Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Perl Harbor :: essays papers

Perl HarborIn 1941, one of the largest American forces defeats occurred. Anentire naval fleet was destroyed, hundreds were killed, all before09.00 on a Sunday. The US did non have any fellowship of this approach shot, part because of ignorance, partially because of the militarystrategies of their Nipponese opponents. The Japanese attack on the USnaval base of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, was a uncorrupted case ofIt will not happen to me Although the US suspected Japaneseactions, they did not take a defensive stance as they believed anattack would never touch their soil. Through an examination of militaryhistory, tactics and nerve centre witness descriptions, it will be proven thatthe US had no knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.In the geezerhood before 1941, the war saw little American militaryaction. afterwards the collapse of France, American PresidentRoosevelt promised his county that no American troops would besent to Europe to aid in the battle against Hitler and hispowerful army. These promises caused Roosevelt to becriticized by his closest advisors for his indecisiveness aboutdeclaring war . The Presidents defense to these accusationswas he did not want to out step public opinion. As well, hebelieved American intervention would cause a mortal blow tothe Allies cause. In reality, the advisors, as well asRoosevelt, knew that Britain could not win the war withoutAmerican fortify intervention. Two oceans to the East, Japan wasdeep into a war or her own. Japanese forces were concentratedon the Chinese front to conquer and obtain. As a result of herunpopular declaration of war on China, Japans fuel tack on fromthe US was eliminated. Consequently, the Japanese turned toIndonesia to continue the supply of fuel for her war efforts.Fuel talks broke down as the Dutch, who were in maneuver of theIndonesian fuel supply and, under heavy influence from the US,would not supply Japan with fuel. Desperately needing fuel toc ontinue the war, Japan starting signal thought of attacking Indonesia,but feared US intervention. After some thought, Japaneseleaders decided that an attack directly on the US would be moreappropriate to bring the US to the fuel supplies negotiatingtable . The early acknowledgment that Japan was a war threatcame on November 27, 1941 when uppercase ordered a WarWarning. The US feared a Japanese attack, not on America,but on the Philippines. American military leaders took littleor no precautions upon the issue of warning.

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