Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Data management on wilmington university

Student database management model provides information on student's course schedule and their basic information. Course schedule like their major and minor names, courses Ames, course id, instructor names, day, time, room number, credits per course and student details like student name, addresses, contact number, date of birth, student id. Before this data is stored is books and printed on paper. If there is a change in schedule or exam It would be difficult to reach about this to the students.Now it is easy store and change information by this we can save time and paper. After the registration the course information is directly stored in the database. Now if we want to view course schedule we can simply go to database of the university and check it out and change in schedule can directly reached to mobile by text message. This is very easy model to use and we will get current data and will be secure.Therefore my design mainly focuses on 2 different users: 1) Student 2) administrator Background: Wilmington university is a fast growing private non-profit university in u,s. For the convenience of students they added student schedule and exam details to the blackboard and when there is change in the class room, date and time it will informed through text messaging immediately when uploaded in the student database. The main aim of this is that the make a message regarding he class as possible for student convenience.Background Information: upholding an effective system can be done by using good software and hardware requirements specifications that provide the following: System Needs user – Accessible Sec re Scalability Compatible with other systems Hold large information of student data Database expansion and maintenance. Secure backup and recovery Facilitate resource sharing through the internet all over the university Business Goals: Increase the ability of storing data and make it available to users. Provides data to the user in seconds.It should be help ful to the management to get information to get data of the registered student profiles. Easy to inform the attendance of students and those who are get promoted to next semester. Easy to inform the students about the alerts of the class schedule via text message User Requirements: Data of the student should be made available and be stored within 3 seconds. The system should be accessible for 24 hours. The system should have the capacity to hold 80,000 customer records at any time. The system should have the capacity to add 1 00,000 records a year for 10 years.The system should send Text messages to all students in database. Data Model For this model I am relational database model through which entities, attributes and relations can expressed Data requirements Student Details: Student name, Student ID, USN number, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Sex. Department details: Department Name, Department code, College, office Number Course Details: Course old. Course Name, Course lev el Attendance: Total classes, No. Of classes present, No Of classes absent, Student ID Exam type: Midterm exams, Final exams, Weekly Quiz, Exam IDText message: phone number, reason for delay, time of class, date of class, addresses of the class Schedule: Student ID, Course ID, Course name, class room no, Date, Time Supports Data Management for finding: Student data in each Department Internal Average Marks Scored of a student. Attendance Shortage of pupil. Text message to each student Exam Result of student. Report Requirements: 1. User feedback report. 2. Individual or Group Attendance Report. 3. Student wise Examination Report. 4. Student Detail. 5. Text message sent report 6. Examination time-table for different examinations.

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