Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Wireless Speech Recognition -- Essays Papers

Wireless Speech Recognition Introduction In today's ever changing world, full of technology, there are many advances being made in the world of computing. This can be seen a great deal in the area of speech recognition. Machines, computers specifically, are interacting more and more with humans and these interactions can now be driven by human speech. For this technology to be used at its highest potential it will have to be affordable and accessible to all people in all types of machines. This technology will be seen from handheld computers and personal computers to lighting systems and refrigerators in your home(Deroult). This transformation is already occurring as speech recognition technology is making its way into our society in things such as cell phones, luxury cars, and computers. We will see more and more of this in our society until the technology has worked its way completely into our society and is common in many homes and offices. History of Speech Recognition The technology of speech recognition has come a long way and it is filled with many unsuccessful attempts at translating the human voice into something that a machine can understand, translate, and execute a command from accordingly. Many of society's views of speech recognition is a robotic, impersonal view, very similar to HAL in the movie 2001 : A Space Odyssey. We are now in the year 2001 and we are way past HAL in the field of speech recognition. The technology has come a long way from being able to detect only monotone, machine like language on an inconsistent basis. Today's technologies train the machine to learn how the user talks, and detect the speed of the user's speech, detect any accent the user may have, and other aspects that make each... ...rs that are not seen by humans. These computers will be everywhere and will fall into the backdrop of society. As they become more and more important and vital they will become less and less obtrusive and will make our lives easier thanks to speech recognition. Bibliography/Works Cited http://www.zdnet.co.uk/pcmag/supp/1998/speech/ Guide to Speech Recognition, PC Magazine. http://www.advisor.com/Articles.nsf/ID/OA000107.DERO01 The Future of Speech Recognition, Deroult, Anne-Marie. http://www.netbytel.com/literature/e-gram/technical3.htm History of Speech Recognition, NetByTel e-gram Bates, Regis J.. (2000). Voice and Data Communications Handbook. McGraw-Hill, New York, N.Y.. Hapgood, Fred. (2001) Speech interfaces are ready to listen. CIO Lamont, Ian (June 6, 2001) Speech recognition technology will hear you now Network World (June, 2001), pp34-40

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