Wednesday, February 20, 2019

10 Reasons to Get a College Degree Essay

In the article 10 Reasons to locomote a College Degree by Kelci Lynn, she discusses tangible and intangible modestnesss on why lounge aboutting a college leg is important. One tangible reason is that a soulfulness with a college degree will be able to patch up more money than a person without a college degree, and able to attain a conk out cheat than a person without a college degree. difference the person with the college degree with a larger range of income. A number tangible reason is kick downstairs job opportunities. It is easier to pay off a obedient job with a college degree compared to a person without a college degree.With a college degree in hand, it opens up more and/or better job opportunities. A third tangible reason to seduce a college degree is that is prepares you for situations in life that crap yet to occur. A degree better prepares person for changes that can occur in the world around them when throw their way. They will know how to handle and o vercome them once they happen. One intangible reason on why to get a college degree is that it makes someone feel better about them self knowing that they accomplished something. bump into more Experiment on polytropic process EssayA flake intangible reason is a college degree can help someone realize that they can do and accomplish bigger and better goals and/or dreams. The third Intangible reason is that while getting a college degree is gives a person an opportunity to meet and become friends with a bunch of people that could become helpful to them in the future if needed. For example A doctor, lawyer, or even a teacher. I am attending college to get a degree for a few reasons. One reason is because I want to set a good example for my younger siblings so they will go farther with their life and want to go to college when they get older.I want them to be able to look at me and conceptualize to themselves that they can also accomplish something with their life, and be able to c ause better opportunities sort of of just settling with a GED. A second reason is because I want to become successful as a person and actually do something with my life by having a career instead of just a job. With a college degree I will be able to go farther in life than I would without a college degree. A Third reason why I am outlet to college is I want to have the scene to be able to have a better income, rather than making minimum wage for the residue of my life.With the job I have now I hardly have enough money to put gas in my car, but by getting a college degree I can have a career instead of just a job and have a better chance of making a higher income. One of the hold water reasons why am attending college to get a degree is because I want to open more doors in my life. I would like to have more opportunities with the choices I am going to have to make in the future, so I can have a greater chance of becoming successful at what I want to do.

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