Thursday, March 12, 2020

Communication in the Movie essays

Communication in the Movie essays Communication is present in every interaction we make. It is impossible not to communicate with someone. Our communication may be verbal, nonverbal, intentional, or misconceived. We use all kinds of communication in our relationships. In movies, these types of communication can be easily seen through the relationships of the characters. The movie Say Anything is an evident example of communication in relationships. The movie is about a good-hearted young man named Lloyd who falls in love with an intelligent and successful girl named Diane. Diane lives alone with her father, Mr. Court, who is somewhat controlling of his daughter and wants the best for her. Diane and her father have a very close relationship. Her father is her best friend. She is always honest with him and she tells him everything. The communication between the two is remarkable. At one point, Lloyd comments on their openness with each other. He says, You two are amazing the way you talk. Im not even like that with anybody. The most important reason why Diane and her father are able to talk so openly with each other is because of trust. Trust is the basis for all relationships. The more two people can trust each other and speak honestly with each other, the closer their relationship will be. In this movie, when Mr. Court betrayed Dianes trust, their relationship crumbled. He had lied to her and she could not easily forgive him. When Diane is talking to her father for the first time about how he lied to her, she tells him how upset she is nonverbally. She does this when he approaches her to hug her, and she pushes him away and runs out of the room. This type of nonverbal communication is displayed often throughout the film, where one character refuses to be hugged by another character in order to send a message. Juxtaposed with this scene between Diane and her father is the scene when Dian...