Monday, September 23, 2019

I Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

I - Research Paper Example The advertisement is audacious as well as catchy to the consumer due to the ‘take a look at me’ colors that are used as well as the bold texts located in the fourth chapter (Belch, 2009, p 119). The advertisement is aimed at the girl and women consumers with bold words that say that, ‘Now you have the power’. The main purpose of the advertisement is in the promotion of the gel whose main purpose is in the styling of the lady’s hair which tends to come in different forms as well as is primarily focused on the red color. One of the main purposes of the ‘Now you have the power’ tag is to let or rather assure the consumer that despite the fact that they may not have the ability to change some other countenances of their lives, they can be assured that this gel will be able to change the object aspects of their lives. The latter tends to give the consumer a sense of assurance as well as a trust with the brand that this is a product that is wor th trying out as well as relying on it. One of the channels that I would make use of includes billboards, television advertisements and internet- social media. The reason for the use of the television advertisement is that the product is mainly aimed at a target audience that is not yet decided on the gel that they want to use or want to change the one they use and the largest undecided lot is the younger generation due to the fact that these are times that they tend to try out the things that suit them most in terms of the aspects of beautification. The use of the television advertisements is based on the sense that the younger generations are the ones that are mostly glued to the television sets therefore it will attract them more to use the product. The use of billboards is aimed at research results that show the highest numbers of the target audience residents as well as routes of transportations so as to ensure that they get to see that the product exists. The use of social med ia is based on the earlier said principle that most of the target audience is young. As research shows, most of the younger people tend to spend a lot of their time on the social media which is why it will be most suitable basing this on the sense that if you advertise a product whereby most of the target market is located, you will most likely win their minds. The backlash that would arise would be in the television advertisement basing this on the sense of the chosen time for the run of the advertisement, the target audience’s attention is captured by another show on another station or an issue that might affect the running if the advertisement such as national breaking news. The second advertisement that I selected is one found in the fourth chapter is one that was meant for the purpose of the promotion of Michelin tires. This advertisement is aimed at an audience target that is more likely to purchase the product which in this case is most likely; families, males or any o ther person who owns a car (Belch, 2009, p 124). One of the things that tends to make the advertisement eye catching is the fact that they used the Michelin mascot in their advertisements. The Michelin mascot is a pumped up cartoon version of a stout tire like a man who is saving a bunch of woolly adorable creatures. The advertisement shows a car that is driving along the woods on a night that can be described as

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