Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Different topic about BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM Essay

Different topic about BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEM - Essay Example Information technology has been instrumental for the improved performance of various companies and business houses across the globe. It has also increased the over all productivity. The development of information technology has also increased the accuracy level in almost all the related aspects of it. Like all most of the other aspects of our life, technology has made its appearance in the entertainment industry also. Today, almost all of the movies produced and released at Hollywood depend highly on technology as special effects have been the indispensable part of the motion pictures. One such movie released in 1993 was the Jurassic Park (directed by Steven Spielberg). In fact, the movie created a sensation among the viewers and is regarded as the landmark in the use of computer technology in the field of movies. The on-screen dinosaurs created by special effects was a major hit. Technologies like Dinosaurs Input Devices were used which allowed the computer to create its own animation when inputs were fed into it. Also, the sound of the movie was based on special effects. Today, not just the development, but also the sales and marketing of every movie relies highly on technology. As the information technology has been the integral part of our life, the usage of Microsoft-Office (better known as MS-Office) software has been on constant rise. With in the package of MS-Office, Microsoft-Excel deals with all sorts of calculations. Excel has been crucial for all those who are related with number crunching. The above link is a perfect online tutorial for excel. The link has been from the website of The University of South Dakota. The university was founded in 1862 and is located at Vermillion of South Dakota. University of South Dakota has the only law and the medical school of the state. The reputed university uses USD as its symbol (also it is known as simply U). The university has whole lot of academic

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