Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Marriege & Family Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Marriege & Family - Assignment Example Young girls and boys are taught how to view marriage as a lifetime commitment and prepare adequately for it. I was fortunate enough to learn the values that should govern the marriage institution from a tender age. When I became of age and was ready to get married, I knew that I needed to find someone who could complete my life. I was well aware that I needed to have good qualities so that I could have something to contribute to my marriage. Therefore, I began to cultivate good qualities that define a noble wife before I got married. When I met my husband, I did not rush into a relationship. I ensured that I got to know him well enough and understood his strengths and weaknesses. Before we got married, we prepared adequately for our union. The most critical preparation was making decisions that could define our lives in marriage (Rubio 44). For example, were clear about the number of children we wanted to have, as well as how we would share responsibilities within our family. I ensured that we had similar perspectives regarding the most important aspects of life. Notably, two people cannot have exactly the same perspectives. However, some fundamental issues in marriage cannot work out if people have different perspectives. When I was sure that I could spend my life with him, we began to formalize our relationship. Finally, we held a beautiful wedding that marked the beginning of our marriage. We held a church wedding that symbolized our commitment before God and people. Therefore, it was obvious that separation or divorce was not an option from the start. My culture has strong values attached to marriage and does not condone divorce. The men in our society have learned to appreciate the social views concerning marriage. In addition, our men are willing to make marriages possible. In addition, the cost of marrying a woman is too high to consider divorce. Although many people may consider our society highly

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