Thursday, April 25, 2019

Islamic Societies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Islamic Societies - Essay Example spiritual matters are menti sensationd not very often in the text. The main character of the text states that I had covenanted with Allah, be He exalted, since I was of the age of about a score, that I would not delay prayer as for as it was in my power (Chenery, Steingass, 1867/1898, 58). The text concerns itself with such Arabic literature features as protection of persons from sins, prayers among people, oddly poor. The text contradicts to description of such a moment in the piece of reading when the events take give on the slaves market which is located in the city of Zabid, Yemen. The Arabic literature states that the Prophet Muhammad was the first bomber against the slavery. This piece of text belongs to the type of maqama a prose which is rhymed and something between fiction and non-fiction. As this type of physical composition tackles different subjects within the text, the subjects of it are religious matters protection from sins, pray ers, and description of slavery, a contradictory point to the Arabic literature.The second reading source, Irwins The Penguin Anthology of Classical Arabic Literature, also has religious issues. There is an sheath in the text when the Prophet is referred to Bless Mohammed, the last of Thy prophets for ever, him that came thy message to deliver Bless the lights of his family and Keys of his victory (Irwin, 2006, 190). This reference source provides evidence of efflorescence of the Arabic literature. Such poet as Omar Khayyam is reasonably considered the most prominent one in the Arabic literature. His most famous book, Rubaiyat, describes the things that are far from the Islamic religion norms and restrictions, and he is considered to be the supporter of hedonism. Another bright example of the Arabic literature is One thousand and One Nights, a collection of South

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