Friday, January 10, 2014

George Washington's Issues As President

Geraldine Johnston History 2303 - 01 Professor Mayer March 4, 2012 Essay 2 George Washington, universe the eldest prexy of the United States faced many problems during his eight-spot age reign as President. First and foremost he had to excogitation a new government. He realized this was need if he was going to govern and execute the laws of the land. the States had both conflicting and domestic debt (approximately $52 million) which meant severe financial problems. This was as a result of the Revolutionary war and Washington inherited this when he became chairwoman, which became a nonher issue he had to deal with. Raising judge income for the government was a top priority for the new president and the issue of how to do this was hotly debated. It was suggested by Treasury deposit Alexander Hamilton that governmental financing via tariffs, or surcharges on entailment goods, and placing a impose on liquor could retire much, if not all of the unsophisticateds debt. He also proposed a national bank in which private investors could have the luck to purchase stocks, print paper money, keep the governments finances safe, in addition to centralizing the nations financial base.
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Because of the tax placed on liquor to help eliminate the democracys financial debt, the Whiskey rebellion was born; do this another one of President Washingtons questionable issues. The Pennsylvanian farmers considered Whisky as their most profitable product and their sundry(a) bag of money. They thought the taxation was unfair and this completely fierce them, so in 1 794, they armed themselves and started an up! rising against the taxes. Obtaining a remediate alliance with capital Britain was another troubling area for Washington. During 1793 to 1815 the cut change caused war to break out between Great Britain, its consort and France. After receiving cabinet approval, he proclaimed the States neutral. heretofore though the French sent a diplomat to America to propagandize the case for...If you want to get a all-encompassing essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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