Sunday, August 25, 2019

PEER REVIEW AND SELF ASSESSMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PEER REVIEW AND SELF ASSESSMENT - Essay Example We also connected and worked together, and no one dodge d his or her responsibilities and that made it easier finishing the group work within the agreed time. However, there was a weakness in that some of the members did not respond on time, which resulted in performing in a rush so as be done with the project within the due date. In addition, communication was another issue, whereby, some members like Jennifer and Carolyn always responded late on the discussion board. It changed towards the end, though, for Carolyn as she increases the number of time she communicated. Jennifer, however, never changed and always had an excuse. Another challenge is that, initially there was we had a problem with nursing diagnosis, whereby, we kept going back and forth, on which diagnosis would be correct for the patient. Eventually, we all agreed on the final diagnosis and everyone consented on the final decision. In terms of contribution, I would say that it varied although during the diagnosis it wa s equal. Jennifer contributed the least as she always presented excuses for not being able to carry out a task. In a future project, what I would do differently is ensuring that I have every group member’s number such that communication is improved. Further, I would ensure that we hold group meetings frequently, which possibly would make everyone more serious and effective. During the first few classes, I assumed this course was easy and thought that it only involved the assessment of patients. However, I have come to learn that advance health assessment is very broad and requires a lot of critical thinking. It has developed me in the way I am to assess my patients which and now I am able to issue a quality patient examination. It was challenging at the beginning but through constant consultation with the professor and studying of books such as Jarvis Physical

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