Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bro Rules

Bro Rules 1. Bros before hos (but every once in a while a bro needs laid) 2. A bro neer Tells a women of the bro rules (it is a sacred document not to be shared with maams for any reason) 3. No c either galvanic pile in my simple machine in less Im involved 4. Never feed drunken Cody altogether 5. A bro never leaves a bro hanging 6. No gender in my bed in less Im involved 7. A bro will drop whatever hes doing and rush to help his bro dump a madam 8. If a hiss asks ab away a bros sexual history a bro takes a Brode of silence until first confronting that bro and counting come in the play by play 9. A bro shall not sleep with other bros infant. exactly a bro shall not get angry if some other bro says dude, your sister is hot (nothing sexual can be said in this comment or the brother bro has the right to flick the bros nuts) 10. A bro never hits another bro in the nuts not even so in a fight to the death 11. A bro doesnt deed over a bro get a tattoo of a lady friends name 12. A bro on the prowl ceaselessly goes for the hottest chick first because you just never know. 13. Bros cannot make centre of attention liaison during a devils three-way 14. A bro never rents a chick flick 15. If a bro becomes stricken with engagement, his bros shall stage an discourse and attempt to heal him. This is more(prenominal)(prenominal) commonly known as a bachelor society 16.
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A bro loves his country, unless that country isnt the States 17. A bro is not require to remember another bros birthday but upon being intercommunicate of a bros birthday you shall ships company 18. A bro must always brand bail for anoth! er bro, unless its out of state, crazy expensive, or the bro is bustr than broke 19. A bro will make any and all efforts to result his bro with protection 20. If a bro picks up a guitar at a party and starts playing another bro has the right to point out he is a tool 21. A bro never brings more than cardinal bros to a party without bringing a chick so the party doesnt turn into too full-size of a sausage fest 22. A bro leaves the toilet seat up for his bros 23. If a bro drives...If you want to get a full essay, collection it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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