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Differnce between IBO Religion and Christianity Essay

After reading, Things nightf alone Apart, we might ask what ar the residues amidst the faiths that the Ibo kin group lend aceself, compared to a highly exercise religion, Christianity. Some of the differences are how the Ibo religion practice polytheism, belief in to a greater extent past one graven image, and the Christians practice monotheism, belief in still one perfection, the creator of nirvana and Earth, his relieve oneself is divinity. Others are, how they commit in invigoreat Gods, which are alive and in that respect Gods terminate be seen, and Christianity believes in in cheer gods, which their God is eternal. There is a enormous difference amongst the Ibo Clan religion and Christianity, it forget be shown.When Mr. Brown, the missionary, comes to the crossroads of Umuofia to spread the give voice of God to the Ibo Clan, he met Akunna. Mr. Brown and Akunna has a conversation about their differences in religion, Akunna express Mr. Brown that the Ibo Clan believes in one supreme God only when had others that they worship, the name of their God is Chucku, because he made all the world and not other Gods. Akunna too workforcetions to Mr. Brown that they also worship form wood, they tree from which it came was made by Chukwu, as indeed other minor God were Akunna tells Mr. Brown that the Ibo religion make sacrifices to the bantam gods, but when all else fails there is no one to turn to they go to Chuckw. (180) whatever other God, besides the carved wood, that the Ibo worship, is the visionary of the Hills and Caves. The Ibo believe that they must do whatever the vaticinator of the Hills says, if the dont the concourse of the village will be punished. An example of this is when the visionary of the Hills pronounces that Ikemefuma, the boy living with Okonkwo, need to be killed. Since the Oracle of the Hills and Caves says that it must be done, the men of Umuofia took the boy outside the village and killed him (57). The Ibo religion is very antithetic from Christianity. Since Christianity only believes in one God, they dont break all of these other Gods as the people of Umuofia believed in, such as the carved wood, and the Oracle of the Hills and Caves.Sometimes thinking that the Ibo religion would only bring on one or cardinal gods, but they didnt. Included with the other Gods that they worship, there was some other which was the snake known as the sacred python. When the Christian missionaries come to the village, the discussion of the snake priest says that he ate and killed the sacred python (185). The son of the snake priest was named Enoch, he did eat the sacred python, when he decided to convert to Christianity. This is one huge difference between the Ibo Clan and Christianity, of how and what they worship. even there are some differences between Ibo and Christianity is the belief in animate Gods, and inanimate Gods. Christians have an inanimate God, which means that He cannot be seen, a nd Christians also believe that God is eternal. Unlike Christianity, the Ibo believe in stimulate Gods, which are alive and their Gods can be seen, such as the spirits. When the Ibo Clan would conversation to their spirits, as when the egwugwu had emerged once again from their hush-hush home, they saluted on another and consequently reappeared on the ilo (92).The Ibo Clan Gods emerged from underground, and that they speak to them full as hu slices would. Comparing that to the Christians way, is diametric. Christians dont believe of having spirits rise from the dead, or from the underground to come and solve problems. Christians only believe that God is number one, and that they require to God for helping them solve problems, but not face to face as the Ibo Clan claims to do with their Gods.Another demarcation line between the two religions is the practice of polygamy compared to monogamy. Polygamy is what the Ibo Clan practice, which is having many wives at one time. In Umu ofia, the more wives a man had, the better, just like Okonkwo, he had three wives, and another man in the village was a wealthy man who had three barns and ix wives with thirty children (18). But this is all customary practice for the men in Umuofia to have more then one wife. all(prenominal) wife and her children would live in different huts, and the man lives by himself in his obi. In contrast, Christians practice monogamy and thats beingness marital to one wife at a time, Christians believe that when a man and women fuck off united in Christ, they become one.In conclusion, Things Fall Apart portrays, social, culture, and ghostly aspects of Africa. Christianity and Ibo are both types of religions, but they are practiced in very different ways. A difference was the practice ofpolytheism, which would be the believe in more then one God and monotheism, belief in one God which is practiced by the Christians. The second difference was the Ibo worship animate Gods, unlike the Chri stians who worship inanimate God. In addition is that the Christians practice monogamy, being married to only one wife, and the Ibo practice polygamy, more then one wife. Here were two very different religions and practices but from each one had the choice of which one they wanted to follow, some stayed with the Ibo Clan religion, but others converted to Christianity, its their choice.

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