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Worlds Religions Report

Running Head : World Religions ReportWorld Religions ReportIn APA StyleIntroductionJudaism is the Jewish organized religion . It is star of the oldest of the great world religions , and is the m some other religion of both Christianity and Islam . Judaism was non founded by champion towering soulfulnessality , as were well-nigh other religions . Abraham and Moses ar non regarded as founders . Abraham was the father of the Hebrew nation and Moses was the pattern of law-giver .With the destruction of Solomon s temple at Jerusalem in 586 B .C . began the scattering of the Hebrews everyplace some lands . From then on Judaism real as a religion without the priestly break up of the ancient temple . Moreover , Judaism is virtuoso of the oldest judgements that atomic number 18 lock up observed and practiced up to the p resent and considered as superstar of the first recorded monotheistic doctrines . The Jewish s values and deal are the main part of the foundation of unlike Abrahamic religions also Christianity , Islam , Samaritanism and the Baha i Faith . In 2006 Judaism s devotees are approximately 14 jillion that makes Judaism faith as the eleventh-biggest organized religion glob anyy . impertinent with other religions , Judaism is authority is not vested in any person or group but it abides in its writings and traditions . This would sloshed that Judaism religion does not have a head or a leader that oversees them but they rather obey what is create verbally in its writings and traditions . Moreover , the Judaism church is continually kick to a number of unearthly practices and beliefs specifically its belief that at that place is one , omnipotent , omni benevolent transcended omniscient graven image who make the heavens and the earth and continually have its enclose over m ankind . The conventional Jewish belief ver! balize that the God who made the universe had made a pledge with the Jewish mess only and gave his laws and commandments through Torah .
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Judaism`s belief and practices are focused on these laws and commandments (see Asheri , Michael . Living Jewish : the learning and law of the Practicing Jew , 1999According to Jewish law , anyone who has a Jewish suffer counts as a Jew , even if he or she is not spectral . Many Jews do , however , actively hook up with the religious practices of Judaism . Judaism is one of the world s oldest religions , beginning some 3 ,500 historic period ago in the Middle eastern hemisphe re Today , there are about 18 jillion Jews . They live all over the world but in general in the unify States , Europe and Israel . There are many different groups of Jews with different ways of practicing their faith The main groups are Orthodox , put right and Conservative Jews (see Jacobs Louis . The Book of Jewish Belief (Behrman House , 2000BackgroundAccording to the Jewish holy books , the first Jew was a man called Abraham , who is known as the father of the Jewish wad . He was the leader of a group of nomadic people , called the Hebrews . At that time the Hebrews worship many different gods . Abraham taught his people that there is only one God and that they should...If you want to nurture a full essay, score it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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