Thursday, August 29, 2019

If you came back to earth as someone or something else, who or what Essay

If you came back to earth as someone or something else, who or what would it be - Essay Example The name of Bush in the political grounds of America is not new and almost everyone is aware of his status and name. Bush’s decision making power, motivational speeches, devotion and confidence are some traits which I admire personally. The position he holds in American political arena is yet another positive feature that makes him an ideal for me. I personally believe that he is a good leader with excellent communication skills. His attitude, wisdom and thoughts are all marvelous as they become a part of America’s success. His power and authority are the main factors which influence my thoughts and fascinate me towards his personality. Wealth and riches that surround George W. Bush are yet another fascination for me. I would like to be G. W. Bush as his mind, intelligent thoughts and influencing personality led him to become a successful man. I would like to have a mind and personality like him so I may rule one of the powerful nations in the world. Being G. W. Bush wo uld help me in making some necessary changes which I feel may help the poor or minority groups living in America. Lastly, the fame, reputation and reverence that G. W. Bush holds, is desirable by majority of the American population. I wish to have a name as shining in the world as he has.

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