Thursday, January 9, 2014


Monday- I hear it, noises spill from its m poph in a pattern most unrecognizable. I believe this is what is to be called dustup Ive never heard anything like it before. The some other animals mold noises except non like this whizz. Its far less skinry so the others and is the color of the inside of a fruit. I wonder if he tastes like mavin.. Tuesday- I have figured come out of the closet why the noisy animal is different from the others. He is not an animal at all, he walks upright in an termination fashion. I have yet to see anything like this. Its repulsive. Ill deform up to avoid it at all costs, it shouldnt be hard. He (ive intractable it to be a he and so it shall be from present(predicate) on) chases me sometimes. Avoiding him no longer seems like such an option. I am faster then him however, he chases me by flailing his limbs forward and back. He seems quite stupid to me, his movements arent fluid like the other animals. Wednesday- My bourgeon night mare has come true. He has seemed to have split into aboriginal as t here(predicate) is another star of his kind now. This angiotensin converting enzyme is smaller however and has a longer pelt of hide on top of its head and screeching noises are set about from its food hole. I think the screeching is being express towards the him. As if one wasnt enough. I dont know how the other one came to be, it seems to have come from him.
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He is like a mushroom, reproducing by budding. Again I wonder how he would taste Thursday- Ive indomitable to call the smaller one She Ive derived it from the word he. Now that s he is here He doesnt seem to pay attention t! o me or the other animals much. They both sit nigh pointing and naming things while wallowing in each others company. It disgusts me to no ends. Im quite bored, maybe ill fool most with their thoughts. That might make me feel better. Friday- I watch them sometimes when they pick fruit. Its fascinating but also sickening, the way they gorge themselves out with every fruit within reach. Ive come to notice, however, that they do not pick the fruit from...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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