Tuesday, September 17, 2019

English Pronoun Chart and Exercises

Subject Pronouns – I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they- function as the subject of a sentence: I live in New York. Do you like playing tennis? He doesn't want to come this evening Object Pronouns – me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them- serve as the object of a verb. Give me the book. He told you to come tonight. She asked him to help. Possessive Pronouns – mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs- show that something belongs to someone. Note that the possessive pronouns are similar to possessive adjectives (my, his, her). The difference is that the object follows the possessive adjective but does not follow the possessive pronoun.For example – Possessive Pronoun: That book is mine. – Possessive Adjective: That is my book. That house is mine. This is hers. those seats are yours Demonstrative Pronouns – this, that, these, those refer to things. ‘this' and ‘these' refer to something that is near. ‘that' and ‘those' refer to things that are farther away. This is my house. That is our car . These are my colleagues . Those are beautiful flowers. A. __Use the correct personal pronouns.Watch the words in brackets. Example: ___ often reads books. (Lisa) Answer: She often reads books. 1) ___is dreaming. (George) 2) ___ is green. (the blackboard) ) ___ are on the wall. (the posters) 4) ___ is running. (the dog) 5) ___are watching TV. (my mother and I) 6) ___ are in the garden. (the flowers) 7) ___ is riding his bike. (Tom) 8) ___ is from Bristol. (Victoria) 9) ___has got a brother. (Diana) 10) Have___ got a computer, Mandy? B. __Choose the correct objective pronouns . Example: I have got a sister. ___ name is Susan. Answer: I have got a sister. Her name is Susan. Hi Daniel, ___ name is John. This is ___ friend Jason. He's 12. ___sister is nine. ___ pet is a budgie. ___name is Dickens. Jason and I go to the same school. There are 450 boys and girls in ___ school.Jason's form teacher is Mrs. Peterson. She has got a pet, too. ___pet is a tortoise. Our form teacher is Mr. Smith. I like ___lessons. He has two dogs. The dogs love to play in ___ garden. Now I have a question for you. What's ___ pet? Yours, John C. __Replace the personal pronouns by possessive pronouns. This book is (you) . The ball is (I) . The blue car is (we) . The ring is (she) . We met Paul and Jane last night. This house is (they) . The luggage is (he) . The pictures are (she) . In our garden is a bird. The nest is (it) . This cat is (we) . This was not my fault. It was (you) .

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