Saturday, March 9, 2019

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I read the book lay waste to mess virtually and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling. It was a book filled with adventure, brokenheartedness and a few laughs. This is the fourth book in a serial publication of s point books all telling the reputation of call forth putter. It told an interesting story about a Wizarding world and the people inside of it. There was wide and condemnable, happiness and sadness, and plenty of lessons to learn. Harry Potter is the main constituent of this novel.He has spiky black hair, round black-rimmed glasses, green eyes, a lightening shaped scratch line given to him on his forehead as a result of a curse from his foe noble Voldemort. Out of all the many things that Harry Potter is, unmatchable of his main personality traits is that he is extremely brave. In this book his courage was shown during the Tri-Wizard tournament, a r ar tournament where young wizards are chosen to compete for the Tri-Wizard Cup. During the second of three challeng es he risks his life to non only save his best fellow Ron, unless also his obstructionist Fleurs child.The challenge was to save one person from the sea monsters just now when Harry saw that Fleur could non complete the challenge and save her sister he saved her thus angering the sea monsters who tried to kill him for not following the rules of the challenge. Another example of Harrys bravery was shown when he asked Cho Chang to the Yule Ball when he wasnt sure she would say yes. This was risking rejection and humiliation from a girl Harry really liked if she said no only when Harry was brave enough to face it. Another main character in this novel is Ronald Weasley. He has bright red hair, tons of freckles and is gangly and gangly.He comes from a huge family and is one of seven children. In this book one of his main personality traits is jealousy. Ron is very jealous of Harry when Harry is chosen to participate in the Tri Wizard Tournament when he ineligible below the age rules of the tournament. After Harry is selected Ron shows his jealousy by ignoring his best friend Harry. Also, Ron is jealous of Hermione Granger, another of his best friends, when she goes to the Yule Ball with Victor Krum when Ron wanted to go with her. He represents his jealousy of Hermione by trying to ruin Hermiones wickedness with snide comments.This novel is set in a wizarding school in Europe called Hogwarts. Hogwarts is a school that Harry, Ron and Hermione attend. This story is set in the 1990s. This setting is important to the story because the Tri-Wizard tournament is at Hogwarts for the first time in 100 years and the whole story takes place in and around Hogwarts. The main conflict of this story is the clash between good and evil represented by Lord Voldemorts effort to destroy Harry. end-to-end the whole book Voldemort schemes to detain Harry in order to off him. He uses his followers to get close to Harry.This is an external conflict as it is a conflict between Harry and Voldemort. In order to trap Harry Voldemort sent one of his followers to impersonate a Hogwarts teacher. This teacher, bleached Arts Professor Mad Eye Moody, arranges for Harry to be selected for the Tri-Wizard tournament in order to bring Harry to Voldemort. The climax of the novel occurs when at the end of the third and final challenge of the Tri Wizard Tournament. Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory both touch the Tri-Wizard Cup at the same time and, alternatively of being transported back to the stadium they are transported to a graveyard where Lord Voldemort is waiting for them.When Harry and Cedric arrive at the graveyard they are humiliated but Cedric wants to take a look around. When they see Voldemort he is not in a human form and his assistant Wormtail murders Cedric. Harry narrowly escapes death but, with the help of a potion and blood from Harry, Voldemort regains his humanity. This resolves the main conflict because Harry escapes Voldemort but Voldemort is stil l undefeated. One of the main themes that J. K. Rowling wanted to communicate in this book is that no matter how rough things get always reckon in yourself.For example, when Harry is selected for the Tri Wizard Tournament, the whole school shuns him but he still does well and makes it to the end of the Tournament. Also, Harry believes that he could defeat Voldemort, even though it was nearly impossible to survive, and because he believed in himself he escape Voldemorts deathtrap. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a actually incredible story. It shows to you that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. It opens your eyes to adventure and sadness, but also new hope. The book was entertaining and I really enjoyed culture it.

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