Saturday, October 19, 2019

Information Systems Security Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Information Systems Security Survey - Essay Example The program ensures that all the managers that work in the different centers follow the compulsory security requirements that have been put in place and make their decisions with an aim of reducing the risks. The managers should also be made aware of the risks they face when using these automated systems and electronic information. The top priority here is to protect the company’s information. According to previous reports of IRS the recurring cases of information security weakness puts it at a risk of fraud, disruption or inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information. As a result, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) states that every agency should form, record and implement a security program for the whole information system that seeks to promote the organizational assets with minimum risks (Grance, 2003). IRS has delegated the responsibility of the development and maintenance of an information security system to Cybersecurity. The main responsibility of Cybersecurity is to identify and monitor any Cybersecurity threats and putting up strategies to combat any breach of security affecting IRS. Cybersecurity’s main duty is to prevent any incidents of insecurity with IRS’s information security system. However, it does not formulate the information security policies on behalf of IRS. In this survey, it is recognized that over time the consumer prefer internet-based services. The applicants can download forms online, check their refund status and get updates. This shows technological advancement in making the whole system online and also gives a platform for the IRS to provide new services for some of the customer needs that emerge. The customers main need in using online services is that their needs be met wherever they may be located (United States, 2003). With mobile application by IRS, it has been

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