Monday, August 12, 2019

The role of the government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The role of the government - Essay Example Thesis of this document has been placed in the second line of the paper. â€Å"Although there have been homeless individuals living in the United States in colonial days, a recent, dramatic increase has led homeless to be considered a national rather than local, problem† . the most appropriate place to place a thesis is at the end of the first paragraph. It should communicate the research question and relay evidence that support the thesis. This section summarizes the objective of the topic. Certainly the thesis statement communicates the research question in this study. For instance, the thesis has been able to directly inquire the level of appreciation of homelessness, whether local or national. Based on this, one is able to see subsequent discussions revolving around different States in US, and giving varied opinion and experiences on the same. Federal Government has also been viewed to have a role in determining the case of homelessness, particularly when examining policie s being advanced by the individual presidents. The author supports the claims by presenting the historical patterns associated with the transformation of people’s lives to homelessness. There is a systematic manner in which the author has chronologically depicted how events resulted to homelessness just from the Industrial Revolution stages to the policy formulation stages. This paper has successfully relayed the information required. However, it would be perfect if this paper came clear on the issue of significance.

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