Thursday, May 2, 2019

Property Assessment Project Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

billet Assessment Project - Research Paper Examplet potential risks in a existent bea need to be c arfully identified and the necessary steps taken to ensure that these threats are diminished or averted completely.Figure 1 contains an image of bottles that throw off not been given any labels. They sop up been placed at a strategic point, perhaps a table, for human use. Some of the bottles look quasi(prenominal) in nature and have possibly been made out of the same materials. However, their contents differ delineation that they could indeed contain different items.These bottles contain something that is meant for human consumption. It is likely that various types of injuries could result if consumers gain annoy to such products. It is likely that should a consumer seek to consume these products, they could consume a potentially wrong product. on that point are consumers who are sensitive to certain products. This could be in the form of allergies, intolerances or simply avers ions. Allergies could call for to potentially life threatening conditions such as anaphylaxis that require immediate medical attention. A consumer could have an allergy to some of the products used to design the items contained in these bottles making it potentially risky for them to consume (Grissinger, 2008). Intolerances and aversions backside also lead to mild symptoms that could lead to mild irritation that could leave a completely spoiled taste in the consumers mouth.There are various regulations that have been stipulated as relates to food labeling. According to the unify States Food and Drug Administration, it is imperative that food companies label their products with the exact ingredients that have been used to formulate their products. In addition, any product that has been developed using a set of stipulated allergens must be labeled appropriately. This ensures that consumers are aware of the products they are consuming beforehand (Grissinger, 2008).Failure to comply with these regulations could mean a law suit. pack can seek damages against the food

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