Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Hopis Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hopis Anthropology - Essay ExampleConsequently, the view on the Hopi peoples origin is also a major question that is to be sought. The subject is relevant especially in the contemporary society since an academic study of past events and the origin of humanity are critical in enhancing cohesiveness. Hopi people should understand their past dealings and origin to pragmatically define their future. Anthropology enables individuals to establish the meaning of the archaeologic sites and cultural practices thus enables them to nurture the practices (Kuwanwisiwma, 161). The key perspectives of the subject appertains to enhancing understanding of the Hopi people on their origin, the significance of the archaeologic artifacts, ancestral sites and cultural practices. This is to avoid erosion of their social and cultural heritage that contributes in enhancing mutual coexistence. However, critics equate the understanding and advancement of past dealings asserting that the practices are part o f the old order that does not hold relevance in this century. As noted, Hopi immigrants originated from Sipaapani (place of emergence) and travelled buried and lived in Hopistutskwa-Hopiland with their ancestors. The cultural landscape of the vicinity is identified by landforms that hold great association with deities. The landscape also holds historical events, rivers, springs, shrines and the Itakuku as termed by the Hopi people that mean our footprints (Ferguson & Roger, 99). It is imperative to note that the cultural sites and events were crucial in executing traditional rituals including ceremonies. The footprints that take on the pottery, stone tools, the ruins of former settlements and diverse artifacts are significant monuments that present undisputed proof of ancestral migration.

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