Saturday, January 11, 2014

WB's Friends: Joey and the Flu

This story is not licensed or endorsed by Bright, Kauffman and stretch Productions or Warner Brothers. All characters and Central Perk are registered trademarks of Warner Brothers, all(a) rights reserved. (Monica and Phoebes apartment. Everybody is in that respect enjoying breakfast) Monica: Ross, do you want rough more bacon? Ross: Yes, divert Monica; How pretty you, Joey Joey (sounding stopped up): Sure Monica: Chandler? Chandler: Sounds yummy! Monica: How round you, Rach? Rachel: Sounds good. Thanks, Mon. Monica: More bacon flood tide up in a few seconds Phoebe: What about me? Chandler: What about you what? Phoebe: nil asked me if I wanted either bacon. Ross: barely you dont eat meat. Phoebe: But still its practiced to be offered Monica: Phoebe, do you want some bacon? Phoebe: NO! You know I dont eat meat! Ugh! -- enterprisingness ascribe -- Still at Monica and Phoebes Joey (stopped up): Can somebody pass the salt, delight? Chandler: You Ok, man? Joey: Yeah. Just a little stopped up. Rachel: You dont temper good. Joey (insulted): HEY! I just woke up! Monica: No, sweetie. You do look unappeasable Joey: I cant be sick today. I have an auditory modality Joey has a sneeze fit Chandler: And thank you for that. Joey: Sorry Rachel: If youre sick, you should be in bed Joey: Really guys, Im not that sick.
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Another sneeze fit Chandler: Does anybody want the rest of my breakfast...before Captain Germ hike contaminates it? Rachel feels Joeys forehead Rachel: Youre ruin up. I want to take your temperature Joey: Rach... Rachel: March, now. Joey (with a thermometer in his mouth): Rachel...! Rachel: Dont talk Joey: But... Rachel: Hush Rachel takes the thermometer Joey: Im not sick Rachel: And I guess a 101 temperature is normal? Joey: I cannot throw off this audition. This is the role of a lifetime!... If you want to know a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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