Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Big Break :: Personal Narrative Music Popularity Essays

My Big BreakIll n of all time for quiver the time I do it into my tall schools variety show during my freshman year. Every pupil has dreams of being the most popular kid in school. I was the simmer down kid in school. I never caused all trouble, I never asked questions and I never started conversations. I precious to be popular, but I knew that I needed a new image. I always enjoyed medicinal drug I always thought the drums were cool, so I began to play the drums. I create a band with a few of my friends in foretaste to gain little popularity. In order for us to get our peers attention, we had to separate out out for the variety show. I would have never imagined that playing in the variety show for my peers would transform me from a nobody into a somebody. I had two main goals that I wanted to get from being in the variety show to gain recognition from the students and to play music on stage in front of a large audience. I formed a band with my friends from middle school. Ma tt Bochicchio, one of my best friends, vie guitar. He was always the hardest to get to practice because he was on the high school soccer team so it was difficult for him to find any free time to practice. Matt was so good on guitar that we made him the lead guitarist. Ian Williams, who was a wanna be badass, played rhythm guitar. Ian was always acquiring himself into trouble with the teachers. Ian wasnt as good as Matt which I open up ironic because Ian had been playing guitar a lot longer than him. Fritz played cryptical and he was the most terrible bass player that I had ever played with in my entire life. Fritz is his last quote his first name is Matt. We called him Fritz so there wouldnt be any confusion. He only wanted to be in a band so he could get chicks, but his plan didnt work out. Nick Naro, a ladys man in his time, was our singer. He wasnt a really good singer, but he had a PA system and back then, thats all that mattered.The band was originally mine and Matts, but w e lost control of it to Nick whom loved the spotlight. He permit his ego go to his head and we would get the impression from him that we didnt matter.

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