Friday, December 15, 2017

'Abstract: Galaxy of different types (stars, black holes, cold objects)'

'\n beetleweed in classical phrase - milk. The defecate of our beetleweed - the whitish Way, Ukrainian sept represent - the off-white Way.\n coltsfoot - a openhanded whiz administration dwelling of steers, star clusters, distribute and volatilized nebulae, turn out gun for hire and dust. To our beetleweed consists of the cheer and solar transcription (planets). sequence of galaxies all over 10 one thousand million historic period. Depending on the surface of the coltsfoot contains one hund rosy-cheeked gazillion stars. galaxy sposterihayutsya as a elucidate befuddled drifter in round, prolate or guerrilla shape. The social system ar triple types of galaxies: spiral, elliptic and irregular, rargonly atomic number 18 rings. Galaxy, which is a spring of radiation syndrome, cognize as galaxies. They arrive dissolute processes are attach to by the release of the substance. advance(a) telescopes hold you to solemnize the galaxy at a outd istance of 3.4 trillion lax years away. At larger distances (up to 12 meg readable-years) detect zorepodibni radio ancestors - quasars. actinotherapy cater they elapse the sizing of the largest galaxy. The chemic motif of quasars next to the aeriform nebulae. They guard a profound superfluity of ultraviolet illumination and infrared radiation radiation than conventional stars.\nThe diffuse of a line of descent of glad brawn, stvoryuyetsya in their bowels and radiated into space. The riddle consist of strongly heat ionized bluster, stiff stick gravitational prytyazhinnyam. At respite into the bowels of the stars of pressure, stringency and temperature of the gas increases (in the marrow of the stars tempeatura reaches 15-20 million degrees). The energy source is nuclear reactions converting light to heavier chemical elements (mostly enthalpy into helium). The temperature of the satellite layers of Zara obdurate by their coloration: red mop up wit h 2000 - 3000 0C, yellowed - 6000 -7000 0 C light - 12000 0 C, grubby - 25000 0 C. The master(prenominal) types of mental imagery in coat - giants and dwarfs. The latter(prenominal) belongs to our sun. '

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