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Bill of Rights Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

neb of Rights Paper - examine ExampleConstitution or more commonly the Bill of Rights should always be applied by government agencies that either dispense justice or ensure the security of the nation.The first amendment states that a psyches stamps and piety are to be respected. The Bill of Rights specifically states that there would be no law against the enforce of either(prenominal) particular religious belief, custom as well as the establishment of each religious order. The Bill of rights also specifically states that any person is entitled to exemption of speech as well as the right to assemble and ask for petitions from the Government for any grievances made (The US Constitution Online, 2006). This amendment applies as massive as the person is of legal age and he or she does not harm any another(prenominal) person. The U.S. government treats the first amendment as one of the most important amendments made as it is believed by the disposition that this will set an ex ample to other countries in the provision of freedom and liberty regarding a persons belief and customs. (National Security, 2006). This amendment treats religion as a free choice granting a person the freedom to join and revere a religious group or not. With this, the governments plans to line in religious practice alongside peace and justice will lead the way to a more harmonious human race between the government and the populace. There are a multitude of religions that are established in the join States and U.S. citizens enjoy much freedom to choose their religion given that they are already of legal age. They whitethorn also choose not to join any religious group or order. In universities and other institutions, religion is not compulsory for students and employees thus freeing people from the pressures of religion on what they can and cannot do in their lives. The latest current U.S. government administration emphasized the creation of laws that are centered for the enrichmen t of in-person honor and the protection of human rights which includes freedom of the press, freedom to choose religions, exercise of conscience and religious congregation and association (National Security Strategy, 2006).The fourth part amendment The privacy of a person is the main focus of the fourth amendment of the Bill of Rights. In this section of the Bill of Rights, people have the right to secure anything (papers, personal effects and other personal property) in their private residences. Their properties are thus protected under law against any unauthorized searches and seizures. Search warrants are only issued when violations are made oddly regarding the possession of illegal goods and substances. ictus of illegal goods and substances will only commence when a sworn affidavit is made against the owners but until it has been proven, any residence could be monitored in accordance with the law. (The US Constitution Online, 2006). Privacy has always been regarded as a ma jor issue not only by the Law but by the citizens themselves. Every person is entitled to his or her own privacy and to intrude or breach someones privacy only entails trouble. Although this is the fact most of the time, the government can sometimes break this law under dire circumstances especially when the whole country is

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