Sunday, April 14, 2019

Traditional classroom environment Essay Example for Free

Traditional classroom environment EssayI chose to study through distance learning since I was thinking of the contraption that I wouldnt claim with a traditional classroom environment. I control my time since I dont have to meet a regular schedule, I dont have to dress up and travel to school, and I can work full-time while studying. I overly thought the workload would be lighter to that of attending a traditional class.I did get the amenities I hoped for. I control my time and I save time and effort going to and from classrooms. However, I also realized that distance learning can be salutary as tough and demanding to the student. virtuoso has to muster a lot of self-motivation because there is less of the pressure that is forced upon the student moving inside a physical academic environment where he sees everyone reading or studying. With distance learning it is just you motivating yourself to log-on to the virtual classroom.

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