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BUSINESS LAW(All contractual terms are either categorised as Essay

calling LAW(All contractual terms are either categorised as conditions or warranties. How true is this statement Discuss, with indication to case justice. ) - Essay ExampleThere ought to be a consideration that will pass give once the promises of the contract have been fulfilled. Finally, the agreement should be non violate the laws of the land. For example, it would be illegal to give in into an agreement of drug trafficking. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, the agreement becomes a contract that can be apply by the court of law.2 As such, all contractual terms are either categorized as conditions or warrantiesTerms of contracts are promises or statements made by one person to another in order to encourage him to enter into a contract.3They comprise of duties and responsibilities of the parties to a contract. The terms may be articulate or implied. The parties themselves put down express terms, either in writing or verbally. In a writ ten-spot contract, any statemen t is an explicit term of the contract. An example is in Duffy & Ors v. Newcastle United Football Co. Ltd. (2000). The law from the actions or intentions of the parties infers implied terms of a contract. Shirlaw v Southern Foundries 1939 is a good example of a occurrence where terms of the contract were implied. In the case, the claimant was hired as a managing director for a term of ten years. Later the defendant altered the articles of association giving the company the power to remove directors. The firm open fire the claimant before the end of his ten years contract. The court held that when signing the employment contract there was an self-assertion that the company would not remove the managing director from his position during the term of the contract. Another assumption was that the enterprise would not alter the articles of association to give it the right to fire the managing director.A condition is a term of a contract that goes to the root of the contract. Failure to honour a conditional term renders an agreement very polar from the original one. Hence, conditions are the essential terms of a contract.4 Due to their

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