kings or magi followed to locate and adorn the new savior. He was a child teacher at age 12 and at the age of 30 he was call by John the Baptist, and thus began the ministry. Jesus had 12 disciples whom he traveled abtaboo with performing miracles much(prenominal) as healing the sick, raising the dead, walk of life on water, he was also feeln as the poof of Kings, the Son of God, the Light of the World, the Alpha and Omega, the Lamb of God e.g. After being betrayed by Judas his disciple and exchange for 30 pieces of silver, he was crucified, set(p) in a tomb and after 3 days resurrected and ascended to Heaven.The abide sequence of Jesus is completely astrological. The star in the east is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky at night, which on December 2quaternary aligns with the three brightest stars in Orions Belt. These three bright stars are referred today what they were called in ancient times, The Three Kings. The Three Kings and the b rightest star Sirius, all point to the place of the sunrise on December 25th. This is why the Three Kings follow the star in the east, in order to locate the sunrise or the tolerate of the sun.Virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo, also cognise as the Virgo the Virgin which in Latin means virgin. The ancient glyph for Virgo is the altered m. This is why Mary with other virgin experiences, such as Adoniss mother Myrrha and Buddhas mother Maya begin with an M. Virgo is also referred to as the set up of Bread, and the represents of virgin holding a sheaf of wheat. The sept of Bread and its symbol of wheat represent August and September, the time of harvest. In turn, Bethlehem literally translates to house of bread. Bethlehem hence refers to the constellation Virgo, a place in the sky, not on Earth.Another really interesting phenomenon that occurs just about December 25th is that from the summer solstice to the winter solstice, the days become shorter and colder. From the north ern hemisphere perspective, the sun appears to move south gets smaller and more scarce. The shortening of days and the expiration of the crops when approaching the winter solstice symbolizes the process of closing to the ancients. By December 22nd, the Suns demise was fully realized, for the Sun having moved south continually for 6 months, makes it to its concluding point in the sky. And here a curious thing occurs, the Sun stops moving south, at least for 3 days. In the three day pause, the Sun stays in the vicinity of the Confederate Cross, or Crux, the constellation. After this time on December 25th, the Sun moves 1 degree, this time north, foreshadowing lifelong days, spring and warmth. And thus it was said, the Sun died on the cross, was dead for 3 days, only to be resurrected or born again. This is why Jesus and numerous other Sun Gods share the crucifixion, 3 day death, and resurrection concept. Its the Suns passage period before it shifts its direction back towards the Northern Hemisphere bringing spring and thus salvation.However, they didnt celebrate the resurrection of the Sun until the spring equinox, or Easter. This is because at the spring equinox, the Sun officially overpowers the evil darkness, as daytime thereafter becomes longer in duration than night, and the revitalizing conditions of spring emerge.Therefore the obvious astrological symbolism almost Jesus regards the 12 disciples. They are simply the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, which Jesus, being the Sun, travels about with.In fact, the number 12 is seen more often throughout the Bible which has more to do with astrology than anything else. flavor at the cross of the Zodiac, the figurative life of the Sun, this was not an artistic expression or tool to quest after the Suns movements. It is a Pagan adaptation of the cross of the Zodiac. That is why Jesus in early occult art is shown with his head on the cross the Sun of God, the Light of the World, the Risen Savior, who bequeath come again, as it is all morning, the Glory of God who battles against the works of darkness, as he is born again every morning, and can be seen coming in the clouds, up in Heaven, with his Crown of Thorns, or, sun rays.Now, of the many astrological-astronomical metaphors in the Bible, the most important has to do with the ages. In the scriptures there are numerous references eon. To understand this, we need to familiarize with the phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes. Ancient Egyptians along with cultures long before them recognized that approximately for every 2150 years the sunrise on the morning of the spring equinox would occur at a different sign of the Zodiac. This is concerned with the windy angular wobble that the Earth maintains as it rotates on its axis. Its called a precession because the constellations go backwards, rather than through the normal annual cycle. The time that it takes for the precession to go through all 12 signs is some 25 to 765 years . This is also called the Great Year, and ancient societies were very aware of this. Each 2150 year period was called an age. From 4300 b.c. to 2150 b.c., it was called the era of papal bull, the Bull. From 2150 b.c. to 1 a.d., it was called the bestride of Aries, the Ram, and from 1 a.d. to 2150 a.d. it was called the Age of Pisces, the age we are still in to examine, and in and around 2150, we shall enter the new age called the Age of Aquarius.The Bible reflects a symbolic movement through 3 ages, while foreshadowing a 4th. In the Old Testament when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the 10 Commandments, he was very upset to see his people worshiping a golden bull calf. He reacted by shatter the stone tablets and instructing his people to kill each other in order to purify themselves. I would proportion this anger to the fact that the Israelites were worshiping a false idol or something to that effect. The fact is that the golden bull is Taurus the Bull, and Moses represe nts the new Age of Aries the Ram. That is why Jews even today still blow the Rams horn. Moses represents the new Age of Aries, and upon the new age, everyone should shed the old age. Other deities mark these transitions as well, a pre-Christian god who kills the bull, in the equivalent symbol.Jesus is the figure who ushers in the age following Aries, the Age of Pisces the two Fish. Fish symbolism is very repetitive in the New Testament. Jesus fed 5000 people with bread and 2 fish. When he began his ministry walking along Galilee, he befriends 2 fishermen, who followed him. I have seen Jesus-fish on the backs of peoples cars. Yet they do not know what it actually means. It is a Pagan astrological symbolism for the Suns Kingdom during the Age of Pisces. Also, Jesus assumed birth witness is essentially the start of this age.In Luke 2210 when Jesus is asked by his disciples where the next Passover will be, Jesus replied Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you obligeing a pitcher of water follow him into the house where he entereth in. this scripture is one of the most revealing of all the astrological references. The man carrying a pitcher of water is Aquarius, the water bearer, who is always seen as a man pouring out a pitcher of water. He represents the age after Pisces, and when the Sun leaves the Age of Pisces (Jesus), it will go into the House of Aquarius, as Aquarius follows Pisces in the precession of the equinoxes. Also what Jesus is that after the Age of Pisces will come the Age of Aquarius.We have all heard about the end times and the end of the humanness. Apart from the depictions in the record book of Revelation, the main source of this idea comes from Matthew 2820, where Jesus reckons I will be with you even to the end of the worldly concern. Otherwise, in King James Version, the world is a mistranslation, among many mistranslations. The actual word being used is aeon, which means age. I will be with you even to th e end of the age. Which is true, as Jesus Solar Piscean representation will end when the Sun enters the Age of Aquarius. The entire concept of end times and the end of the world is a misinterpreted astrological allegation. Lets tell that to the approximately 100 million people in America who hope the end of the world is coming.Furthermore, Jesus character, a literary and astrological hybrid, is most explicitly standardized to the Egyptian Sun god Horus e.g., inscribed about 3500 years ago on the walls of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt are images of the enunciation of the immaculate conception, the birth, and the adoration of Horus. The images begin with Thaw announcing to the virgin Isis that she will conceive Horus, then Nef the saintly ghost shall impregnant the virgin Isis, and then the virgin birth and the adoration. This exactly entails Jesus miracle conception. In fact, the literary similarities surrounded by the Egyptian religion and the Christian religion are staggering.The plagiarism is continuous. The story of Noah and the Ark is taken directly from the traditions. The concept of a Great Flood is common throughout the ancient world, with over 200 different cited claims in different periods and times. However, one needs look no further for a pre-Christian source than the Epic of Gilgamesh, create verbally in 2600 b.c. In this story is told of a Great Flood commanded by God, an Ark with saved animals on it, and even the release and return of a dove, all held in common with the biblical story, among many other similar occurrences.Then there is the plagiarized story of Moses. Upon Moses birth, it is said that he was placed in a reed basket and set adrift in a river in order to avoid infanticide. He was ulterior rescued by a daughter of a king and raised by her as a Prince. This baby in a basket story was lifted directly from the myth of Sargon of Akkad of around 2250 b.c. Sargon was born, placed in a reed basket in order to avoid infanticide, and set adrift in a river. He was in turn rescued and raised by Akki, a royal mid-wife.Furthermore, Moses is known as the giver of the ten dollar bill Commandments. However, the idea of a Law being passed from God to a visionary on a mountain is also a very old motif. Moses is just a jurisprudence giver in a series of law of nature givers in mythological history. In India, Manou was the spacious law giver. In Crete, Minos ascended Mount Dicta, where Zeus gave him the sacred laws. While in Egypt there was Mises, who carried stone tablets and upon them the laws of god were written.The Ten Commandments are taken outright from Spell 125 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. What the Book of the Dead phrased I have not killed Thou shall not kill, I have not told lies became Thou shall not bear false witness I have not stolen became Thou shall not steal, and so forth. In fact, the Egyptian religion is likely the primary foundational basis for the Judeo-Christian theology. Baptism, afterlife, fi nal judgment, virgin birth and resurrection, crucifixion, the Ark of the Covenant, circumcision, saviors, Holy Communion, the great flood, Easter, Christmas, Passover, and many more, are all attri andes of Egyptian ideas, long predating Christianity and Judaism.Justin Martyr, one of the first Christian historians and defenders, said When we say that Jesus Christ, our teacher, was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into Heaven, we propound vigor different from what you believe regarding those who you esteem Sons of Jupiter. In a different writing, Justin Martyr said He was born of a virgin accept this in likeness with what you believe of Perseus.Its quite obvious that Justin and other early Christians knew how similar Christianity was to the Pagan religions and practices. However, Justin had a solution, as uttermost as he was concerned, the Devil did it. The Devil had the foresight to come before Christ, and create these characteris tics in the Pagan world.The Bible is just but an astro-theological literary fold hybrid, just like nearly all ghostlike myths before it. In fact, the aspect of transference, of one characters attributes to a new character, can be found deep down the bible itself. In the Old Testament theres the story of Joseph. Joseph was a prototype for Jesus. Joseph was born of a miracle birth Jesus was born of a miracle birth. Joseph was of 12 brothers, Jesus had 12 disciples. Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver. Brother Judah suggests the sale of Joseph, disciple Judas suggests the sale of Jesus. Joseph began his work at the age of 30 Jesus began his work at the age of 30. The parallels go on and on.At the time of Jesus, the Mediterranean world was ruled by the Roman Empire. The Romans were pagans, who had their own gods namely Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and so on. The names of these gods have survived to date in the names of the planets, the days of the week, names of months and general linguistic usage. The other cultures in the area also had their own gods and goddesses, who corresponded more or less to the Roman pantheon. Greek was the language of culture in the center field East the main centre was Alexandria in Egypt and the Roman world was one in which trade and religion passed rapidly between the cities and towns along the marvello.Celebrating the Solstice was forbidden by the Church, but many customs survived anyway. In the 4th Century, Pope Julius I declared that 25th December was Jesus birthday and so celebrations were in order. This effectively transformed the Pagan occasion into a Christian holy day (holiday). This was not, however, merely a pleasant way to Christianize a Pagan celebration. There is no historical evidence to prove what date Jesus was born on, or the season, or even the year. But after many years of calculation, rumination and argument, 25th December was assigned. And since the why is more important than the when, that date has been good enough for Christians ever since. determinationPaganism has a wider influence on our lives than we might care to think. Take for example, the simple wedding ring. This has heavy(a) Pagan origins yet is considered an essential part of the wedding ceremony by many Christians. Overemphasizing the relevance and greatness of religious symbols can lead to conflict. Consider the tensions that rose in France during 2004/5, following the banning of Muslim headscarves, Sikh turbans, Jewish skullcaps, large Christian crucifixes, and other conspicuous religious symbols that dont blend into secular state schools5. The headscarf bring down resulted in just a handful of school expulsions but more damagingly generated ill-feeling, divided the country and achieved nothing positive.Paganism has had a wide influence on Christianity given the many examples of rites and regalia that support this assertion. And this raises the question So what? Christians should be cautious about condemning practices as Pagan, just because of their origins. The origins may be interesting, but not so important. What is really important, however, is what we do with these things.ReferencesJ. G. Frazer (1993) The Golden Bough, Macmillan Co. Ltd, LondonR. Graves (1961) the white Goddess, Faber Faber, LondonA. His primp (1990) The Two Babylons, Loizeaux Brothers 2nd edition.M. D. Magee Sun Gods as Atoning Saviors an online resource investigating the origins of Christian and Jewish teachingsStrabo( 1982) The Geography of Strabo, Loeb Greco-Roman LibraryTertullian( 870) Adversus Judaeos, trans. Rev. S. Thelwall, 1870B. G. 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